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Mar 18, 2017 @ 7:51am
In topic Tillykke gutter!
Fedt at se det på Steam - så skal der spilles!

/Thomas Lund
Sep 18, 2016 @ 3:55am
In topic Multi Tank AI
Same same - meat shields and vision extenders. Dont try to make this a "who can have the most tanks in a platoon" game
Aug 14, 2016 @ 1:09am
In topic What makes NMS more worth than these?
Lets not start talking Star Citizen. Another over-hyped game that will most likely fall flat no matter how much money they sunk into it. Lets look at it post launch :-)
Mar 12, 2016 @ 4:07am
In topic 1.4.2 b2 up on public test
And its up now for all :-)

Just the last missions now and a few smaller things reported that we want to look into. Post-GDC. Happy to get this far :-)
Mar 6, 2016 @ 7:32am
In topic 1.4.2 b2 up on public test
Things have been slightly crazy for both me and the guys helping. Sorry for the slight silence.

Especially the mission fixes are lacking due to him having a AAA launch right now where he works, but the good news is that my coder pushed the last stuff through on his side.

- The AC animation bug should now be fixed! Yay
- Mines cannot be deployed on spawn tiles and block them indefinitely anymore
- Broodlords that approach the mines will not crash the game

1.4.2 b2 is up now for Windows on public test, and I'm uploading OSX and Linux as well. I'll put them "live live" in a few days if things are ok. Then a 1.4.3 can be made with the mission fixes.
Feb 14, 2016 @ 1:37pm
In topic 1.4.2 b1 up on public test
Thanks for the reports! Noted down!
Thanks for all the reporting! Very cool. Will send off to the level designer and see if he can work with it.

Status is that today the mine bug was fixed. It now works if the Broodlord steps on it + it cannot be placed on the spawn tile to block a spawn area.

Things are going a little slow, but moving forward. Thanks for your support and patience!
Feb 6, 2016 @ 3:57am
In topic Tutorial
Yeah - simply flame the room with your flamer, and you'll progress :-)
Hi gents - weekend again, so some time can be spend again on this. Programmer unfortunately has been assigned by his work on overtime due to a deadline, so wont be able to look at the last things until mid next week. But I'm collecting up.

Carrier bug noted down. Will get designer to look at it. Might be some quick setting - good find.
Feb 6, 2016 @ 3:14am
In topic Read reviews before buying this game.
@Glass - one more bump and I'll block you. Sorry for the warning, but this is ridiculous. The thread is open, and if you have constructive criticism, fair. But enough is enough
I will unpin it - big thanks for all help
Jan 31, 2016 @ 2:40pm
In topic 1.4.2 b1 up on public test
Ahhhh - sergeant body 4. Will check tomorrow if I missed anything there! Did a check of most material settings and didnt find any others. But definitely seems I missed one - or it didnt apply properly
Jan 31, 2016 @ 1:34pm
In topic no flash missions?
No changes have been made in that department, so it should be the same as usual - semi random
Jan 31, 2016 @ 11:47am
In topic Patch 1.4 Bug List(Patch 1.4.1rc1 update 01/26/16)
Absolutely and totally no problem datguy13 - you've already done so much help, no worry. Everyone on this end happened to be working on this most weekend at the same time, so it took off a bit. But thats just great, and the rest of the issues are now extremely minor. So all good!!! Even if we ended up with 1.4.2 b1 being "final" its SO much better than a month ago. Everyone wins.
Jan 31, 2016 @ 8:36am
In topic So, is the game playable finally?
All software has bugs - but we are down to a handful of known ones now and some of those are pure visual.

So yes - playable.

There are no plans to do any performance runs. So if your machine cant handle the flames in Salamanders, sorry - no change in the updates. My old tech artist is fully running his own little indie shop with GDC deadline, so no way that can happen now (and we looked into it a lot back in the days)
Jan 31, 2016 @ 7:34am
In topic 1.4.2 b1 up on public test
Hi all,

Last few days of intense bughunt/bugfix is not over yet, but the results might as well be shared.

