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Discover and create new Synergy content using any supported game; virtually any type of content is supported. Follow your favorite authors and be sure to rate! See our documentation for details.
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Synergy Version 56 Released
  • Synergy will now automatically mount and manage all content.
    • Users no longer need to manage their game mounts.
    • Content will be automatically mounted and unmounted as needed.
    • Removed the need for mount.cache, SteamContent.manifest, basemaps.txt, LevelContent.manifest files and the GameList menu.
  • Further decreased average load times.
  • Include files (.inc) are no longer required and will not exit Synergy with an error, but are still needed to tell Synergy which content a map needs to mount. Maps without a corresponding include file will default to Half-Life 2 content only.
  • Maps that are a part of a specific game (i.e. a content file: content/*.dat) no longer require Include files.
  • Added support for the following languages (Interface, Voiceovers, and Closed Captions) - Synergy will now choose the correct language pack based on Steam or in-game settings (Special thanks to user Allower for pointing this out with his Workshop fix):
    • French
    • German
    • Italian
    • Korean
    • Spanish
    • Russian
    • Simplified Chinese
    • Traditional Chinese
    • Danish (UI Only)
    • Dutch (UI Only)
    • Portuguese (UI Only)
  • Removed unnecessary Half-Life 2: Episode One requirement for Episode Two.
  • Fixed all known cases of the "Closing pack file with -1 open files!" error.
  • Added content files for the following games:
    • Age of Chivalry
    • Counter-Strike: Source
    • Day of Defeat: Source
    • Dystopia
    • Eternal Silence
    • Half-Life 2: Update
    • Portal
    • Team Fortress 2
    • Zombie Panic: Source
  • Workshop:
    • Add-on (non-'Item Replacement') items will no longer be stored in VPKs. (Fixes various issues with BSPs being stored in VPKs)
      • NOTICE: Existing Add-ons require a re-update in order to mount properly! (i.e. not packed in VPKs)
    • Add-on items will mount all VPKs in it's root directory.
    • Added a "Workshop Settings" Menu to Prioritize Subscriptions.
    • Added more helpful Messages during Workshop Item publishing.
    • Add-on's will now show in the Create a Server menu.
  • Other:
    • Fixed (and updated) donors not working due to a recent change in the SteamID format.
    • Added support for loading a random background map on launch from the pool of what content you have available in the Advanced Multiplayer Options menu.
    • Fixed a few cases of missing textures on a listen server.
    • Fixed Synergy's custom weapon sounds not playing. (Again)
    • Properly removed cheat flag from stopsound command.
    • Enabled sv_airaccelerate and sv_rollangle (camera sway) convars.
    • Added conver glow_max to limit the maximum number of object outlines to render at once.
    • Fixed a client crash on Linux.
    • Replaced Convar toggle_show_players with hud_player_info_enable to toggle the Avatar over player's heads.
    • Added support for mounting content inside the "custom" folder (synergy/custom) to enable, set contentloader_custom_folder_enable to 1. This will also mount all VPKs found in the root of the folder.
  • Various minor bugfixes.

    Check here for the post 56 update change log.

Synergy Workshop Released
How does Synergy Workshop work?
Simply head over to the Synergy Workshop page and search for items to subscribe to (You can do this in-game as well). Once you subscribe, the item will begin downloading in Steam.

You do not have to restart Synergy in order to mount new Workshop items you've subscribed to; they will be automatically mounted the next time you load a level (if the item is finished downloading).

We have a few small test example items to toy with, but it may take some time for users add their own content.

What type of content is supported?
Technically most if not all forms of content are supported but we categorized it into two distinct groups.
  • Add-on: Stand-alone content which does not override base content.
  • Item Replacement: Content will override all other base content.
Of course, as this is a beta, all of this is subject to change if we decide a different system is better, or if you have an awesome suggestion!

How do I upload something to Synergy Workshop?
Check out our Synergy Workshop Documentation[].

Why are dedicated servers not supported right now!??
The Workshop is primarily in beta because dedicated servers do not support the new method Steam uses to manage Workshop Items. Item Replacement items will work fine on the client, however, Add-on items will only work on the client and listen servers. As soon as Steam adds support for dedicated servers we will implement it right away!

The new method (known as ISteamUGC) is the next version of Workshop support for Steam games. The previous method used the Steam cloud which had many limitations. The new method supports unlimited file sizes and file counts and can be updated frequently and easily using the SteamPipe content system for fast and small downloads/updates.

So head on over! If you have suggestions to help improve Synergy Workshop or just wish to report a bug, please create a post in the new Workshop Discussion!

Other minor fixes in this update (55c):
  • Fixed players not taking drown damage.

Changes in 55d (12-16-2014):
  • Added player outlines that visually represent the player's health when obstructed.
  • Updated Donors.
  • Fixed a few Workshop bugs.
  • Added support for dynamic skies (See this Workshop Item for an example.)

When is the next Rebel Rush event?
We're planning on hosting another Rebel Rush[http//Rebel+Rush] event sometime within the next month so stay tuned!

Til next time!