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The Insurgency Workshop allows you to extend your game with custom content such as custom maps, weapon skins and more.
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Comrade Kellys Insurgency Realism Overhaul!
Collection by: Comrade Kelly
A collection of weapons and skins intended to give a more true to life representation of what is used in combat.
Spall Bros collection
Collection by: SB_Teni
Here is James work complied into one place so yall can get kitted
Alternate Weapons
Collection by: Osamas_fate_SEALed
Weapon conversions, alternate looks, etc.
Insurgency Redux - Improved Optics, Characters & Weapon Design
Collection by: SplitscreenSTE
Chosen Mod's that work together with new sights/optics, better more tactical looking weapons and updated character skins. Generally improves the look and feel of the game.
Minor Improvements Pack
Collection by: Brandi Mistress
Just a pack of things that don't change the authenticity of the gameplay or theme of Insurgency, but does help improve your performance at the gameplay level. This includes weapons that have illuminated sights in a realistic fashion, improvements to th...
potts' insurgency realism addons
Collection by: Potts
bunch of realistic addons to add to insurgency to make it look and feel a little better
Collection by: MEMO
Total restyling through mods I am using. For firends and new players.
"most immersive insurgency mods evar /s"
Collection by: TheUncleCactus
dongx. Essentials
Collection by: dongx. dogecoins pls
Mystic's Insurgency Pack
Collection by: [ᵽฝ] MysticShadow
Cl4w's collection
Collection by: Cl4wF4c3
a very anome insurgency
Collection by: shandy
a haphazardly assembled collection of anime mods curated by the coolanimedad hisself
Collection by: NIPAET✩
cool shit
Tactical Sights
Collection by: |DIF| Jeroeny
Tactical sights for different distances. Improve your aiming with these nice and precise aimpoints! More sights soon...
Insurgency stuff
Collection by: RetroRain
THings i use in insurgency
Electro's Immersive/Realism Insurgency Modpack
Collection by: +noetics
Collection by: Joseph Joestar
This collection is SPECIFICALLY for LEWD mods, if you want the other weeb mods there are other collections. make sure and upvote/favorite the ones you subscribe to so the authors get encouraged and we make [most popular mods]. i'll keep this collection up...
The 007 Goldeneye Collection
Collection by: Breadcrumbs
A collection of all my 007 Goldeneye themed sound mods for Insurgency. Shaken, not stirred- of course. I also recommend grabbing the Invisible Hands Mod for a more "authentic" Goldeneye 64 feel:
Cory in the Insurgents
Collection by: Lonk
I'm talking 'bout all-out party and we're getting it started. Mr. President, do you mind some eletric guitar? Washington D.C wil be never the same. cuz we've got Cory, Cory, Cory in the House.
Insurgency Old Timers
Collection by: SHOUBISHOCK
Set of addons approved by Insurgency 2 United community founder! Some screenshots of following workshop items: (Holo Sight) http://ste...
Phil's Black Cherry
Collection by: Phil
A collection of all my Black Cherry weapon skins.
Precision Sights
Collection by: Whytnii
Original/classic Insurgency look; enhanced iron sights for practicality.
Prevent's Recommended Insurgency Mods
Collection by: ┐AkH└ prevent ☪
I find these mods help make Insurgency more immersive and otherwise improve the look & feel of the game, while not giving anyone an unfair avantage (like sight reticles). With this collection, it feels like you're playing Insurgency a few versions ahead....
Collection by: Red_B
The Cyberpunk Collection
Collection by: BOBdotEXE
The perfect weapons for the distopian battlefield. A nice circut texture, with hard wood grips, and neon accents for good mesure!
Collection by: Sir_Mant175
A Collection that Improves Insurgency gameplay and Changes Insurgency guns, and Textures to make them look better. Most of these weapon skins in this collection are designed to give Insurgency a more tactical approach.
The Kawaii Pack
Collection by: A Little Girl Eating Ice Cream
Feeling down or bored? Senpai not noticing you? Well you'd come to the right mod. This mod will cheer you up in seconds with how kawaii these armours are! Fight in style with these super kawaii anime eyes and maybe senpai will notice you today! ;) Also, j...
impulse | Realism Compilation
Collection by: impulse |
++++++++++ Updated: 16 SEPTEMBER 2014 ++++++++++ Collection of skins and mods to enhance Insurgency **These work for CO-OP and PVP, as long as the server is running sv_pure 0-1 -------------------------------------------------------------------------...
Plastic parts for Insurgent guns
Collection by: CrazyRus29
Name tells all. For now, this collection include: - Old versions of plastic AKS-74U, RPK and AKMS - Reworked versions of AKS-74U, RPK and AKMS - Plastic versions of PM and AK-74N - Railed Grips for AKS-74 and AKMS
Elliot's Insurgency 2 weapons collection
Collection by: T/5. Elliot [22nd AB EU]
A lot of different weapons skins and not only for Insurgency 2..
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