Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition

Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition

la merde Dec 18, 2014 @ 3:32pm
Addons that are working fine
I wanted to create this thread to provide other users a list of addons we have tested successfully.

I had bought two addons from the company Zinertek. Those were able to install (even detected the correct directory) and worked correctly. Those are:
  1. World Environment 2012
  2. Ultimate Airport Environment X

Please also feel free to visit user sancron's Wiki-page for working Add-Ons:

Other users have reported some Add-Ons that work*:
  1. RAAS (one of the locked down editions) and PDF Kneeboard*
    Originally posted by Jordguitar:
    I got RAAS (one of the locked down editions) and the PDF Kneeboard working after installing a old version of simconnect in the sdk folder.
  2. PMDG 737NGX
  3. Pro ATC X (Chrima83)
  4. AXE 318/319 and 320/321 (Chrima83)
  5. Plan-G, a freeware flight planner (V3G4N0)
  6. Quality Wings 146 (Scott2553)
  7. Steve FX DX10 (V3G4N0)
  8. Orbx FTX Global (V3G4N0)
  9. Vector (V3G4N0)
  10. Open LC (V3G4N0)
  11. PMDG addons*
    Originally posted by Tails the Gamer:
    i'm having issues with my PMDG addons, they will load in the game, but some functions seem not to be working for me. Like the plane Load manager.
  12. Ultimate VFR Photoscenery (DigitalAviator)
  13. SibWings AN2 (ThreatCue)
  14. A1R Yak 50 (ThreatCue)
  15. Dino Cattaneo aircraft (mikeytwc)
  16. Orbx England/Wales (Eriol_Mits)
  17. Airbus new series from Aerosoft** ([VK]Salva)
  18. Airhispania Addons** ( Addon free of aifields in spain)
  19. Aerosoft Mega airports** ([VK]Salva)
  20. Shade (Eriol_Mits)
  21. REX textures (Eriol_Mits)
  22. Originally posted by Eriol_Mits:
    [...]Tried some other Orbx products and they all install fine. Only add-on I have had a issus with so far is Active Sky.
    Still it seems promising shame it looks like the updated FSUIPC wont be released until the new year due to Peter's PC having died.
  23. Originally posted by ThreatCue:
    All my Alabeo and Carenado aircraft work. Far too many to list so I think its safe to say all the aircraft from those two will be okay.
  24. Originally posted by Chrima83:
    The German Airport serie also works great (all of them) Aerosoft scenery generell! Havent any isues at time with it!
  25. CaptainSim XLoad (mordin86)
  26. CLS MD82 (BillyR)***
  27. Originally posted by FSXTerrain:
    All terrain mesh - Night3D - photorealistic scenery work just fine !! Fantastic !
  28. Aerosoft F-14 X (sancron)
  29. Aerosoft F-16 (mordin86)
  30. A2A Cessna 172** (Liofa) -> same for other Accu-sim aircraft
  31. JustFlight VFR Real Scenery (Holden_Mcgroin)
  32. Carenado C90 and C182T
    Originally posted by tjh876:
    Carenado C90 and C182T both work, I assume most, if not all other Carenado products work.
  33. FSUIPC**** ([Street-Ball] Kanye)
  34. FSDreamTeam airports**** ([Street-Ball] Kanye)
  35. Aerosoft Katana DA20-100 (Costanius)
  36. Just Flight Tiger Moth (Costanius)
  37. Just Flight DC-6b (Costanius)
  38. Wilco Cessna Citation X (Costanius)
  39. Aerosoft Scenery Inselhüpfen [Island Hopping] (Costanius)
  40. KCFS Seabee (Gibbage)
  41. Orbx FTX NA Series and Victoria+, Vancouver+ v3 and Tongass Fjords X (ZenoByte)
    Originally posted by Turboblower:
    For those having object lib errors, you need to wait till orbx update the lib, which will be soon
  42. Originally posted by falcon_x:
    AirHauler also appears to work correctly after changing the path it uses to the Steam FSX. Also requires the new FSUIPC that is compatible with Steam FSX.
  43. Originally posted by Earth Simulations:
    Earth Simulations Scenery now has FSX Steam Edition installers and they work great :)
    (maybe not longer available)
  44. Originally posted by Soccy:
    FSCloud Multiplayer ( is working fine with FSX:SE and let's play together all the platforms (FSX:SE, FSX, P3D, XPlane).

