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Avenger Events
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Avenger Events

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Events should no longer proc while the Avenger or Skyranger is in flight.

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Ever want the quinessential Paradox event of Comet Sighted in your XCOM game?

Avenger Events are akin to the Events of Paradox Interactive's games (or the Events and Decisions mod for CiV if you played that), they are random decision points that can help you out, but can also hinder you at the same time. You should start getting events once per month to a month and a half after you get the first supply drop.

The mod itself comes with 18 events. Details on them can be seen through the pinned topics in the discussion tab. In-game, you can see the details of your choices by hovering over them with your mouse.

Events should spawn anywhere from 7 to 35 days after the first resistance recap, and will have randomized intervals from there.

Shouldn't conflict with any other mods, should work with an in-progress game.
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ALuX Apr 28 @ 4:51pm 
Me: I wonder what this mod does.
Also me as soon as I find out Van Doorn is in it: (Smashes the subscribe button faster than a rookie running from a chryssalid)
uchiha_sander Apr 25 @ 8:04am 
Is there a way to increase the frequency of the avenger events? I usually get one per month at most.
Peregrinus Apr 1 @ 6:30pm 
I just wanted to let you know this doesn't work with a controller.
ISky Mar 5 @ 8:35pm 
Scientists have crew levels. You can't see them ingame, apart from when they hit the threshold to actually affect something, which from what I've seen is arbitrarily high, so I'm unsure that that event actually does a whole lot.

I'd love to be wrong here.
Nictis Mar 5 @ 6:12pm 
@Phrozen Sounds like it's either one of your scientists is skilled enough to count as too after their experience, or one of your scientists just gave birth... Triplets (=
Phrozehn Mar 4 @ 9:47am 
Question: Just got the Captured Chrysalid event. One outcome was 50/50 chance of leveling a scientist and getting a corpse, or deleveling a scietist. What does that mean? I'm playing LW2 atm.
matejdalmatin99 Feb 28 @ 1:25am 
Just to say that i really love this mod. I always liked games that had " little gem stories" inside the basic game. Game feels more realistic with mods like this one. Add few more like this one!! Thank you!
Jamison Wolf Feb 27 @ 2:44pm 
When one event is happening, the summary is shown as text on the geoscape. Problem is, often enough Haven updates come at the same time, so my screen is flooded - or there is so much to read, that the text is already faded away and i have no clue what was the outcome. Any chance to display the summary in another form? Or is there a log where i can read it again?
[BOX] Trevish Feb 26 @ 6:49pm 
Not entirely certain but I'm pretty sure the events will injure soldiers who are currently infiltrating resulting in starting the mission below full hp but not redfogged...
ChromePlate Feb 21 @ 7:01pm 
the images look verry cool, but hopefully the negatives do not screw with us too much?