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Browse through thousands of player created blueprints and subscribe to your favorites to build them in game! Are you a master builder? Use the capture block to submit your own for others to try!
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Cosmo-Chizzard's Blueprint Contest!
How to Blow Cosmo’s Mind & Win Big

Build, capture, and publish an amazing sci-fi themed blueprint in Creativerse. Take some great screenshots of your build, then follow the steps below to enter.

We’ll pick EIGHT total winners (including three TOP prizewinners) and award those creators with:
    • Brand new, never-before-seen Gold Gauntlet skin!
    • 5,000 coins
    • Stunning Silver Gauntlet skin!
    • 5,000 coins
    • Impressive Bronze Gauntlet skin!
    • 5,000 coins
    • 5,000 coins
How to Enter
  • Post your entry (include both a link to your blueprint’s Steam Workshop page AND some screenshots to show it off) on the official contest thread on our Steam forums;
  • Or Tweet your entry (both the link and the pics) using the hashtag #CreativerseContest (make sure you’re following us so we can DM the winner).
Official Rules
  • The UPDATED deadline for entries is Wednesday, October 18, 2017 at 12:01 AM CST.
  • Limit one entry per person.
  • You're free to work together with others, but the prize will go to the person that submits the winning entry.
  • Your blueprint’s creativity and design should blow our minds straight into the future!
  • Use screenshots to show us details the blueprint thumbnail can’t capture!
  • Blueprints will be judged and winners selected by Playful and Cosmo-Chizzard himself. (He was the chief decision maker of his home world before he accidentally destroyed it, after all!)
  • Make sure you’ve registered your e-mail in Creativerse so we can contact you if you win.
  • Playful employees, their families, and survivors from Cosmo-Chizzard’s home world are ineligible to participate or win.
  • Cosmo-Chizzard has a bet with fellow contest host Combeau that his entries will be ten times as stunning as the ones for Combeau’s Adventure
  • Contest – don’t let him down!
  • Gauntlet skin prizes may require some additional in-game hookup, and will be issued as soon as possible.
  • No purchase necessary; purchase does not enhance chance of winning.
  • Void where prohibited.

The Galactic Update!
New Features and Content
  • Galactic Super Bundle now available for purchase! 🚀
    • Can I interest you in a free sample? Visit the store to pick up a kit for the out-of-this-world Galactic Chizzard Coop blueprint for zero coins!
  • Core blocks added:
    • Reinforced Glass Slope
    • Reinforced Glass Slope Inner & Outer Corners
  • Blueprint kits for player-created blueprints now available!
    • Get the blocks instantly for any blueprint in the workshop, plus they come in a really sturdy crate.
    • Custom block-swapped blueprints? No problem, we’ve got custom kits now.
    • Kits are dynamically priced based on block type and count.
  • New Blueprint Ability: Burst Fill
    • Right-click to place multiple similar blueprint blocks at once!
    • Hold SHIFT and right-click to place just one block.

  • Item stack size increased to 300!
  • Advanced Blueprint Capture
    • Capture blocks now save machine connections and object settings (like sign text or that lamp you left ON even though you were the last one to leave the room)
    • Teleporters, shelves, and other decorative containers are captured with the items they contain
      • Note: these special captured items can’t be removed by the blueprint builder, but they can be overwritten with real items
  • Creatures got smarter: improved combat pathing and more accurate creature targeting
  • Fences got smarter: they now only link to flat sides of slopes, stairs, corners, and slabs
  • Added copy/paste buttons for LED block settings
  • Holiday event recipes can no longer be learned on adventures. But is that a spooky sensation we detect in the air...?

  • Fix for messed-up medieval stairs texture
  • Teleporters and placemats properly render in blueprint previews
  • Pressure plate now can be properly targeted by wiring tool
  • Fix for missing message when dragging ore onto quickbar
  • Minor localization fixes
  • Fix for swords & crowbars appearing giant in decorative containers
  • Fix for some block phaser exploits
  • Memory management improvements (which may help prevent some crashes)

Creativerse R46 - The Galactic Update