    Just install first the SimConnect Legacy coming with FSX:SE, for me its in path E:\Programme\Steam\SteamApps\common\FSX\SDK\Core Utilities Kit\SimConnect SDK\LegacyInterfaces\FSX-XPACK
  45. Razbam Metroliner*** (BillyR)
  46. Flight1/CoolSky DC-9 (orangebird)
  47. Flight1/CoolSky Super 80 Professional (orangebird)
  48. Flight1/QualityWings BAe-146 (orangebird)
  49. Majestic Software Dash 8 Q400** (Souls)
  50. IRIS - Airforce Series - Battlefield Airlifter for FSX*** (BillyR)
  51. Ultimate Terrain Next (holliday50)
  52. Wilco/FeelThere Airbus Evo Vol 1 (orangebird)
  53. Wilco/FeelThere Airbus Evo Vol 2 (orangebird)
  54. Wilco/FeelThere 737 PIC Evo (orangebird)
  55. Wilco/FeelThere E-Jets (orangebird)
  56. FeelThere ERJv2 (orangebird)
  57. FeelThere E-Jets v2 (orangebird)
  58. Wilco/FeelThere Regional Jet Vol 1 - CRJ (orangebird)
  59. Captain Sim L-1011 (orangebird)
  60. MilViz 737C (orangebird)
  61. PMDG 747X (orangebird)
  62. PMDG MD-11 (orangebird)
  63. UK2000 (UK_Widowmaker)
  64. Just Flight Traffic X - Aviation traffic based on real World traffic (Brunlea)
  65. FSCaptain - Work as a pilot! (Brunlea)
  66. EditVoicePackXL - Realistic ATC (Brunlea)
  67. Aerosoft Airbus a318,19,20 and 21's** (Sam596)
  68. Originally posted by Street-Ball Kanye: airports have a new installer and are now fully compatible.
  69. My Traffic 2013 (thefantasmamn)
  70. PFPX (thefantasmamn)
  71. Flight Sim Commander 9.5 (thefantasmamn)
  72. iFly 737 NG (thefantasmamn)
  73. Active Sky** (Dunee, skmcconnell361)
  74. Blueprint Simulations KCLE (seluryar)
  75. FSX Mission editor (Holden_Mcgroin)
  76. v-Pilot** (vincent.carbonara)
  77. photografic scenery of BlueSkyScenery (phmak)
  78. Blackbox Simulations A330 Prologue* ([MerFlr]amahran)
  79. Airbus Collection from Just Flight DVD (=UwG= WrathofSchwartz)
  80. FSUIPC (4.938)
  81. Radar Contact
    Originally posted by ginsb001:
    Radar Contact 4 (build 3845) works with FSX-SE. I tested through loading a plan file and getting clearance.

    You must use the latest fsuipc4 now equipped for Steam:

    4.938a version full install.

    When installing Radar Contact it may try to install an older fsuipc4 which can't find the FSX path for registration. Just cancel out of that and continue install. fsuipc4.938a should be installed first or later.

    After RC installs, in your FSX folder place the latest version of makeryws.exe from:

    then rerun from within RC the scenery rebuild again.

    On VISTA or win 7 or later, create a shortcut to rcv4.exe in your new RCv4x folder. Set the first property and advanced property windows both to run as admin to get user rights and program connection rights to FSX especially in any program files folder hierarchy.

    You may have to enter the path to the FSX folder in some steps including building the scenery database in RC. mine is:


    In RC you get an explorer type window for setting your flt/wx path. Never cancel out of that but change or accept the current selection. Cancelling out could corrupt RC's strartup data files.

    Once running successfully in your rcv4x folder copy the files rcv3.dat and keyboard.dat to a safe backup folder to avoid a reinstallation. In that same folder it would be wise to place a text copy of your current license key mailed to you to avoid registration again should you need to reinstall. The current key is valid for the assigned drive as long as you do not reformat it.

    RC allows a certain low number of automatic new key registrations if required such as moving to a different drive or PC. If you change your e-mail address from your initial order it will have to be manually handled.

