MeioJo 3月12日 5時40分
Submission not showing anywhere
I did a search here for "not showing" and I read all 7 pages of results. Some people ahve there submissions intheir profile workshop sections and not in the public area I however don't have it showing anywhere even though it was accepted...

I submitted a DotA 2 loadscreen based on the artwork in my profile.
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MeioJo 3月12日 10時19分 
About 18 hours since I submited it.. is there some srt of vetting process or just lag?
k26_Nook 3月12日 12時32分 
MeioJo 3月12日 14時12分 
Im not sure what the '?' is for... I have nothing in my workshop inventory even though I submitted a dota load screen yesterday... (that was accepted.)
MeioJo 3月12日 16時22分 
I can see teh file in "SteamApps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\resource\flash3\images\workshop\" but it's not in my workshop files of my steam page. I have accepted the agreement already sothatis not the issue. Anyone?
MeioJo 3月12日 18時00分 
Over 24 hours and has not shown up in my workshop... No one has any clue why?
UpperZeRo 3月16日 0時15分 
and no one sems to care...
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