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(how to) this make the workshop content playable offline
1. subscribe a mission
(for Example the "[SP] Infantry ,from Binkowski")

2. run the mission one times in Arma

3. now you can find the mission here (for example, standard windows 7 ): "documents/arma3/saved/steam "

4. the name of the mission-folder includes the name of the island (stratis or altis) memory this
(in this example foldername "infantry.altis" )

5. open the missionfolder and rename the "missions.pbo" ,
you have to add the name from the island,
in this example rename to "infantry.altis.pbo" .

6. now simply copy that missions.pbo to your Arma3 Missionsfolder, "steamapps/common/arma3/missions"

ready to play offline !

this works with the current arma-3 build .
i hope on better solutions in the future.
Date Posted: Sep 30, 2013 @ 4:43pm
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