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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Pro Patria Portals
Collection by: TwentyFiveAlpha
My favorite homebrew Portal maps.
KK Chambers
Collection by: TheFlipper
A collection of thinking puzzles.
Theraputic Arts
Collection by: Aperture Laboratories
Hi there! This is collection of "art therapy" singleplayer maps built for your pleasure. The puzzles will increase in difficulty and complextity as each map is completed (hopefully!). Have fun, and don't forget to rate!
Collection by: Samyu L. Johnson
Collection by: jfarrell50
The Escape
Collection by: Arie2002
All my escape maps will be here!
the collection
Collection by: Mutablebird78
Yah a random picture i know what ever test are in here
Collection by: X4rd4s
Crazy Puzzels
Hammer Maps
Collection by: djbatcat
My own hammer maps.
da sexy portal series
Collection by: ItzPyroHere | エル・ローラ
this is the first eva collection by me so be nice
Warthog's Laser Chambers
Collection by: Warthog Algebra
Warthog's Laser Chamber is my third series of tests. These tests are single room chambers that use lasers and it's components such as reflector cubes and laser catchers. Other testing items not related to lasers will be used at little as possible if not...
Carbo's Portal 2 Collection
Collection by: JoeyCarbo
Top rated SP and Co-op maps.
Portal 2 Coop Maps
Collection by: Pipow
Collection by: lanmei1575157215
Eclipse Laboratories
Collection by: Zerilos
Heres my very first collection of Eclipse Laboratories. I don't even know when im gonna stop making Test Chambers for Eclipse Laboratories. Anyways, you all know the test chambers will be more hard, and more hard to make for me too. Lol.
Xenik's Lab
Collection by: Xenik
The maps I make
derpy's collection of stuff
Collection by: BrianD
i dont know how to but ima brony if need to know and i just felt like making a collection sooooo ya
The Sphere Cannon
Collection by: Turret Cube
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