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I've got a funny one.

"Pheonix Friend"
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"The Feathered Firestarter"
"The Not-So-Cold Shoulder"
"The Heated Hatchling"
respawning rascal
Originally posted by Grampa Soldier:
"I've got a funny one." "Pheonix Friend" yeah i think that "Pheonix Friend" is the most (un) funniest name in the world cuz yeah you know then its a pheonix and not a dove or a crap or something like that i would call "Pheonix" is even more funnier

JK the name of yours suck Mister Discussion Maker please get humor and with humor get a good name

1. This post is two years old so I don't know how you were able to find this workshop item unless you were bored and looking to troll, or your just♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥off for some reason and you are looking to exert your anger on random stuff. I could go on with my assumptions, but one of them is probably right.

2. It's your opinion that it's terrible, It's not soposed to be lmfao funny. It's just play on words that soposed to be at minimal, slightly amusing... So if you can't even see the significance of a tiny bit of humor, you must be♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥off for some reason or you are anti social.

3. you can't tell me that I am not funny, and If you can, then I declare you must be a little 12 year old with a voice box that is undistinguishable from a dog whistle, and get banned from every server for that. Plus, you are playing tf2 and your profile has 1 year of service on it. So I could also say that you are not even close to an experienced gamer that I am because I can remember when I first joined steam and the only game on my account was tf2. But I have much better things to be doing than playing simple games like tf2 and drowning myself in it's "lost at sea" economy. So learn from this, watch who you are talking to, and the best thing you can do after reading this is going on with your life and making better choices than trying to stick your thumb up people's butt holes for entertainment or stress relief... Good day to you

I'm going to unsubscribe from this post incase you are tempted to start clacking angrily at your keyboard again.
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