    You do not need to be online to run RC once the install is complete.

    Keep a copy of the downloaded jnstallation zip file on a CD or other safe location should you require to reinstall RC to avoid downloading again.
  82. PMDG Md-11 (bildas)
  83. FSDreamTeam GSX Gound Services**** (SandPro)
  84. FSDreamTeam Honolulu and Kona/Kahului**** (DigitalAviator)
  85. FSrealWX v2** (be9em0t)
  86. PILOT'S FS Global**** [Installers will be upgraded next days]
  87. Quality Wings 757 (-=NAM=-DeathRider)
  88. Orbx Pacific Fjords 140 (zrg)
  89. Orbx Pacific North West 180 (zrg)
  90. A2A Piper Cub** (zrg)
  91. A2A C172 Trainer** (zrg)
  92. Orbx 3W5 110 (zrg)
  93. Orbx 1S2 115 (zrg)
  94. Flight1 Pilatus PC-12 ([MerFlr]amahran)
  95. Wilco A380v2 (thefantasmamn)
  96. AICarriers**** (SandPro)
  97. FSDreamTeam XPOI Geographical VFR/IFR tool (sancron)
  98. Just Flight 146-200/300 Jetliner** (LSZA)
  99. Sim Skunk Works F-104g/F-104s (JordiIScool)
  100. FlyTampa - Tampa (XeroX)
  101. FlyTampa - St. Marteen (XeroX)
  102. ICE AI Traffic (Stewie Griffin)
  103. REX Essential PLUS OverDrive*** (Astral_Nomad)
  104. OpusFSX** (Astral_Nomad)
  105. OpusFSI** (Astral_Nomad)
  106. Flight1 ATR 72-500** ([MerFlr]amahran)
  107. JustFlight 747HD** (MPE001)
  108. JustFlight Long Haul Airbus** (MPE001)
  109. JustFlight DC8** (MPE001)
  110. Virtavia Osprey (DigitalAviator)
  111. IRIS PC-9/A (DigitalAviator)
  112. Flight1 Super King Air B200 (LameRob)
  113. RealAir CITABRIA DECATHLON & SCOUT (FreeQuest)
  114. FSFlyingSchool PRO 2015 (jeffpreston)
  115. FSEconomy ([] Lorius)
  116. AI Controller (DigitalAviator)
  117. Solipaste's EFTS Teisko Airfield**** (jmy)
  118. RealAir Turbine Duke v2
    Originally posted by remington:
    Real Air Turbine Duke V2 works provided you use the default GPS, I can't get RealityXP's 530 to work yet.
  119. Multi Crew from FS++ Simulations (dblue_one)
  120. MilVis Cessna 310 WX v3.140420 (FreeQuest)
  121. openVFR (SilentEd)
  122. FlightPort sceneries (SilentEd)
  123. Wilco CRJNextGen (SilentEd)
    !! Reports shown that this addon have problems after the 12th Jan update
  124. REX Soft Clouds (sjgold)

  125. Originally posted by _jay:
    Orbx FTX AU AI Traffic (Freeware) works fine now. Patch 4.1 with the sound packs works too after running the reg fix.
  126. Wilco Feelthere 777 (Semyon Krivoshein)
  127. Perfect Flight Flight Operation X - British Airways (Semyon Krivoshein)
  128. Majestic Software Q400 (Fg.Cpt.J.W!LL|FR|)
  129. Nemeth Designs helicopters (thefantasmamn)
  130. Aerosoft PBY Catalina (esinohio)
  131. IVAO
    Originally posted by Scop:
    IVAO works now. You can check here the quick guide on how to get IvAp 2 working with FSX Steam Edition :

    This FSUIPC 4.938c will also work for the step 1 :
  132. AI Carriers rewritten in .NET 4.0, details here[]
  133. PMDG 777 (Fish_N_Chips_657)
  134. Flight1 Ultimate terrain X (AceOfSpades)
  135. Flight1 Ground environment X (AceOfSpades)
  136. RealAir Lancair Legacy (kpwoodsong)
  137. Quest Kodiak (kpwoodsong)
  138. Ultimate Traffic 2 (Uber Screw)
* Add-Ons might have some issues
** Add-On works after installation of SimConnect SDK (see below)
***Specify directory of FSX:SE
****download the most recent installation files

