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Modify your Crusader Kings II experience by checking out the many mods created and shared by the community, including tweaks to almost any aspect of the game.
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Supeerme Song Mods
Collection by: Supeerme
This Collection lets you download all the Song Mods that has been uploaded by Supeerme. Some of these Song Mods are broken into parts. Thats due to the 50mb limit that Steam Workshop has put in place.
Charlemagne Must Haves
Collection by: Jasperovic
Must have Mods to play Charlemagne well.
My Fav Vs Mods
Collection by: Xaber
Awsome Here is the manual link
[VS] Enhancing your experience
Collection by: Dorimi
Manual links -
[MODS] Dynamic Duchies & Another New Dawn
Collection by: Nivve
The Dynamic Duchies & Another New Dawn packages. Dynamic Duchies is a shattered-world mod where all provinces start independent and can form the basis of a duchy/kingdom/empire. Another New Dawn is build on the basis of Dynamic Duchies, however...
Founder of The Republic - All Versions
Collection by: yclept
Mods that allow you as a feudal ruler to switch your character's realm over to being a Republic, whilst you continue to play as it's new Prince-Mayor. Choose from three different versions.
Game Of Thrones
Collection by: Sol.Husky|6th|1stINF|II|
Game of Thrones Related
Crusader Kings Rome
Collection by: -[BE]-[BlackMouse]-
Historical Accuracy
Collection by: ♔Shams Tabrizi♔
Mods That Attempt to increase historical accuracy.
Mordac's CK2 Fresh Start Collection
Collection by: evilmordac
Want to raise up your own kingdom from the ground up? Want to rule as whomever you want to be? Then this mod collection is for you! It is a collection of the finest mods out there all aimed at letting you play the game as you would like it. No longer ...
ck2 small fun bonuses
Collection by: tojo316
Just little mods that add without a massive ingame overhaul
Dave's Mod Collection
Collection by: ImOnlin3
*Requires "Old Gods" This collection gives you more choice and a more equal chance against the AI. There are more options for the player and all players/AI starts with just one county. Mods: Shattered World - Everyone starts with just one county ...
Collection by: king dude
Jamie249 made mods + mods i loved having to play with
Collection by: jamiea249
mods that i have maded for anyone who want more options
Collection by: Eminence
Ck2 shattered world
Collection by: Tzar Kotyonok
ck2 shattered world
CKII Modset of Mods
Collection by: Wolvin
can i have it?
Historically Accurate (for CKII)
Collection by: Alien8
This collection includes a variety of mods for Crusader Kings II improving the historical accuracy of the game and the overall gameplay.
first 5 mods
Collection by: pope
first 5 mods on steam i think XD ………………….._,,-~’’’¯¯¯’’~-,, ………………..,-‘’ ; ; ;_,,---,,_ ; ;’’-,…………………………….._,,,---,,_ ……………….,’ ; ; ;,-‘ , , , , , ‘-, ; ;’-,,...
ck2 ness
Collection by: welshbastard
The Demon Files (Crusader Kings II)
Collection by: Neon Demons
Crusader Kings Oyun Modları
Collection by: [WCKGame]KastorFirebreath
Dylan and Ari's Funtime Mods for Multiplayer
Collection by: George Costanza
Collec Noël
Collection by: noelyokozuna
CK 2
Collection by: Walter White
Modyfikacje i obrazy do CK II
CK2 Mods
Collection by: Wolfbite26
Crusader Kings 2
Collection by: SUICIDE-MAN
CK2 for friends
Collection by: Ronakk
Crusader Kings 2 Mods of Interest
Collection by: Judge Dredd
Just a collection of CKII mods I want to keep track of
Collection by: msceve
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