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Zorbus  [developer] Nov 15, 2022 @ 9:15am
Save file compatibility between releases
The game uses "release XX.YY" identifier to indicate game version.

XX is the main release number. When XX is incremented, there are usually some major changes to game mechanics or game data files. Save files between different XX versions are not compatible!

YY is a smaller patch that doesn't break save file compatibility.

The game takes a backup of the current game release into a folder named "Backup_rXX" (XX = 56, for example) under the game's install folder.

When the game has updated to a new XX number, and the game is launched, it moves older release save files to a corresponding backup folder. A menu is opened where you can launch an older release of the game, and finish any unfinished runs. There's a checkbox that can be checked if you don't want to see the menu until a new release is out.

If you had an unfinished extended game going on where you plan to utilize previously ascended characters, you can continue that with the older release.

You can also manually run the older version of the game from the backup folder, but close any other running version of the game first.

Older game release backups that don't have any unfinished save games are removed after a month.

If you launch an old game release from the menu, and the game doesn't seem to react to keyboard presses, it might be that the game window just isn't active. So click somewhere on the game screen with the mouse, and you should be ok.
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