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Ryan Johnson Feb 16, 2023 @ 7:58pm
Performance Fix? [My wonky work around]
Im not sure why or how, but upon downloading the game on medium and high settings the overlay stated i was getting 60 fps but it felt more like 20. I was ready to wait to refund the game when my friend noted that he had put his headphone on and his problems went away and now the game was butter smooth.

I tried the same but it didn't work. I went to the audio settings and changed stero (which is on by default) to 7.1 / 5.1 and its smooth? and im getting above 60fps now. and it actually feels like it. The game is playable now.
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ChakaQuan Feb 16, 2023 @ 8:31pm 
holy crap this worked for me too. I was at 1080p all low setting with a 3070ti and getting all kinds of stutters. Changing the audio I can run the game at 1440p all medium with no problems
ffffff Feb 16, 2023 @ 8:46pm 
this worked for me too.
Acharenus Feb 16, 2023 @ 8:54pm 
This, against all reason got me a steady gain of around 15fps. Weird.
Stealthfroob Feb 16, 2023 @ 8:57pm 
Tried this and it somehow improved my fps. So it works somehow
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Unrealtairo Feb 16, 2023 @ 8:58pm 
Tell EA to send u a phat check

Now they need to apply this fix to consoles since we cant do that ourselves
Mirasein Feb 16, 2023 @ 9:04pm 
This thread muat be sticked.
NotYourBuddy Feb 16, 2023 @ 9:33pm 
Wow this gave me a huge fps boost. This needs to be a PSA. Thank you!
Unrealtairo Feb 16, 2023 @ 9:34pm 
Yea fr. Bump
garchomped Feb 16, 2023 @ 9:34pm 
Bruh this works wtf
x_aurelian_x Feb 16, 2023 @ 9:39pm 
The fact this actually worked for me is hilarious. That been said is anyone elses game feel like its running in slow motion?
Unrealtairo Feb 16, 2023 @ 9:52pm 
So the audio bug is actually the cause for the fps bug 🤣

Both issues should be fixed by one patch or windows audio device settings changed. Some bs QA

Now they can patch this and fix the gdamn ugly textures
Nim Feb 16, 2023 @ 10:21pm 
Tbjbu2 Feb 16, 2023 @ 10:23pm 
Balm Feb 16, 2023 @ 10:26pm 
didnt do ♥♥♥♥ for me bro
RedHairss Feb 16, 2023 @ 10:26pm 
makes sense why it works, its most likely an audio glitch causes the fps to stutter, which can happen. if you notice when it stutters it makes an audio buzz noise so its an audio problem which somehow can actually cause fps drops. BUT THANKS THIS WORKS FOR ME TOO!
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