Fallout New Vegas and Fallout 3 Workshop
Personally as a dedicated Fallout fan and a modder I believe we should have a dedicated workshop space.
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True umm let's contact bethesda about it
chemo 2013年4月3日 12時19分 
A Fallout: New Vegas workshop is possible, but I don't know about a Fallout 3 workshop.
i'd rather have a fallout 3 but new vegas would be nice too
I agree with Tomato_Salad. Fallout 3 would be really difficult to get but as Blayde points out at top volume New Vegas would be better than nothing. Much better than nothing to be totally honest.
This needs to happen
I love Fallout 3! New vegas is good but I reckon 3 is better and there are SO many great mods for both games a workshop for them would be brilliant!
Then how can we get it on the workshop then??
I would support this notion.
just get the dang newvegas 1 then
I agree that it should be new vegas but do we have to petition or something. I alread know about new vegas nexus
hurry up with it
I know but how??
cant we like message steam headquarters or what ever with a screen cap of this discussion??
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1-15 / 22 のコメントを表示
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