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Apr 17 @ 4:27pm
In topic Any timeline for release yet?
No plans for a beta of the adventure game. That would be awful. If people want to volunteer to have it spoiled to help beta test it we can look into that. But I wouldn't recommend it.

Star Control is a space adventure/RPG. It will be as fun to beta test as say Skyrim.
Apr 14 @ 6:28pm
In topic The Master Schedule
Updated with new dates.
Apr 14 @ 6:22pm
In topic Any timeline for release yet?
Hi there!

You can play Fleet Battles right now.

The final release is scheduled for late Summer.

Fleet Battles: BETA 2 is schedules for April 26.
If there was ONE race trait you think should get some buffing, what would it be?
It depends on how much you are taxing your trade.

Let's say your trade per turn is 3 but your tax rate is 25%. That's <1 in trade income.
Apr 14 @ 6:13pm
In topic buggy...just like the original release
If you run into something like that, just put your saved game up.

Here is what causes it and the trade-off:

The AI is very very multithreaded and it has to synchronize with ship movement which is not multithreaded.

So there's a knob we basically use which determines how fast turns go. The more in sync with the actual ship movement (as in, literally, the animated ship on the screen) the longer a turn takes because it has to really wait until that ship has moved. On the other hand, if we let it be totally out of sync, the turns are super fast but you will get rare instances where a race condition occurs and the turn signal gets done before the last ship signal. It's a very complex issue.

So it's a constant tug of war as you can imagine but when we get a saved game from someone who runs into it, we are able to find news ways to prevent the race condition.

Apr 13 @ 3:30pm
In topic Question to the game undeveloper
BTW, I really do enjoy discussing these kinds of topics both as a gamer and a developer. Please don't worry about offending us.

Here's another way of looking at it: It's better if people discuss it civilly, like we're all doing here, than for people to not discuss it.

I want to make sure people feel comfortable talking about this here.
Apr 13 @ 12:11pm
In topic Question to the game undeveloper
I admit, i do NOT understand the concept of charging $5 for a race. I feel like the snathi content, for example, is only worth $1, maybe 2. I've made 550-600 custom civs i'm in the process of uploading to the workship for free

Let's look at the Snathi:

So do get the custom race but that also involves the new, fully animated Snathi alien. It's not just a picture.

You get the story campaign which is a non-trivial amount of effort.

You get a whole bunch of new ship parts for the Snathi style which lets people make new types of ships on their own as well. Again, lots of 3D modeling and art.

You get the Scavenge ability which oly the Snathi have.

And it's $4. That's less than a Starbucks Mocha (er...not...that I would know that...personally...of course...)

In all, it keeps 2 artists employed who, in the pre-DLC days, would have been let go once the project was done.

For those of you not familiar with the game industry, historically, studios hired up and fired down at the end of a project. When the game got released, artists were let go. Now, instead, artists are kept on to work on DLC while the engineering team is working on the next project.

DLC has done more to create stable working conditions for artists than any other change in our industry. And they're completely voluntary.
Apr 13 @ 11:51am
In topic Another thank you to developers.
Thanks! You guys are what motivate me.

I had a tremendous blast working on v3 and Intrigue!

Player feedback on AI was a tremendous help. Watch out for those aggressive AI players! They'll declare war early. :)
Take a look at the AIStrategyDefs for some modding there.

The AI absolutely does not know where the good planets are. I wrote the AI for this game and trying to guess where a good planet might be is one of the toughest challenges.

Similarly, players are often able to ambush the AI and will say how dumb the AI is when the AI simply couldn't see their ships.

Now, from years of experience, I know where, relative to the distance from a star, where a planet will be. I also know what the habitable zone tile range is from the star. So I do my best to try to pick a spot I think a planet will be. I'm usually wrong. But sometimes I'm right.

There are many posts here where players report how the AI didn't seemingly colonize planets that were practically next to it. And the reason is that the AI failed to scout in that direction.

Apr 13 @ 11:46am
In topic Farms and population cap
Originally posted by Gregorovitch:
OK, I've managed to get a city up in this latest game I'm attempting - on my home planet.

Previously cities increased pop by 3. This one seems to have increasaed it by 10, so the cap has gone from 5 to 15. That of course is going to have a big impact on marale, no doubt.

What's going on herm have the rules changed?

But mevertheless, the production problem remains. Buildings just add measly % increases, and even 75% of bugger all is still bugger all.

