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Fatal Freight: Remastered (1/7)
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Jan 9, 2015 @ 1:26am
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Fatal Freight: Remastered (1/7)

In 1 collection by Tamari
Fatal Freight: Remastered
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PART 1 of 7

"They're on a one way trip.... to HELL!!

1.7 (Final) (Changelog)[www.dropbox.com]

Campaign, Versus, Scavenge, Survival, Mutation

5 (Campaign & Versus), 3 (Survival), 4 (Scavenge)

Bill, Zoey, Louis, Francis

TrueTalkerDS: Click here

This excellent addon by Xanaguy provides some variations in the campaign's dialogue, including new saferoom dialogue/conversations and additional responses from survivors based on events occurring in the world. For example, there is additional dialogue during the gauntlet crescendo in map 4, and an initial conversation in map 5 that changes depending on the Survivors' performance at the end of map 4.

It makes the campaign nicer to play! Give it a try!

Part 2/7: Click here
Part 3/7: Click here
Part 4/7: Click here
Part 5/7: Click here
Part 6/7: Click here
Part 7/7: Click here

Official Workshop Collection: Click here
Fatal Freight on GameMaps: Click here[www.gamemaps.com]

Fatal Freight: Remastered is a 5-chapter campaign created with a strong focus on delivering balanced gameplay on all difficulties and gametypes. Each level has undergone extreme testing and tweaking to put them on par with the official campaigns from Valve. Fatal Freight: Remastered offers new and veteran players alike a dramatic and highly entertaining experience from start to finish while modelling the original and iconic coop gameplay that has made the Left 4 Dead series so successful.

In this new edition of the campaign, drastic improvements have been made to the campaign on almost all fronts.
Visually, you can expect crisper visuals powered by AI-enhanced textures and revamped/improved lighting, shadowing, and color palettes designed to give the campaign its own unique feel.
Functionally, things have been even more polished, with plenty of improvements on bot navigation, collision optimization, and rebalancing.
There have been a plethora of bug fixes shipped with this update, including the ever-famous "stringtable" crash present on Dedicated Servers.

After crashing their vehicle, the survivors find themselves holed up in a small tunnel at the edge of the forest. With supplies running low and the frigid winter looming on the horizon, there is little hope for survival. Suddenly, a strange voice comes through the radio. A man, claiming to have a means of escape is holed up at a freight train depot a few miles away. Seeing it as their best option, the survivors grab their remaining supplies and head out into the woods..

- 5 full-length chapters
- Balanced for all difficulties including Realism Expert
- Refreshing environments spanning from dense woods, a sugar factory, a cliff-side highway, & more!
- Support for all stock L4D2 gametypes (Campaign, Versus, Scavenge, Survival, and most Mutations)
- Levels designed specifically around a hectic competitive (Versus & Scavenge) experience
- Custom saferoom graffiti
- Custom soundtrack
- Custom voice acting

Remastered Features
- Improved texture quality (through AI)
- Drastically improved lighting
- Plenty of bugfixes (including adding stringtables)
- Overall polish on the navigation mesh, core gameplay, and balancing

Special Thanks:
Chaos - Voice acting
Wabbit - Custom graffiti

Don't rip any maps out of this campaign for the purpose of editing / re-releasing them without asking me first.


Hope you have as much fun playing the campaign as I did creating it!

- Tamari
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chi chi chimo chimo Jul 31 @ 8:39pm 
Reichuu Jul 31 @ 8:06am 
this campaign is super casual and super easy, it's very possible todo this on expert solo and yeah the design was great and the events are very unique, average breathing rooms and the finale is really balance! overall 10/10 its for casual players.
NoobSoldier26 Apr 23 @ 4:23am 
Perfect campaign 10/10 This campaign plays and looks awesome, Great job. Also its more polished than cold stream ;)
Boogiemannadam Apr 16 @ 9:33pm 
I really liked this map. It kind of was a little short, and the finale wasn't hard per say. But I still enjoyed it and had fun.

Pluvillion Apr 15 @ 6:41pm 
This campaign is BEAUTIFUL. No areas are empty, no areas are too crowded either. It's exactly like how Valve would do it.

There's just one issue - why does the game (vanilla, mind you) keep crashing whenever we reach the safehouse and load the next map?
Beached Whale Jan 31 @ 6:09am 
This map goes hard! The atmosphere, difficulty, and level design are all spot on, I'd definitely play this again!! 9/10 :winter2019happybulb:
北城吹雪 Jan 12 @ 2:51am 
nice map:steamthumbsup:
PizzaMan Jan 5 @ 2:27am 
This map is good, the views and the shadow is just really good, but I think the amount of zombies are kinda low. I know this map is strong focus on delivering balanced gameplay, but still it's kinda too easy to play. I think you can increase the amount of zombies, just a little bit.
Overall, this is a great map. 9/10
GRIMM Jan 2 @ 1:16pm 
nice map 9/10
Shapeshifter Jan 2 @ 1:15pm 
Great map nothing more to say