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Here you can share you user generated content and download tracks and cars created by other players
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Recent Announcements
Championships are now ready to play !
Workshop support for tracks :)
  • Two new tracks in the Workshop:

  • Support for workshop tracks in the game and in the editor now named ThunderShop and available as a separate application.
  • Changes in the analog joystick sensitivity to avoid over-steering , it is not finished and we will keep working on it, it has TOP priority for us. Next thing to do is avoid interpolation and use directly relative position in the analog input. Please be patient, anyway this update should improve A LOT the handling (we need your input on this !).
  • Party mode now assigns all the Joysticks in order (player 1 -> joystick 1, etc) and there is a joystick test in the party mode (number of players selection screen) to show you the joystick number when you press a button.
  • Two guides added in the HUB: "how to upload and update workshop items" and "how to create new tracks"
  • The game now shows the version and the obvious fact we are in Early Access so it isn't finished yet and can have bugs :p