The Makeshift Mauzer
make it change anims for all classes
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:ReduX Feb 20 @ 5:12am 
´´all classes,, Srsly ? Dont be such a dumb.
well thats how the first skin can only replace the shotgun...which would replace with other classes...destroying the animations..YOU KNOW NOTHING
Hatsune Miku #texasstyles Mar 12 @ 3:32pm 
this guy....
acts like a kid who plays a game and who wants "EVERY" single skins that just made .....
ive seen him alot on workshop who "PROTESTING" about skins >.>
hey who doesnt want any skins ...we all know valve never adds weapons so may aswell...make some skins
Hatsune Miku #texasstyles Apr 4 @ 4:15pm 
Pick something pls HATS? WEAPONS?
WesternWestPalm (youtube) Jun 14 @ 6:22pm 
can they make it a hat?
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