Darcion Jan 14 @ 11:41am
Revenant Fleet to early in Game
To early in Game a single Ship right after my first Colony destroyed my home-Planet. My seeting was "smal ravenant Fleets". This is a game-killer.
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Tuck Davis Jan 15 @ 10:39am 
Maybe it`s a matter of playstyle or choice of weapons, my rocket frigates deal quite well with the first ravenant fleets (2x 2 and 1x3 ravenants). More testing has to be done I guess :) What year have you been as the attack occured? :)
Darcion Jan 15 @ 10:42am 
cant remember, right after first colony
Karu Jan 16 @ 4:59pm 
I assume you had the colony ship starter?
The base Starbase can defend itself against the first revenant attack (and you get a 10(?) turn warning).

3 missile ships (with 4 missiles each) are also enough to deal with it in 2 combat rounds.
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Darcion Jan 16 @ 9:35pm 
yes Karu
Nyphur  [developer] Feb 11 @ 5:18am 
Hey guys,

I just want to confirm that the V1.0.0.1 update should have solved this bug. The Revenants will no longer go after a player's homeworld, and should no longer attack the player at the very early stage of the game unless he builds a lot of military ships (previously, having 2 colonies so early may have made you a priority target).

There are still some odd behaviours with revenant fleets because there are actually two ways that they can spawn -- through a temporal rift that you investigate, or through a Revenant rift that opens instantly and you can't explore. We'll be doing a balance pass on the Temporal Rifts and Revenant spawns in the near future that should address these issues.

Right now we're thinking of removing the Revenant fleets from normal temporal rift investigations and changing the colour of the Revenant spawn rifts to highlight that they're different. Then we can add more positive outcomes to the normal temporal rifts to encourage players to explore them.

-- Brendan, Lead Developer
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