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The Insurgency Workshop allows you to extend your game with custom content such as custom maps, weapon skins and more.
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Custom Maps
Collection by: Sir CIV le Dingus
AlfaDog Coop Map Pack
Collection by: Mox
The collection of custom Insurgency coop maps used on the Alfa Dog server
mYm Insurgency Map
Collection by: mYm | Koma
Jac's Custom Reticles!
Collection by: Jacster4
My Collection of Sights Modified with Smiley Faces :).
All of my works!
Collection by: xxtgzxx
This collection contains all my works so if you want you can look through here, use the subcribe all button, or to something that'll satisfy you (。⌒∇⌒)。 Link to background picture:
Tactical Insurgency
Collection by: canned bread boys
Decent Load
Collection by: aworldofsound
This is the stuff I use to make Insurgency look less shitty
Kawaii Warfare
Collection by: Acid.Panda()
Insurgency Collection
Collection by: crispy waves
Canada Collection
Collection by: Argyll
Essential for Canadians.
Clone26's RWBY Collection
Collection by: Clone26
This is a collection of all the RWBY themed reskins I have done for Insurgency. Including skins that look like weapons used by main characters, and skins based on incidental weapons that appear throughout the series.
Tact-Ops US Special Forces Player Skins
Collection by: «¬Omnicron¬«
For the Full mod Click here >>>>>
Kawaii and Lewd Anime Replacers for Weapons and Voice
Collection by: 塀悠 Kimokawa
This Collection will contain all of the lewd anime weapon handling and firing sounds that I am subscribed to, as well as voice packs that modify callouts within the game into japanese voices from anime or games. This is a personal list, but I am sharing i...
Collection by: Joseph Joestar
This collection is SPECIFICALLY for LEWD mods, if you want the other weeb mods there are other collections. make sure and upvote/favorite the ones you subscribe to so the authors get encouraged and we make [most popular mods]. i'll keep this collection up...
Alternate Weapons
Collection by: Osamas_fate_SEALed
Weapon conversions, alternate looks, etc.
Need gloves?
Collection by: BurntCornFlakes
For all your hand covering needs.
Insurgency: Total Overhaul Package v1.4
Collection by: Fluff3y
Thank you for checking out my collection! I collected the best mods availible so far to make a complete overhaul to the game, where its necessary. _______________________________________________________ The package constits of: -New weapon models a...
Insurgency : Modern Infantry Combat Map
Collection by: [FfF]G4RY BoURB!3R
This is a collection of a map ported from Insurgency : Modern Infantry Combat . I work on porting all the map from the mod with PVP and Coop gametype . All the map are in beta and need some works to be perfect and bug free . If you like my works , pl...
Br3eZeR's Asiimov Collection
Collection by: Br3EZeR
This collection contains all the available Asiimov reskins i have done for Insurgency's arsenal.
Hunter's Insurgency collection
Collection by: Hunter|AZR|
My personal weapon skins/mod collection for insurgency
Tact-Ops Alternative Weapon Skins
Collection by: «¬Omnicron¬«
A collection of weapon skins that can be used with or without the use of the Tact-Ops Conversion mod for Insurgency. For the Full Mod >>>>
Elliot's Insurgency 2 weapons collection
Collection by: T/5. Elliot [22nd AB EU]
A lot of different weapons skins and not only for Insurgency 2..
Plastic parts for Insurgent guns
Collection by: CrazyRus29
Name tells all. For now (3.02.2015), this collection include: - Plastic AKMS, RPK, SKS-D, AK-74N, AKS-74U, TOZ-194 - Modern PM - M9 flashlight for PM and M45 MEUSOC - Railed foregrips for AKMS, AK-74N, AKS-74U - "B-39 "Neoclassika"" - Reskin of AK si...
impulse | Realism Compilation
Collection by: impulse |
++++++++++ Updated: 16 SEPTEMBER 2014 ++++++++++ Collection of skins and mods to enhance Insurgency **These work for CO-OP and PVP, as long as the server is running sv_pure 0-1 -------------------------------------------------------------------------...
The Kawaii Pack
Collection by: ゚ 。゚.゚。☆ мαρℓε sүяυρ ☆ 。゚.゚。゚
Feeling down or bored? Senpai not noticing you? Well you'd come to the right mod. This mod will cheer you up in seconds with how kawaii these armours are! Fight in style with these super kawaii anime eyes and maybe senpai will notice you today! ;) Also, j...
Precision Sights
Collection by: Digiit
Original/classic Insurgency look; enhanced iron sights for practicality.
Realistic Markings
Collection by: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) جيس هو مسلم التوح
A collection featuring weapon skins with realistic manufacturing marks. Current Finished 1st Person Weapons: M590A1 [1 skin] M16A4 [2 skin] WIP 1st Person Weapons: M40A1 [1 skin]
Canadian Collection
Collection by: T. Bishop-Charvet
Collection of Canadian skins for Insurgency.
Coop Map Collection
Collection by: Lerk!t
Collection of the best coop maps for easy integration into your server and/or preload as client. Missing an awesome map? Feel free to contact me: Have fun!
The Cyberpunk Collection
Collection by: BOBdotEXE
The perfect weapons for the distopian battlefield. A nice circut texture, with hard wood grips, and neon accents for good mesure!
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