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Badda Boom  [developer] Aug 18, 2013 @ 9:05am
Coop! Works with all existing multi-squad missions
Completely new multiplayer lobby system.
Added Harbinger of Torment Campaign

Added a possibility to select Genestealer’s direction when entering from the lurk zone

Fixed Space Wolves animations for Lightning Claw Units
Corrected Assault Cannon manual text
Fixed the flamed shader on genestealers in PC mode
Fixed the AI freezes in the SoD:Defend mission
Fixed SoH:Inner sanctum - fail condition on 3 Terminators dead has been removed
Fixed Defilement of Honour Unit prefabs setup
Fixed SoH Unit prefabs setup
Fixed Menu GUI bug on continue last / mission select
Fixed voice over sound playing over each other on genestealer reveal
Removed voice over sound from move and fire
Fixed sound cutting bug when going back and forth in the mission briefings
Fixed all Air Ducts in DoH (“Dead ends” had blockers)
Fixed Steam achievements so they are syncs from steam on game start
Fixed sustain fire bug in close combat
Added better Broodlord kill/sustain fire battlelog text

Fixed the mission 9 error leaded to crash when AI turn started.
Small AI performance optimization.
Fixed the mission 7 bug on Linux when picking up the artefact.
Fixed missing sound for Frost Axe

Space Wolves chapter
Fang of Fenris campaign

Rule change so automatical unjam now happens after next genestealer action.
Improved AI speed with pre-calculated pathfinding
Added End Turn shortcut key ‘T’
Added option for a confirm end turn dialog box
Multiplayer system changed to only match 2 players with the missions they both have as unlocked
Changed Sword of Halcyon Mission 5: Inner Sanctum fail condition.
Can now play locked missions in Hotseat mode
Added sound effects when receiving a Multiplayer invitation or when opponent accepts or declines a Multiplayer invitation
Added support for alt-tab when waiting for a player to join an always online game
Added Cancel button on the request game in Multiplayer screen
New network version, old clients will have to update to this version
Updated the Steam plugin
Moved AP cost and field info above point of touch on IOS
Asset bundles system for iOS to download campaigns saving disk space

Fixed the bug when genestealers death animation was not played sometimes.
Fixed genestealer move animation jumping back to tile when performing auto-unjam.
Fixed the sound cutting bug
Fixed the bug related to multiplayer online state was sometimes not correctly updated
Fixed bug in the “Rescue” mission in PvP when Terminator carrying the C.A.T was killed
Fixed Campaign banner look on mission debriefing on IOS
Fixed Innner Sanctum bug where you would lose when 1 flamer died

Fix for Linux locale setting parsing bug causing black screen

Linux version

Command points frames are now enabled/disabled according to the maximum amount of CP.

Fixed debriefing bug in the hotseat game
Fixed error in Astartes achievement, so it could be earned even when losing the mission
Fixed map button for AZERTY keyboard for our French friends.
Fixed delay after briefing.
Fixed serialization bug that lead to various undo and save / load game issues
Fixed the game starting with Easy difficulty unexpectedly navigating menus
Fixed the multiplayer error that caused the wrong units to spawn in some missions.
Fixed Bugged doors in Escape Route and Take Control
Improved memory usage
Fixed various text errors
Fixed Bugged Blips in new campaigns

Behemoth Skin Pack loads correctly on Broodlord units.
Fixed Lurk zone logic. Now the “lurking-1-turn” blip cannot reveal as genestealers in the lurk zone.
Fixed the Power Of Warp achievement bug.
Added a special code for the Forged in Battle achievement, so it unlocks for the people who should have it but still had it locked due to the former bug.
Fixed involuntary blips revealing to place genestealers to space marines advantage.
Fixed the bug in the Purify mission that led the AI to fail.
Fixed CP reroll message to not show for genestealers in MP game
Fixed the new bug with Mac app freeze on quit
Removed continue button at the end of the last mission in all the campaigns
Fixed text in briefing for “Bait” mission (DoH)
Fixed Nav placement in “Take Control” mission (DoH)
Fixed hidden cursor on startup when selecting language
Fixed rare unlock campaign banner bug

Sword of Halcyon campaign added
Defilement of Honour campaign added + 2 home made missions to make it 5 missions
Localization of all text to French, Italian, Spanish, German and Russian
Intro 1 tutorial reworked
Improved loading times of missions, trading disk space for better loading time
Behemoth Genestealer skin pack added
Improved lighting on existing missions
Scrolling menu screens have been swapped out with paging instead
Audible countdown on Space Marine timer last 10 seconds
Added basic cross platform cloud support to sync game unlocks between installations
Online game type is set to always online as default
Re-sync achievements with Steam on startup

Fixed parry rule to also work when the attack is initiated by the space marine
Fixed the sustained fire rule during move+fire. Now the first stationary shot after move+fire counts on sustained bonus as it should.
Fixed the issues with placing blip to the lurk zone, when there is a space marine in 6-tiles distance.
Fixed bug on Alarm Call mission with terminators falling through the floor.
Fixed the bug during move + fire, leading the weapon going sometimes to completely wrong direction.
Fixed a bug with terminator sometimes ended up movement on the alive genestealer.
Fixed AI bugs caused blips not reveal when they can or genestealers not move
Fixed the various Achievements issues
Auto save is now performed only after end of turn
Fixed pause indicator on async unit actions not always updated
SoD Mission 1 - fixed not losing if using last flamer ammo flaming the last room
Fixed bug when selecting a unit from another squad by mouse or by TAB - the squad in the squad panel doesn't change
Tutorials where Z-fighting gui - now all gui is hidden during tutorial screens

- Made the Cleanse mission a bit easier by not having player lose game flaming the 3rd room with the last flamer ammo.

