Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier

H-Hour: World's Elite - PC/PS4

The creative director of the original SOCOM games wants to bring you the spiritual successor to

those breakout PlayStation 2 shooters.

David Sears, former creative director of SOCOM, has announced the development of H-Hour: World's

Elite, a game that wants to be a spiritual heir of the action series that made him famous.

The title seeks to return all keys of classic PlayStation 2, but with the usual twists and tricks

that current machines can offer. "We will not only offer something happened to a package more

beautiful. Going to build a spiritual successor to the initial games of SOCOM from scratch. H-

Hour: World's Elite is immediate, realistic and oriented towards the multiplayer with many work

items team ".

"It's an experience directly inherited by the SOCOM series, because those games were the starting

point. H-Hour is miles of that road we have traveled with SOCOM, the type of shooter that SOCOM

would have become had they continued the series beyond their second release, "state.

The game has a goal of $ 200,000 in Kickstarter, of which has already collected almost 10% in the

absence of 27 days for completion of your crowdfunding phase.
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• PC/PS4 Confirmed
• Being made by the creative director of S1 and S2 (David Sears)
• Dance Victoria
• Custom Taunting
• Lobby System (Voice and Text chat included)
• View Server List Classic
• Personalised Lobby Rooms
• NO Health Regeneration
• Opening doors, activation of explosives, firing lights (intention)
• Select Fire
• Backblast (AT4s - as SOCOM)
• Private rooms
• Hot Guns
• strafing gunfire (community decides, David Sears enjoyed them)
• Prone Dive (David Sears likes the idea, one might add)
• Arc Granada
• Clan System (management and support clan)
• Page Clan, Clan emails
• U.S Special Forces VS. terrorist
• Women HQ voice (as in original SOCOMs)
• No vehicle
• Leaning (D-pad lean as SOCOMs old)
• Third person default view (first choice person view)
• OTS No, view will be like the old school SOCOM
• No Sprint (analog stick determine speed as SOCOMs old)
• Maps designed around gameplay
• Round base is the primary focus (recurrences can be made as SOCOMs old)
• Go up (it will if the community desired)
• The speed of the game will be like SOCOM SOCOM 1 and 2 (the action is more important than the

• 8v8 online with Spectator Mode
• The urban maps, country maps, maps, maps arctic desert, jungle maps
• NOT a simulator (which means it will play more like SOCOM)
• Push to talk will be a decision based on feedback from the community
• The classification system similar to SOCOM 2
• Modes are confirmed so far demolition, removal, monitoring, and compliance with various names.
Date Posted: Jun 18, 2013 @ 6:40pm
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