Chronicle: RuneScape Legends

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends

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Create and share your own campaigns!
After you mastered the Trials of Radimus, find and play whole new single player campaigns in the world of Chronicle! Find out how to make your own campaigns here.
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Recent Announcements
Steam Workshop Support - Patch 1.5.3
Steam Workshop support!

You can now design and create your very own Campaign missions! Jump in game to build your own adventures using assets from the game, then submit it to the workshop for other players to try!

We'll be keeping an eye on the Steam Workshop for some of the best creations, and we'll be sharing them over on the @RSChronicle Twitter so make sure you're following us!

It's now over to you to create some awesome content for the community - enjoy!

Patch Notes
  • Ankou - No longer deals an additional 4 damage.
  • Chaos Elemental - Now correctly only triggers new effect.