- Enabled strategic camera again in the mission 3 of the new campaign.

New 3 mission campaign “Messenger of Purgatory”.

We have had both a rough start as well as great support from all of you. So we decided to give you this one for free as a big THANK YOU!!

We really love working on this game, and you have been with us through the launch and beyond. So enjoy finding the remains of Captain Atarius!

Improved visuals for environment and units
Greatly improved performance of the game
Added animation speed option - can now choose Normal / Fast / Very fast speed of units.
Added “don’t allow Genestealers to split AP between multiple units” system to counter multiplayer conga-line exploit.
Fixed the rule with melee bonuses to apply only for the close attacks to the front.
If genestealer enters the map it will trigger overwatch attack check now
Assault cannon range reduced from 3 to 2 tiles radius. Assault cannon explosion uses now path calculation so doors block damage.
Choosing “any faction” in random game is now server-driven, so it highly increases the chance to match.
Highlighting units when mouse is over.
Highlighting activable genestealer entry points when mouse is over.
Added more informative log messages for the close attacks.
Showing the GS entry points you can use during the blips placement mode with different color and not showing entry tiles when not used.
Lurk zone tiles show information about AP needed to place+enter.
Showing hit percentage for ranged attacks when mouse is over target unit
New main menu background
Changed “Use Lightmaps” option to say “Use dynamic lights” and swapped the checkmark.
You have to finish all actions with a Genestealer before being able to take any other action with another.
Hotseat: Debriefing now always shows stats from the Terminator point of view.

Fixed the close combat resolution on ladders. Had bug for turning after close attacks.
Fixed the combat draw case resolution - defender now turns to the attacker in the draw case.
Blip is now revealed correctly if on ladder
Fixed bug with overwatch on the ladders
Fixed bug with opened doors not being always open visually when loading saved game.
Fixed one more bug with the misclicks on the tiles
Fixed some of the SFX to sound better.
Fixed door bug during overwatch, leaded to genestealer was shown in the closed door visually
Fixed genestealer disappearing after revealing blip and killing him in autofire.
Fixed the FX displacement for Calistarius and Gideon when doing melee attack
Fixed the unit death in flame after movement caused the game crash.
Fixed the problems with camera and logical bugs when unit exits the map.
Fixed the bug when pressing undo while moving, leading to the unit being “frozen”.
Fixed the game freeze sometimes when trying to select next genestealer and no genestealers has any AP left.
Fixed missing camera panning on opponent melee attacks when action camera is switched off
Fixed using last flamer shot into room would causing Terminators to lose, not win in mission Cleanse and Burn.
Fixed the bug during unit movement that led sometimes to messed tiles position and unit moving into empty space.
Fixed the broken Broodlord melee attacks.
Fixed the tiles misclicks caused by units colliders.
Fixed game crash when the last remaining blip is being voluntary revealed.
Fixed unit turn bug that led sometimes to inaccurate animation blending.
Fixed the game accepted input in the strategic camera mode
Fixed the melee weapon field FX not being in correct state when loading a save game
Fixed the assault cannon spinning state not being updated properly when loading a save game.
Fixed the power field generator hit state not being updated properly when loading a save game.
Fixed the wrong direction on the power field generators - they are now rotated towards the closest “visible” genestealer.
Assault cannon rotation fixed so its shooting straight visually
Fixed an error that lead sometimes to game crash when moving towards door and using move+fire on it.
Fixed music issues in the main menu and briefing
Fixed broken door in mission 9 of Sin of Damnation campaign
Fixed several issues with strategic map not showing correctly
Fixed issue with buttons containing usernames not being cropped
Fixed bug where some of the options in the ingame options menu not saving correctly

Lightmap and lightprobe support. This is turned on by default and can be turned off in the options
Toggle to turn on/off visual fx

Fixed the OSX freeze bug on exit.
Fixed the Credits menu
Fixed the checkboxes in the options menu (again)
Delete save slot button in the Load game menu now works properly.
Fixed exceptions when trying to load saved game for a single campaign.
Fixed save game list to show the last write date instead of the date of creation.
Sorting the saved games by the last write date.
Fixed the text errors in the load game box
Fixed the resolution switching bugs in the game options
Fixed news sometimes stuck in “Fetching…” state
Audio system fixed and improved
Removed annoying sound that played when moving a blip.
Camera pan fixes on deploy in some missions.

