Kyoto Rider
The Grand Inquisitor 2013年7月29日下午1:40
the ziper is wird!
the ziper on the coat of the snipper is kind of piont les becase you shold be able to zip the zipper up or it dose not mak sense.
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ThePsychoticDoctor 2013年7月29日下午4:37 
Your grammar sucks bro...
Man 2013年7月29日下午4:42 
do u english
Dylamb 2013年7月29日下午6:15 
first use english then I will see
Hoff 2013年7月29日下午11:10 
I like the stylized zipper, and it also ties in with the scout's jacket that is a part of the set in the pictures.
❅ Mᴀɢɴᴀᴛᴜs Nɪx ❄ 2013年7月30日上午11:01 
man, that ziper is wird and dose not mak sense. you really shold be able to zip up the snipper.
Mr. Sleep 2013年7月30日上午11:03 
First of all, learn to use proper grammar before brining an irelevant topic to the table. Like H0ff said, the zipper ties in with the scout's zipper. On top of that, one generally doesn't associate different functions with misc. items since they're purely aesthetic. One of the few exceptions is the Medic's winter sweater, and even then it uses buttons and has no affect on gameplay whatsoever.
Gam3r Luna (已封禁) 2013年7月30日上午11:09 
your grammer does not mak senze
THERES A F*CKING CLOAKER 2013年7月30日下午12:25 
Do you guys realize that this is a joke right
unseenpath 2013年8月1日上午7:23 
Your grammar does not make sense.* :P
Darth Nihilus 2013年8月2日上午1:12 
how doo englesh
Grumpkin 2013年8月2日上午8:02 
Please just
just.. go
no, srsly
Jacodoodle 2013年8月2日上午8:07 
引用自 Grumpkin
Please just
just.. go
no, srsly
Obviously you cannot understand sarcasm, or ANYONE ON THIS ♥♥♥♥ING PAGE
Grumpkin 2013年8月2日上午8:08 
some nice hearts you got there :D
Cool Beans 2013年8月2日上午8:11 
Well, i agree with the zipper thing...but the grammar...omg. Anyways: maybe if you make the zipper more "smooth" (maybe not so big, etc) it would look perfect (in my opinion).
PD: wonderful job!
♣ Gℎ☪stßüštëℜš ♣ [Holiday] 2013年8月2日上午8:49 
This cant be srs.
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