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BUG REPORTS and Multiplayer issues - Submitting them the right way
In order for your bug reports to be most helpful (and thus get the bug out of the way faster) make sure to follow a few simple guidelines for best practice with bug reports.

The Guild 3 uses Redmine as Bugtracker to submit and track the bugs that are reported by the community!


Go to
"Please click on the small "+" icon in the upper left corner to create a bug

Make sure to include the following files:
saved-games (when you encounter a bug) OR
crash reports (when you report a game crash)
You find instructions for how to get those files below, so read on!

Gameplay Bugs:

Savegame: include a saved game where you experienced the bug
Your save games can be found in
'C:\Users\username\Saved Games\Guild3' per default
(for easy access open Windows Explorer and type the following in the address field:
‘shell:UsersFilesFolder\Saved Games\Guild3’)

Game Crash

Crash dump: include the latest crash dump for our developers to analyze (the file ends in .dmp and should have the date on which this happened)
Crash dumps for bug reports can be found in ‘C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Guild3\sentry\reports’ per default (for easy access open Windows Explorer and type the following in the address field: ‘shell:Local Appdata\Guild3\sentry\reports’)
If there is no .dmp-file, that means that the game did not crash and there is another problem, maybe not game related (graphic card, operating system, etc)

Tips for submitting bug reports and filling the form:

Make sure to include the following information in the appropriate fields:
Subject: write a short summation of the problem
Map: name of the map where you encountered the issue
Screenshot: If relevant and possible, a screenshot (for example graphical errors) or short video
Description: write a detailed description of the problem
Expected Behaviour: write what you think should have happened instead of the problem
Steps to Replicate: write which steps in the game led you to the problem, how our team can find and reproduce this problem
Priority: How bad is the problem? Does the game crash? Does it disturb the gameplay? Does it happen every time or only sometimes?
Category: Select the category that best fits with your problem
Savegame: If you have saved a game where these issues occur, attach a copy of the savegame!

System: include detailed information about your Hardware, Drivers, Operating System*

*System info can be added as a file. This can be done by using the "dxdiag" utility. Follow the steps below:
Press Win + R or open the Windows Search.
Type "dxdiag" (without the " ) and press Enter.
In the window that opens press "Save All Information".
Save the file and include it in your bug report.
Please note that the dxdiag only contains part of the information we need. If you’ve run into a crash, the dxdiag is helpful in only some cases but we really need the dump file (.dmp) to find the reason for the crash.

Please make sure you are on the latest version of the game before reporting a bug. It is also recommended to start a new save game to make sure the bug has not yet been fixed.

Please create one ticket per issue!

Thanks a lot for you help!

Your Purple Lamp Team/Developers