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Shini  [developer] Jun 4 @ 5:16pm
Regarding the Amazon Web Services label
There seems to be some confusion going around so just to clarify.
It basically just means you will be accessing our other servers instead of Steam servers for online gameplay. There's linking with Steam account already done, so all an end-user needs to do is just to enter a new Profile Name at the start of the game.
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Choowkee Jun 4 @ 5:28pm 
Laying the groundworks for potential crossplay. I see you....
Good to hear it :mbpraise:
Well timed, thank you for the clarification :steamthumbsup:.
Perfect! Keep being this clear, Arc!
perl Jun 4 @ 8:39pm 
cross play!
Pantsu Jun 5 @ 1:09am 
please fix regional pricing in SEA region :masterVan:
Will family sharing be enabled?
Ceytin Jun 5 @ 5:02am 
appreciate the clarification, people were starting to get up in arms and all it ended up being was server related stuff that requires no user input besides making a name for your profile, excited for this game to release.
It sounds like you have a universal set of servers and players need a universal identity to use it which makes sense, and probably a good move. I get why doing that results in the "Requires 3rd party account" portion of the listing.

The part I don't get is why AWS is mentioned. It should be a Guilty Gear or Arc System Works account and the fact it happens to be stored on AWS servers shouldn't matter a whole lot unless it's AWS that's actually managing the identities. We don't know what this "linking" includes. Is it just a profile id mapping to the universal account, or is it access to profile information?

If all you are doing is having us create a universal profile you manage and you just happen to be currently be using AWS servers, that's different than you giving AWS access to our Steam (and I'd assume PSN) profiles. You are going have people that are OK with one and not the other.

I feel like this isn't as clarifying as it wants to appear. Enter a name and play doesn't explain why somebody felt like it was information that needed to be disclosed. Both situations feel like they could be true from the clarification. It being automated and easy doesn't mean the players' privacy concerns of having their player data forwarded to Amazon via Strive isn't valid.
Crossplay want to play with my brother :c
Thanks for doing Gods work Shini
Where's the early release for the deluxe edition?
Originally posted by Gamefreak:
Where's the early release for the deluxe edition?
we (yes, we, because i do have purchased that too) will NOT get the early release. we will be able to play the game june 11, 7 PM (for my time zone, wich is GMT+1)
Can you say if other Strive versions (like PS) although use AWS?
Luke Jun 5 @ 3:18pm 
To clarify on the clarification: we don't need to "link" anything, as end users, just make a profile name that is separate from Steam? (just like in FighterZ)
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