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Awesome custom maps by the Community! Interested in creating your own Ratz Maps? The Ratz Editor is very easy to use, but also offers enough features for advanced users!
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Ratz Update 2.3.1 - Targeting Trolls with Map Approval!
Hello fellow map-makers!

You'll be glad to know that I've made a significant change to the workshop system with regards to maps. Sadly, there appears to be no end to the posting of so-called 'troll' maps, so I've had to come up with a new system to counteract them. Now, if you publish a map, it won't appear in the in-game voting queue until we approve it on the back-end. This means that only finished (or sufficiently playable) maps will be available to vote on in-game!

However, I've also opened a new sub-forum called 'New Map Approval'. If you post your map in this area, it will be reviewed much faster. Add some screenshots and information about the map and the chances are much higher of it getting approved!

When building your map, please keep in mind that you can still play/test any map in a private game, even if it's not approved yet. Approvals are only for maps that go community-wide.

Have fun in a troll-free environment!

Ratz Update 2.1.1 - Editor improvements and fixes
We already got some really nice community maps and im super happy that you all like the RatzEd so much!
But the Editor still missed some essential features, this update solves this.

Futuristic Undo/Redo functions!
Click the Undo/Redo Buttons or just hit CTRL+Z/Y to revert changes.

Better UV Tools
You can now move, scale and rotate every side of the "Builder Cube" individually, a lot easier!
I prepared a little gif, showing the new tool in action:

Better 3D Import
Before, anything you imported got combined into one mesh and one material.
Now it will import all individual meshes with individual materials applied!

Rat Dummy
The Rat Dummy is used to see the map size in comparison to real players.
The "Map Size Multiplier" in "Settings/Map Settings" also reflects on the Dummy too now.

Contrast Colour
In "Settings/Map Settings" you will also find the "Player Contrast Color" setting.
It allows to set the best contrast color for players in relation the the map colours.

The game received some improvements too!
- Player movement speed slightly increased
- When other players shoot, a muzzle flash appears now
- Model animations (legs) got improved

Also we got some smaller bugs fixed:
- "Map Background Colour" works now ingame too
- "Cubemap Reflections" work again
- Some Voted Custom maps didn't load if they were set to private/friends only
- The AFK System got some fixes
- Closing the Edtior will open a popup asking if you want to save last changes
- Various other fixes/improvements

As always, don't forget to save in the Ratz Editor often, and have fun playing!