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Frogboy  [developer] May 20, 2015 @ 12:38pm
The GalCiv III Memorial Day Steam AMA
Hey guys!

If you don't know me, I'm Brad Wardell, founder and CEO of Stardock. I also wrote the original Galactic Civilizations for OS/2 back in 1993.

On GalCiv III, I joined during Beta 5 to take over the AI and in-game turn-time performance and will continue to be enhancing both over the coming months/years.

Feel free in this post to ask me anything you'd like GalCiv related.
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Kr. X May 20, 2015 @ 12:50pm 
Hi Brad!
What features you would add the game if not limited with money or slaves? So kinda the dream features.
runifoc May 20, 2015 @ 1:06pm 
Hi Brad,

Is the memory used by one race handed off to the next race or does each race get its own memory allocation? If the latter, what are the minimum and maximum values for these allocations?
Frogboy  [developer] May 20, 2015 @ 1:10pm 
Great stuff!

First off, wanted to share a link to some screenshots from the OS/2 version of the game I made back in 1993.

That thread includes me bashing on the game (hey, I am free to complain about the game too! <g>).


1. # of players has very little affect on memory. It's size of galaxy with hob many habitable planets.

2. Definitely. My PC here has 12 GB and I run with 100 players on insane. I do this less for testing than to remind myself that we should't break the save game format unless necessary because it takes a long time.

3. It shouldn't run out of memory. You know what does have a lot of effect on perf and memory though? Pirates. Don't make them too common on the bigger map sizes.

Re dream features:

We are going to add "all the features" over the next several years.

[Spoilers below]




There's going to be 3 DLC released in 2015 with the first one next month which will add a map editor and a series of "balanced" maps.

Some of the features we are excited adding in the "relative" near term include:

a. A crafting system.

b. Commanders.

c. More controls to reduce late game micro management.

d. New game features that make the game evolve over the course of a given game. That is, REWARD players for investing in a cabinet (think Presidential cabnet) to run parts of your empire so that you don't have to personally micro on these huge maps if you don't want.

e. A lot more diplomatic features including more formalized lend/lease type features.

f. A lot more diplomatic features that revolve around creating intergalactic laws (there's a reason people traispse through people's ZOC, it's not an oversight).

g. A LOT LOT more with those resources and things you can do with them.

h. A lot more with regards to gray market, black market and kind of quasi-war stuff (read up on the 1790s for more info).

i. A lot more with invasions, espionage, funding opposition, destabilizing, inciting rebellions.

j. A lot more on serious galactic events.

k. More satisfying fleet battles both visually and how the player can feel more control over them (not tactical battles but giving more priorities to things).

l. A lot more technology options to allow players to play the game differently (this is an offshoot of the cabinet concept and political party concepts but rather has to do with being able to recruit personnel to "get things done" for you on things you don't want to micro manage).

That's just a few of the things off the top of my head.
Frogboy  [developer] May 20, 2015 @ 1:10pm 
re Memory use: Races don't reserve memory. Rather, units and such consume memory.
SirCabbage May 20, 2015 @ 1:13pm 
Is the plan for DLC and Expansions still 5 DLC per year, every month for the first couple of months + 3 to 4 major expansions? Are there any DLC/Expansion plans you could tell us that havent been said on the stream? :P

Edit: Though, looking at the post you have made since I started writing this it looks like you just mostly answered me already. Are you psychic :O
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Nelerath May 20, 2015 @ 1:19pm 
Will you be adding an import button to bring in templates to an already saved game? If so is there an estimated time we can expect this? I am quite chapped over losing hours of work on a Huge ship because of templates not being usable in the game they're created in, only future games. Other than that I was enjoying the game quite a bit up until then.
Frostfel May 20, 2015 @ 1:28pm 
Hi Brad,

Any chance we can have back the precursor relic bonus at some planets? I remember this from Gal Civ II some planets had I think some of those artifacts that provided a large bonus to production or research. It was really nice to colonize and finding this relic.

Space monsters, I think this was previously discussed but never found a good answer to that. Would be really nice to fight something different.

Hidden technologies that you could get by exploration, or colonizing toxic or radiated planets, that belonged to an ancient race, and you should research this before using, depending on the tech it should be very costly.

The arceans back :)

A sensor building, this building would add to the sensor range so you don´t need to rely on building starbases everywhere. Honestly I would like to have more choices of buildings, I know theres lots but some that could influence the galaxy map. Sensor being one of these, other could be a repair port making your ships repair faster, at the planet or close to it, a building for interceptors so you don´t need to park ships in it.

A better upgrade system for your ships, gal civ series has a past of problems in this field, its way to complicate to upgrade your ships and I mean having to manually select the ships to be upgraded. I know now theres a way to upgrade all your ships at the same time, but you can go bankrupt easily if you don´t pay attention to this.

And lastly some more ship equipments, like stealth, weapon charges that allow you to fire twice but at some kind of cost, can be accuracy or space on your ship. This could open up a lot of extra customization to your ship building, like having shield charges that constantly renew your shield strenght and so on.

For now it´s all I can think, thanks for the oportunity and I really look forward to play one game against someone at stardock, can be you or Paul, or Islanddog. :)

And sorry for any typos or grammar errors, you know, not my motherlanguage.

SirCabbage May 20, 2015 @ 1:45pm 
Okay, I am going to ask a question which hasnt already been covered.