Maybe helpful posts:
Originally posted by Chrima83:
many issues were solved by running the "Steam\SteamApps\common\FSX\SDK\Core Utilities Kit\SimConnect SDK\LegacyInterfaces\FSX-XPACK\SimConnect.msi" file after mods were installed. Have read it in Aerosoft forum and functionally great with some or mostly add ons

Originally posted by searchbaremail:
Some of the addons did not work properly but after following the advise on this page, i was able to get it working.
This saved my day:

See below

Originally posted by BillyR:
Registry Repair tool - DO NOT use this tool if you have a version OTHER THAN FSX:SE on your system. This tool will patch the location of FSX:SE in the registry.

It is the 4th item in the list. After download run the tool and navigate to the location of FSX:SE FSX.exe
You must click it then click open in the tool. It will then patch the registry. If it fails to work some systems may require a restart to take effect. Again, DO NOT USE this if you have a NON STEAM addition on your computer, it will bork the installation.
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Eriol_Mits Dec 18, 2014 @ 3:52pm 
managed to install Orbx England/Wales without any issus. Got a compleate fresh install on my PC so it the installers placed them directly in the Steam folder without any problems. Just downloading rex/active sky to give them a try.
mikeytwc Dec 18, 2014 @ 5:17pm 
just to let you know Dinos aircraft install and run just fine, vrs superbug havent tried yet, nor have i tried the tacpack yet...
Death Magpie Dec 18, 2014 @ 5:35pm 
SibWings AN2 works fine.
A1R Yak 50 works fine.

Anyone want to try some Carenado stuff?
Last edited by Death Magpie; Dec 18, 2014 @ 5:36pm
DigitalAviator Dec 18, 2014 @ 5:37pm 
Ultimate VFR Photoscenery installs and runs fine.
TailsDaGamer Dec 18, 2014 @ 7:54pm 
i'm having issues with my PMDG addons, they will load in the game, but some functions seem not to be working for me. Like the plane Load manager.
Bad Pint Dec 18, 2014 @ 8:11pm 
Anyone tried Active Sky Next or the Aerosoft Airbus series?
Sharpkaze Dec 18, 2014 @ 8:26pm 
I'm kind of new to FSX (I've played fs2004 before, but not too much) and was wondering what kind of free addons or like extra planes that I could add to this version? would really appreciate it
Rodrigo Dec 19, 2014 @ 5:16am 
Active Sky Next is not working! I've installed some addons without any issue (Orbx FTX Global, Vector, Open LC).
Scott2553 Dec 19, 2014 @ 5:29am 
Quality Wings 146 seems to be working. Anyone get a flight planner to work? FSCommander doesn't.
Rodrigo Dec 19, 2014 @ 5:35am 
Steve FX DX10 Fixes is working properly.
Rodrigo Dec 19, 2014 @ 5:44am 
Originally posted by Scott2553:
Quality Wings 146 seems to be working. Anyone get a flight planner to work? FSCommander doesn't.

I just have Plan-G, a freeware flight planner, seems to be running smoothly!
Fuzzy Dec 19, 2014 @ 5:49am 
Installed A2A Piper cub and C172 not checked all the 172 functionality yet but will do later today.
Did however have a problem when I installed the ORBX libraries it gave a .dll error for object placement so far I've only installed the PNW and no addon airfields will try later today along with a few Carenado and Aerosoft planes
Sir_Idefix Dec 19, 2014 @ 5:51am 
I have problems with the fsx_se.cfg with addons searching for fsx.cfg and don´t accept hte new one...
Silver_Dragon Dec 19, 2014 @ 5:51am 
Originally posted by la merde:
I wanted to create this thread to provide other users a list of addons we have tested successfully.

I had bought two addons from the company Zinertek. Those were able to install (even detected the correct directory) and worked correctly. Those are:

1) World Environment 2012
2) Ultimate Airport Environment X

how do you install them? I intent install them and always show no fsx steam directory.
Lorti Lort Dec 19, 2014 @ 5:52am 
Pro ATC X and AXE 318/319 and 320/321 works also fine! At moment Active Sky Next make some trouble and pmdg dont works also...
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