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The Insurgency Workshop allows you to extend your game with custom content such as custom maps, weapon skins and more.
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My Collection
Collection by strykєr
My own personal collection made up of all the mods I'm currently subscribed to. It's mostly made up of 4 categories: Tacticool weapons/attachments, immersive skins or camouflage, custom background music, and anime. Feel free to check it out! Just remembe...
AlfaDog Coop Map Pack
Collection by Mox
The collection of custom Insurgency coop maps used on the Alfa Dog server
Collection by Cheeki Breeki
allahu akbar
Security skins
Collection by INCREDIBREAD
Just the Security skins on the Workshop all in one place
Morde's Personal Insurgency Collection
Collection by |2163TFL| Pvt-Morde
Hunter's Weapon Skin Pack
Collection by Mr. Snyder
Kryptek weapon skins for Insurgency made by Hunter|AZR|.
MrBrightside's Weapon Skins Pack
Collection by Mr. Snyder
Weapon replacements for use in Insurgency made by MrBrightside.
Sakura Sayaka's Weapon Skins Pack
Collection by Mr. Snyder
A selection of weapon replacements and scope mounts for Insurgency made by Sakura Sayaka.
Omnicron's Weapon Skin Pack
Collection by Mr. Snyder
A collection of Tact-Ops weapon skins to use in Insurgency made by Omnicron.
CrazyRus29's Weapon Skins Pack
Collection by Mr. Snyder
These are sleek, black plastic weapons to use in Insurgency made by CrazyRus29.
UN Brazilian Army Fiction Collection - Middle East Conflict
Collection by Porpeta Voraz *COTA*
In this collection you will find realistic skins, soundpacks and models at the most realistic level compared to military gear actually used by Brazilian military forces. I hope you like this collection!
Collection by CIV \TG/
Specops collection
Collection by Drae Rasco©
All Spec ops weapons
All of my works!
Collection by xxtgzxx
This collection contains all my works so if you want you can look through here, use the subcribe all button, or to something that'll satisfy you (。⌒∇⌒)。 Link to background picture:
THE DUrka Deathmatch
Collection by Dubstep_sloth
for my mates
Collection by Dubstep_sloth
Collection by XxXBuRnTsW4Gfl4kEsXxX
Black n white where it's at.
Skeat's Reccomended Mods.
Collection by Skeat
A Collection of my favorite and reccomended mods. Make sure to open console and type in "snd_restart" without quotations on every launch. This will fix guns having no sound.
Realism Collection
Collection by smgunsftw
This collection of Insurgency items seeks to maintain the realistic atmosphere of vanilla Insurgency and replaces some of the existing assets with new weapon camos, weapon replacements, character skin replacements, and attachment skins. All of these skins...
Kwpto's Über Guns
Collection by KryptoGaming
All of kwpto's guns :D
Alternate Weapons
Collection by Osamas_fate_SEALed
Weapon conversions, alternate looks, etc.
The Ultimate Non-Immersive Silly Stupid Pack
Collection by Breadcrumbs
The best collection ever. And yes, the whole thing is meant to be downloaded at once. If you dare.
Rokit's sight mods
Collection by ROKITF1NGR
Replaces the reticules of the holographic and kobra sights to various color dots. I want to add more colors/and or shapes and am open to requests.
The Cyberpunk Collection
Collection by BOBdotEXE
The perfect weapons for the distopian battlefield. A nice circut texture, with hard wood grips, and neon accents for good mesure!
Co-op Improvement Mod Collection
Collection by Miquinèe™
My own personal collection, feel free to browse :D Aim to improve Co-op game play in all possibilities. Mostly clean neat looking weapon mods, more realistic weapon sounds. Cleaner looking sights, less obstructive, cleaner UI. My kind of style. ...
Kawaii and Lewd Anime Replacers for Weapons and Voice
Collection by 塀悠 Kimokawa
This Collection will contain all of the lewd anime weapon handling and firing sounds that I am subscribed to, as well as voice packs that modify callouts within the game into japanese voices from anime or games. This is a personal list, but I am sharing i...
Hunter's Insurgency collection
Collection by Hunter|AZR|
My personal weapon skins/mod collection for insurgency
Camari's Uniform Retextures
Collection by Camari
Any and all re-textures I did for the character models. Uses textures from MOH: Warfighter, the Facepunch Forms, and all around the internet. I take no credit for any of the camouflage designs, all rights to their respective owners.
Insurgency : Modern Infantry Combat Map
Collection by [FfF]G4RY BoURB!3R
This is a collection of a map ported from Insurgency : Modern Infantry Combat . I work on porting all the map from the mod with PVP and Coop gametype . All the map are in beta and need some works to be perfect and bug free . If you like my works , pl...
Br3eZeR's Asiimov Collection
Collection by Br3EZeR
This collection contains all the available Asiimov reskins i have done for Insurgency's arsenal.
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