Besides the eventual return of terror stars, are there any plans for more starbase types- either whole new things like purely improval/tourism increasing pleasure starbases or a way to give a starbase two uses at once (eg, mining/economic, mining/military, military/cultural)
Sycloness May 20, 2015 @ 2:27pm 
I love this game and the company you have created. Your company is the only gaming company I do pre-release because of the support you give to the players and the game. I do have a few questions:

  • Are there any plans to bring the terraform preview from GalCiv2 to GalCiv3. In GalCiv2 the display of available terraforming tiles on the planet were yellow, orange, or red depending on what level of terraforming technology you have unlocked. Currently it is very difficult to know between the three different levels of terraforming. You have to click back and forth on the improvements to see the different levels of terraforming. I do not want to waste using a level 2 or higher terraforming improvement on a level 1, knowing I can upgrade all level 1s in time.
  • Any chance on getting the anomalies to have a slightly different color on strategic view. It would be nice not to have to hover over every anomaly to know what it is vs just looking. Also are there any plans add more anomaly types and different rewards? Anomalies seem to be limited compared to the variations in GalCiv2.
  • Any chance on getting the shipyard information removed from the colony management screen? Since Stardock separated the ship building from the colony why was this thought to be added to the colony management screen? What would be of a great help is a tab for shipyards. I rarely use the colony screen now due its design.
  • Any chance to get an icon with total value added to the main map for research, capacity, and influence. We do have them for credits, population, and morale.
  • Any chance to having the current capacity of hulls when in the designer. I have to click on each hull type to see the amount of space. A mini menu under or above the resource one with the capacity number for each hull type would be very helpful.
  • Any reason starbase cost and creation costs after the fifth starbase built were removed? Current starbase creation are not limited in any way and no planning of importance of placement. Both players and AI spam constructors all over the map because the creation cost was removed. Adding the cost back in will place more importance on reason to build a starbase vs spam the map with them.
  • Any chance we can get a global toggle option setting for disable auto upgrade to improvements?
  • Any chance the economy will matter at some point? Most games I never build any wealth improvements or put any production into wealth. Even with tech trading off you can take all the AIs credits via diplomacy. In GalCiv2 economy management was everything. If you did not work on economy you ran out of credits really fast before mid-game even started.
  • How soon can we expect the AI to better manage ship fleets. Even at the highest levels the AI has very small fleet sizes when they have room for more ships.
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Gas May 20, 2015 @ 2:32pm 
1. Ideology system. Does it bring enough difference to the game? How would your opinion change about the game if ideology was not there? What would you suggest to make ideology better?

2. Shipyards. Does it bring actual difference to the game apart having 2 separate queues social/military on a planet ? Does shipyard sponsoring really benefit the game? How would your opinion change about the game if shipyards were replaced by separate military queue on a planet? What would you suggest to make shipyards better? Does it make sense that ship capacity is limited by ephemerical hull type but not the shipyard ability to produce ships of desired capacity?

3. specialized technologies. Does it bring a hard strategic choice that can actually lead to victory/defeat/turning point or you pick always the same technology because it just better?

4. Insane map sizes. How do you find micro/macro management on later stages of a game? Does it feel tedious? Do you feel bored and want to start new game? How do you manage 100s of starbases, 1000s of ships? Do you really play with your opponents or sit afk in your corner of galaxy and do your thing? Is it humanly possible to totally destroy all of your opponents (no surrender option) in reasonable amount of time? Do you think game is ready in terms of management for such map size?

5. Galactic resources. CIV5 has the same mechanic when you can build more powerful units with the resource but it limits the amount of units you can have on 1 tile. Do you think it was implemented right in GC3 and special ships change the war tactic significantly? What would you suggest to improve galactic resource system?

6. Asteroid mining. Does it really exist as separate feature or its normal resource harvesting just that the resource is surrounded by asteroid tiles?
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a0152570 May 20, 2015 @ 2:39pm 
Originally posted by Draginol:
Great stuff!

First off, wanted to share a link to some screenshots from the OS/2 version of the game I made back in 1993.

What a hoot, Remember when those graphics looked good!
Hey Brad,

1) Great game and company, much respect to you guys.

2) Any ETA on when the morale hit for large empires is going to get scaled based on map size? I didn't see any response to that in the 1.01 thread.

3) Any idea when the community can get more modding details such as file structures, where to find things, what certain traits mean, etc. As it is now, I haven't seen where I can find an index of all available planet traits for example and what they mean (without digging into files).

4) A rough ETA on when diplomacy additions might be drop would be amazing.
Surge May 20, 2015 @ 4:10pm 
Hello Brad,

Have you been keeping up with the multiple (and often heated) threads regarding linearly stacking sensors (and to a lesser degree; movement) over on the Stardock forums?

A particularly good demonstration of the power of such stacking can be seen in Arumba's video: Galactic Civilizations 3 Exploits or Intended Mechanics?)

If so, taking into account all that has been said on both sides - what is your personal opinion?
Tamamo-no-Bae May 20, 2015 @ 4:58pm 
Hi Draginol, wonderful game! ^^, I have some questions:

1. Would it be possible to release some of the rejected concepts to be used for custom race? Particularily the rejected Altarian concept was nifty. The leader portrait is in, but no foreground. In the Founder vault it appeared to be relatively finished.
2. Any chance that some of the Galciv 2 ship styles could be ported, particularily the Dreadlord squid style? Again for custom races, it was awesome.
3. Any chance the Pirate style can be made available for custom races again?
4. Did any race from Galciv 1 or 2 (Xendar excluded) go extinct?

Thank you very much ^^
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Alienboy May 20, 2015 @ 5:29pm 
Dear Brad,

What about the shipyards? What do you think about allowing them to be upgraded such as improving their standing defenses like a starbase can?

Also what are your thoughts about including stealth technologies in the game? Such as a fleet or ship being able to jam/decrease enemy sensor range on the map OR something as classic as the "cloaking" device?

Your feedback is much appreciated. Great work on the game.
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