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Left 4 Dead 2

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Fatal Freight
Fatal Freight is a 5-chapter campaign created with a strong focus on delivering balanced gameplay on all difficulties and gametypes. Each level has undergone extreme testing and tweaking to put them on par with the official campaigns from Valve. Fatal Freight offers new and veteran players alike a dramatic and highly entertaining experience from start to finish while modelling the original and iconic coop gameplay that has made the Left 4 Dead series so successful.

After crashing their vehicle, the survivors find themselves holed up in a small tunnel at the edge of the forest. With supplies running low and the frigid winter looming on the horizon, there is little hope for survival. Suddenly, a strange voice comes through the radio. A man, claiming to have a means of escape is holed up at a freight train depot a few miles away. Seeing it as their best option, the survivors grab their remaining supplies and head out into the woods..


- 5 full-length chapters
- Balanced for all difficulties including Realism Expert
- Refreshing environments spanning from dense woods, a sugar factory, a cliff-side highway, & more!
- Support for all stock L4D2 gametypes (Campaign, Versus, Scavenge, Survival, and most Mutations)
- Levels designed specifically around a hectic competitive (Versus & Scavenge) experience
- Custom saferoom graffiti
- Custom soundtrack
- Custom voice acting


Special Thanks:

Chaos - Voice acting
Dr.Rhubarb - Custom graffiti
Panda - Planning, testing, and coordinating

Beta Testers:

Paradiddle Pete
The Browncoat


Don't rip any maps out of this campaign for the purpose of editing / re-releasing them without asking me first.


Hope you have as much fun playing the campaign as I did creating it!

- Zorbos
Items (3)
Fatal Freight - Part 1/3
Created by Tamari
PART 1 of 3


"They're on a one way trip.... to HELL!!

1.5 (C...
Fatal Freight - Part 2/3
Created by Tamari
PART 2 of 3


"They're on a one way trip.... to HELL!!

1.5 (C...
Fatal Freight - Part 3/3
Created by Tamari
PART 3 of 3


"They're on a one way trip.... to HELL!!

1.5 (Changelog...
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Ryan Mar 15 @ 11:09pm 
in addition to that, it looks like there's another on the workshop now.
I'm leaving it between you and Haus, I'm only the messenger.
I'm not trying to start any more drama, but I remember what happened before.
I hope you 3 can be reasonable and civilized human beings about it all.
Ryan Mar 10 @ 10:21am 
and on that note, you weren't happy with one of my friends "fixing" it...
so it looks like another one of mine tried again.
CJIaBa Mar 8 @ 11:37am 
Very Good!
ASSKiSS Mar 6 @ 2:29pm 
other than the string table error in the finale its all good, which sometimes you can complete and play through still or sometimes the finale crashes the server

if we can get a fix tho that would be nice cuz its kinda annoying to have to login to our server box and restart the game server if someone played this campaign and the finale didnt hold up

but if it doesnt get fixed its still worth playing 4 chapters even if the finale doesnt work lol or it is for me, which kinda reminds me of the Day Break campaign
yeah well done campaing, no significant fps drops in any area, and has a nice aesthetical value where everything feels natural, so its crafted to feel like the areas had purpose instead of random walls trees and stuff to go over that doesnt look like it belongs there if it was a real life setting
Amriod Jan 25 @ 6:53pm 
Awesome map! Had a lot of fun playing it with my friends!!! :steamhappy:
Bianca Dec 1, 2017 @ 6:04am 
First try. Completed in 1 hour 6 mins on easy. Very good, very well thought out and executed. One of my favourites from now on. 10/10
Garry Nov 25, 2017 @ 9:06pm 
Very well done campaign. Feels like a combination of Hard Rain and Blood Harvest, but it's still really nice to look at.
The Combat Medic Nov 20, 2017 @ 3:15pm 
finale never loads, sends me back tot he main menu