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Browse the custom Episodes created by the Chroma Squad community with the in-game Editor.
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Steam Workshop: Episode Editor BETA now available!
What can you do?

With the Episode Editor you can create episodes as complex (or even more!) as the ones in the game. You can create your own stories, dialogue, fights, giant robot battles, surprising twists and “funny” puns. Oh boy, I wish we had this tool back in the day - it would have made development so much easier!

But it is here now, and it is yours. It is still rough around the edges, and we need your help to test it and to tell us what we can do to improve it.

The only major limitation is that you cannot add your own media such as sprites and sounds (yet!), and you also cannot add or manipulate special objects in the environment (such as the bombs from Season 5 or Monster Portals). Apart from that, the sky is the limit - you have access to all maps, bosses, enemies, characters, sound, music, and special effects from the official Chroma Squad campaign!

You can create adventures that slot in the regular campaign, or create stand-alone stories or even campaigns - it’s up to you!

How do I use it?

If you want to create episodes or simply play the creations of other people, you just need to follow these simple steps:

1. Go to your Steam client

2. Go to “Library” and find your Games list

3. Right-click your “Chroma Squad” installation

4. Select “Properties”

5. Click the “Betas” tab

6. On the “Select the beta you would like to opt into” drop-down menu, select “public-beta”

7. Click on “CLOSE” to close the Properties window

8. Wait for the download and play the game!

After launching the game, the Episode Editor BETA can be accessed from the Main Menu on the bottom-left corner of the screen.

Documentation & Tutorials

These are under development! We will share them with you as soon as they are done. In the meantime feel free to ask questions here in the comments, in the Steam Forums, or tweet directly to me @markventurelli or @beholdstudios.

Example Episode

I have created an example episode that I will reference on the tutorials. It is a fairly complex episode, and it demonstrates the power of the Editor. I also think it is pretty fun :) You can download it by visiting Chroma Squad’s Steam Workshop page and Subscribing to it.

I have feedback / I found a bug. What do I do?

Please report bugs directly to us using the in-game tool. Just click on the top-right corner of the screen. Or email us on

For general feedback, you can use the comments below, the Steam Forums or any of Behold Studios' social network channels.

Go let your imagination run wild!

Thank you for your love and support throughout all of these years!

We can’t wait to see what you will create.

With love and imagination, anything is possible! Go, Chroma Squad!

_o\ \o\ |o| /o/ /o_


~Mark, Gabe and the Chroma Squad team