Stuff fixed:
- added clarification for tutorial 4 that Librarian needs to be in squad to move on with mission map button
- vsync setting now loaded in main menu on startup
- Flesh tearers material bug (pointed to Blood Angels for a few parts)
- Fog of War and Light in the Darkness missions fixed
- bridge bug fixed in Pierce the Darkness
- CAT bug fixed in a few missions
- cleansing is now possible with modified weapons. Note that some non-flamer weapons (AC and plasma) require 2 hits to cleanse

Known remaining issues (not exhaustive list, but the ones we definitely are looking at before releasing 1.4.2):
- deployed mines are buggy and block movement
- AC barrel animation bug
- VFX of tarantula missing
@Tonz - yeh. For some of the prop models we didnt have time to make chapter specific textures. Sorry :-)
Jan 31, 2016 @ 4:50am
In topic The corridors are so dark
Hi gents - great fun read here :-)

Since I'm here anyways right now and smiling as almost alllllll (known) bugs are now done and over with, I can give a little background info from development.

For SH we (and GW) wanted to do a boardgame translation. SH as a turn-based strategy game could more or less only be made as close to the boardgame as possible, as the expectations would be that from the hardcore fanbase (and me).

Thus the gameplay is very identical in feel (sometimes a little too identical - e.g. d6 dice rolls are damn hard to make variation on and make it "fun" sometimes). SH like the boardgame is a logical puzzle mostly, as you know where enemies are at all times and where to go. Once you've cracked the puzzle, only the dice gods will sometimes throw a wrench at you.

You could also spread out your team completely, knowing that the grunt Terminator in overwatch could keep an entire section of the map under control by himself, while the rest of the team moves on.

When we then sat down and looked at SHA, we had gotten free reigns to think what SH *is*. Not the existing boardgame, but what IS Space Hulk as a game sitting inside the license frame of "Loyalist Terminators vs. Genestealers inside derelict junk"

And we also needed to make something that fit the video game category - playing on the strength of the media.

One of the veeeery first things we wanted to have was a non-D6 based system. The limitations of only having 6 variations of outcome of anything is great in a physical game, but not so in a computer game. Going full out deterministic (non-random) would remove some of the fun too. So it ended up being a d100 classic % chance system instead. That allowed us to have gear, skills, weapons etc etc that had small, but important +-% changes that over time would matter.

The other huge thing - and thats what this thread is about really - is the lighting. Inside derelict heaps of space junk you should not know where all corridors go. The addition of this fog of war would mean, that you really needed to keep units moving as one. Leave a guy behind and he would most certainly be overrun from side corridors etc.

The original Space Hulk has almost none of the fear factor. And although Terminators know no fear, you as a player should feel it :-)

The result is way way more tactical play, removing long(er) term planning for here and now reaction to events, while slowly edging your way towards the target.

It was a huge gamble to take to remove this knowledge, remove the minimap, remove a lot of the core game that the original boardgame had in its gameplay.

In the end I think that we did the right thing, and the result is a great game. Gameplay feels very different from the original SH, but at the same time the game feels the same. Its definitely "Space Hulk" while not being "Space Hulk the boardgame".

Making choices also means that you "deselect" some options. E.g. minimap and lighted corridors. And then its down to personal taste if you like those choices or not. I do, but I also like the original. Its 2 different games and one doesnt replace the other.

An added benefit from the removal of light was really something that I've smiled at several times. In the original SH we spent AGES building each level. Placing lights, shrines, books, candles, blinking buttons etc by hand. Decals on the walls, small signs, tons of different tiles. It took us weeks to dress us each level by hand. It also meant a large amount of performance optimization time per level.

In SHA, each level is build by modular lego brick system. Each brick isnt very varied in its looks by itself, but no one notices that things are WAAAAAAAAYYYYYY more simplistic.

It meant we could build levels very very fast - down to half a day on some. And that is why we could produce this huge amount of levels.

And at the same time having people say that the game looks way better than the original. Fun how (again) sometimes less is more.

Anyways - rambling now. Just wanted to throw in some history
BTW - will unstick this post as it is not maintained anymore and 98% obsolete. Thanks for all who contributed
Aha - been looking at the tutorial code. Slightly complicated piece of code.

The mission button is set to "Only show if you have a librarian in your squad". So if you move units around between squads, then you can end up putting the librarian back into the reinforcement list again.

If you click the librarian back to the squad, the mission button shows up again.

So its not really a bug bug, but a logical check that isnt communicated very well (it only thinks that you do what you were told). Really unsure if and how to change this. Giving it a lunchtime before trying something.

The tutorial onward requires a librarian to be present. So the easy fix of "just show button even without librarian not in squad" will break things further down the line. The "fix" might be to put a note in the tutorial text - "You can only progress with a Librarian in one of the 2 squads" or something.
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