I am losing touch on the power curve with all the other empires and there is nothing I can do about it. You seem to absolutely need to increase pop as there is no other way to jack up raw production output. Obviously the reason all my cometetors are leaving me behind is becasue they have larger raw production.

What difficulty level are you playing at?

The key is where you place your buildings. You want them to level up as much as possible.

For example, a city, by default will increase population by 3. But put them in the right spot and it can be much higher than that.
Apr 13 @ 11:44am
In topic Question to the game undeveloper
Originally posted by OuchThatHurt:

Hoestly you play Gal Civ 3 without out the DLC it's empty, I have no problem with EXPAC's that add quality content to a game but having to have DLC to make a bland empty shell of a game more fun makes me wonder why do dev studio's put of shells of games? Is it so they have a platform for their DLC so they can keep launching DLC's over time making games like services?

Sure feels like it to me, I remember the days when you paid you money you got the game. Not some half finished shell that was a platrom for revinue from DLC sales. Yeah I'm being a little sinical but frankly having been a PC gamer since the days of the C64, I've seen how much the industry has changed.

Each DLC has been about $3.99. Each expansion has started at $19.99.

During the GalCiv II era, long ago, expansions for $29.99 and had less in them than what's in the newer expansions (this is largely due to digital distribution which takes out a layer of middlemen that existed during the retail days).

While working on GalCiv III v3, I spent a lot of time playing just the base game. I'm not sure how it's empty.

I'm wearing my C-64 shirt right now. I remember those days. I remember paying $59.99 for Donkey King for my C-64 (and this was in 1984 dollars). That would be $146 today. No updates. Nothing.

Now, for $40 I can get a game that I'll put hundreds of hours into. And if I want, I can choose to buy additional content for it to extend it.

Back in the 80s, if I could have bought additional levels for Donkey Kong or new modes for Raid on Bungling Bay or additional content for Impossible Mission, I would have in a heart-beat. But I couldn't because that option didn't even exist.

Games today are a massively better deal than they used to be.
Apr 13 @ 11:38am
In topic Question to the game undeveloper
Originally posted by A7ibaba_:
Originally posted by baddoggs:

Tell me, do you work for a living? Game developers have familys to feed, morgages
to pay etc.. etc.. If you DID work for a living i imagine you do not work for free...
Why should they?

Because i already bought god damn game. Base game feels like crap,its empty. Its like you buy a car without anything and then paying extra for brakes,ABS,servo ... If you have desire to support developers we can ask them to post their bank account numbers so you can make a payment for your appreciation every month.

When was the last time you played the game? GalCiv III v3 was just released. It's a massive, free update with tons of new features, new events, new AI features, etc.

You have received nearly FOUR YEARS of free updates to the game. And these updates aren't minor updates. Major features, new content, new game modes, etc. have been added.

Check out the master change log:

Apr 13 @ 11:34am
In topic Question to the game undeveloper
Originally posted by A7ibaba_:
get real kid and get a Job if you cant afford gaming

haha,thank you.This is a first time in a 30 years someone called me a kid. Anyway,its not about money,its a more an ethic question. [/quote]

Ok. Let's talk about ethics. Do you think people should do work for free?

A game gets released and people want more features, more aliens, more adventures, etc. Someone has to make these things. Should they work for free? Who is paying them?

Apr 13 @ 11:32am
In topic Question to the game undeveloper
Originally posted by A7ibaba_:
Don't get me wrong,but im really tired of this DLC milking.DLC1,DLC2,DLC3,Expansion,DLC4,DLC5,Expansion 2... When i see additional race or new ships as DLC for 4.99 € i get really upset. Its hideous and disgusting. And then i look at Endless Space 2 and i see that additional DLC are free

Endless Space 2 is $39.99 has $17 in DLC and has not been out a year yet.

GalCiv III is $39.99 has $55 in DLC and has been out 4 years.

In the old days, games were released and abandoned until the sequel. I'm not sure why anyone would want to return to that old model.
Apr 13 @ 7:30am
In topic Farms and population cap
Or Aquatic.
Apr 13 @ 7:01am
In topic Thank You Developers!!!
Apr 13 @ 4:49am
In topic Full of bugs
Make sure you validate your files. It sounds like an installer issue.
Apr 13 @ 4:47am
In topic Farms and population cap
Each game does require you to adapt a different strategy. That said, aquatic races have hydroponic farms.
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