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NO mods work, I have G+K AND BNW
So I was thinking that since I have both expansions any mod would work, but NONE work! Not only that, there are no mods compatible with both expansions! Does anyone know how to fix this OR any mods compatible with both (that add civilizations)?
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DrakenX999 Dec 9, 2013 @ 6:53pm 
You have to see for what version the modmaker made the mod.

There is less changes beween GK and BNW than there was with GK and Vanilla so many mods will work between both versions. However, this is not always the case.

A mod made specifically for GK will always work with just GK active (it may also work with BNW, but you need to ask the modmaker)

A mod made specifically for BNW will always work with just BNW active or with BNW and GK active.

Tomatekh has some of the more popular civ mods and clearly labels which mods work with which version:

As for why they're not working, that's a different story and depends on what you mean by not working. Are they not appearing, are you not activating them, do they crash on startup, etc.
Thanks I was able to get the mods to work
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