Zhnigo Sep 3, 2022 @ 5:29pm
Disable postprocessing effects?
Is there a known way to disable lens dirt, bloody screen and/or chromatic aberration? I scoured the inis but only found settings for bloom and lens flare.
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.Girz0r Sep 3, 2022 @ 5:36pm 
FOOL GUY, may be your person to chat with with extreme visual modification. Hopefully he will chime in here. :UT2004flak:

Feel free to post this in the discord as well,
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Sackback Sep 3, 2022 @ 6:12pm 
You can set chromatic abberation in the Toxikk game UI in the video settings. It's called "Achromatism." I'm not sure actually if checked turns it on or off, but you can try.

You can set pretty much all other visual effects in a text file called "UDKSystemSettings.ini".
It's in:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\TOXIKK\UDKGame\Config

I'm not sure, but maybe lens dirt and bloody screen goes away when you set "DetailMode" in UDKSystemSettings.ini to 0. Or 1, or another setting, I forget where for sure.

You can make changes either in that file or in "DefaultSystemSettings.ini". I recommend making changes in the "UDK" file and not the "Default" file because it's more convenient: all the settings are right there in the file.

Be careful, those files in the config directory work in a funny way: The game regenerates the files that start with "UDK..." every time the game starts, from files that start with "Default...", if the "Default" files have changed, or if the timestamp at the end of the "UDK" file has changed. So if you mess with the timestamp value at the end of the UDK file, or change the Default file with the same name, all your changes will be lost. But otherwise changes made in the UDK files are safe.

Just be sure the game is not running when you make changes to the files, because the game saves back to disk all the files it's using, so your changes will be lost if the game is running when you save them.

Also, if you have two lines in the file with the same name but different values, the game will use the last one. So you could keep some original setting and copy the line and make your change on that second line, so you'll know what the originals were.

There are a lot of visual settings in UDKSystemSettings.

Actually, there are some visual settings, including bUsePostProcessEffects, in UDKEngine.ini. Settings are sometimes duped in different sections and only one section actually is applied, I forget which.
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