Known issues
On Mac when running with lightmaps on, there are some visual bugs on mission 1 and mission 8 with missing geometry.

Always online multiplayer mode.

Hotseat question mark removed from multiplayer
Losing sometimes when flaming the command room fixed for mission 1
Collision boxes on options screen checkboxes moved forward to fix depth sorting of clicks
Fixed audio system error that made mission 10 crash sometimes at the end.
The server request timeout increased to 60 seconds from 30.
Added technical possibility of skipping the intro movie. Put a file called “no_movie” next to binary to skip the movie.

It’s now possible to add a friend from within a random multiplayer game.
Server will prefer to match players that are both online for random games.

Mission 10 bugs fixed - the mission 10 ended or crashed when only half of genestealers were killed
Fixed minor logic issues in mission 6 and 11
Fixed ladder to not be usable for blip when the other end is in LoS.
Fixed melee animations bug for Broodlord that led to the melee attack animations not being played for him.
Fixed the game taking 1 AP for shot when it should be free.
Fixed firing with SB and AC from ladders - will not turn weapon and unit to target units across the map.
[server only] Fixed the bug with auto-revoke game notifications being shown in infinite loop.

When playing Hotseat, all Genestealer info is hidden unless you press space or the “Show info” button.

Fixed Gideon bug + rerolls bug in easy mode - was forcing genestealers roll 1 dice less on any reroll if there was previous dice subtraction applied due to shield or difficulty level.
Fixed the wrong calculations of the tile positions causing the misclicks on the tiles.
Fixed left genestealers count calculation logic.
Tutorial pop-ups now only shows in Singleplayer
Manual section re-made. Text and visuals fixed
Close combat can no longer give achievements when dying
Action Camera will now never show when set to “Never” show option
Broodlord button will not be visible if the broodlord has been already revealed.
Remaining Genestealers count now show correct number
Broodlord now available in Mission 12
Hardware cursor now working properly
Fixed the MP slots bug leading the slots cannot be deleted sometimes + also wrong slot can be deleted instead of needed one.
Mission 6 shows number of exited Terminators and number of revived Terminators
Mission 11 changed description in the objectives list
Lowest resolution set to 1024x768
Fixed the bug with weapons being rotated in wrong direction after move+fire
Changed win condition for mission 10 to match the objectives list (kill all genestealers)
Hibernating Broodlords now occupies the tile they are placed on in mission 11
Cost indication now shows correctly when targeting an enemy
Menu shows your online status
Objectives list can now be turned off in options
AntiAliasing integrated into Quality option
Forged in Battle achievement fixed
Objectives in the briefing now possible to show longer list
Achievements popup now wider so all text fits within (or otherwise cut off)
Fixed pathfinder issue in mission 12 that led to the game crash
Fixed sidestep animation error for Broodlord, leading to not playing these animations.
Timer is now always paused when options menu is opened
Fixed a number of action errors including Librarian skills where wrong tiles were active to perform action on
Added 1 second delay starting intro movie

Going into Hotseat mode on continue fixed
Difficulty levels being reset after continue game are fixed
Broodlord skins now follow the DLC skin option
Achievements now also include overwatch kills
“Exemplar of the Codex Astartes” bugs fixed
“Relic Bearer” fixed not to be achieved with a dead bearer
“Light in the Darkness” description updated and bugs fixed
“For the Emperor and Sanguinius” spelling and bugs fixed
Genestealers walking on dead genestealers will splat them
Exit marker on mission 11
Assault cannon now uses Mac friendly overheated material
Disabled restart button in options menu for hotseat and MP
Ingame UI fixes

Reduced memory usage substantially to counter out-of-memory crashes
Mission 4 victory logic fixes
Improved menu performance substantially
Discard corrupt save slots and allow loading of game
Difficulty now preserved on mission restart (caused easy and hard games to go into normal mode)
Passing CAT in multiplayer crash fixed
Genestealer UI hang fixed
Sometimes broodlord reveal button was visible in Genestealer interface
Fixed overlapping menus on pressing back
Assault cannon shooting in the air fixed
Genestealer reveal sound bug fixed
Personal banners on debriefing screen in MP
Nick name displayed in debriefing screen in MP
Banner configurator selection fixes
Only gain personal banner unlocks on winning
Exit zone markers fixed in mission 9
Exit zone markers added to mission 12
No sustained fire info added to objective list in mission 10
Mission 4 says 2 squads instead of 1 squad
Only play destroyed door voice over when Terminators kill a door
Dont show framerate in non-editor mode
Fix missing desktop icon for Win+Mac when setting icon from Steam
Various spelling mistakes
Updated intro movie to fix visual errors

Known issues:
Battle log on debriefing screen is cut off wrong

Mission 6 victory condition fix
Mac OSX 10.6 input fix
Lost of fixes to manual screen spelling/wording
Undo bug while rotating units fix
Aspect ratio fixes
Assault cannon explosion fix
Assault cannon animation fix to not look to the ceiling
Achievement bugs fixed
Cleaning tech marine messages added to battle log
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