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Warlock_505Games  [developer] Mar 7 @ 11:26am
This thread is to help us organize.
If you have a specific game feature or suggestion you would like to see added to Puzzle Quest 3 please leave it here.

We do read and consider the suggestions made by the community. However please be mindful that not all suggestions can always be executed.

Any off-topic, troll/spam comments will be removed.
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Would love to see daily/weekly minigames in the style of what PQ 1 and 2 had. They were both loaded with them, but there is a distinct lack of it in PQ 3.
-Real time pvp
-Guild wars
-Dungeon/raid content where players are visible and can interact with each other via spells
-Survival mode
-Some form of trading or guild donations
-Character customization
Levyten Mar 11 @ 5:45am 
-a "gemstone" sound fx when you get gems
-a "questy" sound fx when you complete a quest, and maybe a small note onscreen
-Alternate skins for heroes, what about an elven paladin etc.
-ingame wiki explaining basic game terms: e.g. what does "speed" mean?
and all ideas of the posters above.
Some sort of road-map for where this game is heading. Throughout Early Access the community has been kept in the dark about all work on the game and the first we know about any changes is when the update drops. Give us something to look forward to in terms of features that are coming, and some sort of timeline when this will happen. Waiting another 3 months between updates with near radio silence from the devs is not a good strategy.

Storage desperately needs increasing. Has been an issue throughout EA and raised in response to every update. What is being done to address this? It can be fixed with the change of a single number, as demonstrated in the past, and didn't even need to be a major game update to happen. You can change this any time you want. So why continue to ignore this consistent feedback from the players?

Kingdoms - this aspect of the game hasn't changed since the first EA release. Approaching a year later it hasn't addressed even the most basic of clan requirements. We cannot see when players were last online, what they have donated, no tools to auto-promote, demote or kick. No control over permissions. No way to manage the very limited bazaar deals. The whole design penalises kingdoms that try to fill themselves with active players.

There is also nothing for them to do to encourage players to join them. No collective goal to work towards, no kingdom v kingdom, no nothing besides a daily deal that can be bought out in a minute. Again months and months of feedback on this, but zero action from the devs.

Drop rates continue to be poor.
The return from salvage is awful.
So combined with the lack of storage 99% of all items found go straight to salvage or we play the never fun game of micro-managing an inventory to decide which item that is useful for another build needs to be thrown away to pick up the new piece just won.

Not that coop has ever been that active of a mode due to how unreliable it is, but since the decision was made to promote it into a weekly activity, perhaps some more attention should be paid into making it work. It wasn't reliable when it was just a side activity. It wasn't reliable when it got promoted to a weekly goal, and it still isn't reliable all these months later with the Steam launch.

The 75% reduction to XP for launch was a real nasty surprise to include, along with such a widescale nerf of the most popular equipment. Again "balancing" seems to consist of just pumping up the enemy stats to one-hit kill level, while peeling back the defensive options players have to defend against it.
Nicatlon Apr 8 @ 3:03am 
Could you maybe set the timer to 4 or 5 seconds instead of 2? There would still be a time crunch, but it wouldn't be so hard for folks with a handicap to get more than 2 combinations in. It's literally impossible for me right now. Still, loving the game so far.
When an enemy use Poison Crush skill do too much damage with anything else i have see so far at level 45. Check it out plz
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