Portal 2

Portal 2

12 Angry Tests: Part 1
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Lloople Nov 27 @ 1:34pm 
Amazing work CaretCaret, I enjoyed a lot! thanks for the space reference :)
lolek15 Nov 25 @ 11:48am 
why dose it say that it is angry
Angela Nov 24 @ 9:41am 
Nice intro.
jayce746 Nov 17 @ 4:57am 
i like
Du4l Nov 14 @ 7:56am 
ITechnicalCat Nov 12 @ 3:12pm 
Stegoswordus-[TFA]- Nov 3 @ 6:59pm 
pretty cool introduction
NikitaTheSlayer Oct 13 @ 12:19am 
DWWDS Sep 25 @ 5:03am 
I feel puzzle when I see the beach,then I knew it's just a board.,which made me amaze.
So I will play the other part of the series.
losingsunday Sep 24 @ 9:07pm 
Good Job!
BLACKHAMMER_71 Sep 24 @ 9:28am 
CaretCaret  [author] Sep 16 @ 2:27pm 
Its made with portals, just not normal portals. :)
RecalledDread Sep 16 @ 2:22pm 
kakaadam, there are 7 parts to the series, you need all 7 to play all the levels. Gotta say, definitely worth downloading them, I love community made levels that feel like the original games.

I'm guessing the beach thing at the start is a 1-way texture?
[HvG] SHITLER Sep 3 @ 3:08am 
this shit is loading forever what the fuck man
kakaadam Sep 2 @ 5:22pm 
Just played this, but after the completing the very first map where you pick up the portal gun, it shows me the screen to vote and that's it. I'm sure there must be more than 1 map in this! Does anyone else have the same problem?
Breadstick Sep 1 @ 10:33am 
Absolutely fantastic work!
AffeMitWaffe Aug 31 @ 5:05pm 
Wanderer Aug 28 @ 3:51pm 
Ive played other sieries parts, too! LOVE IT!!!!
Zuntak Aug 28 @ 3:48pm 
The story sounds really fun, so far I am enjoying these maps :)
awesomeguy329 Aug 22 @ 8:27am 
Menoa Jul 17 @ 10:45am 
Hello! I and my friend got a problem :/ At first mission, after we complete the ball things and we went to another section of that lvl at that moment the game drops :( It happens always at the same place and I don't know how to fix it. Someone help please ^^;
Marcogon[ESP] Jul 9 @ 11:28am 
GamerArtist2006 Jul 4 @ 2:21pm 
I have no idea how you do that beach thing! Incredible!
ClockworkPaladin Jun 26 @ 8:51am 
To be honest, this community chamber has as much replay value as the main games themselves, and that's saying a lot. Good job!!
Kirr12 Jun 25 @ 10:10am 
Ow, this tests is incredible!
megadestroyer88 Jun 23 @ 12:20pm 
are you goning to make more
the real mccoy Jun 21 @ 1:34pm 
i believe its in the source sdk, just look up where to get it
ray gun30 Jun 15 @ 12:26pm 
dude how do you get this hammer editor and stuff?
buratinat0r Jun 14 @ 11:31am 
There is no way to get to other maps past the intro where turret gets sucked away... Is there a fix to this problem?
Doublefrick Jun 14 @ 4:25am 
Part 1-7, loved it. Might be a few years old but great fun.
Jason Jun 9 @ 2:49pm 
Mikeastro May 30 @ 8:17am 
That was incredible
Mikeastro May 30 @ 6:51am 
Hold on I think I indeed might be so stupid
Mikeastro May 30 @ 6:48am 
Am I now so stupid or does it just end 10 seconds after the turret gets sucked away?
Make_it_so May 16 @ 11:59am 
Really good work. The difficulty of the puzzles are not to hard and not to easy. The humor... :D
The boss is really funny and nice too play
otahitie May 6 @ 12:10am 
Very good introduction to your nice productions !
I like your humour with the paradise island versus the dirty reality.
What a disapointement !
Thanks !
skysmi.park May 5 @ 7:42am 
Doge In Black Apr 18 @ 3:54am 
12 Angre test: Part 1
10/10 would slide again.
Leadbeater Mar 25 @ 8:29am 
DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND PLAY IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rolltide195 Mar 21 @ 7:27am 
looks cool

Messias Mar 14 @ 7:02pm 
Very good. I think the boss is almost better than the original one.
Jon Jet-Coaster Mar 9 @ 10:50am 
I really enjoyed this series! The start was so funny - very typical of an Aperture Testing Facility! The puzzles were adequately difficult - not too easy but not too hard either. I liked the level which split in half just as you think you're getting to the end of it. The ending was genius along with the 'Lift Scene' :)

Thank you very much for sharing it with us! :D
i-man Mar 2 @ 8:59am 
Very cool.
vasja.south Mar 1 @ 7:22am 
it's OK
Aunwee Of the Niaad Feb 22 @ 7:43pm 
Part 1: Got stuck in the alcove the had the defective turret. I jumped on the turret's landing, expecting to get sucked up, and instead could not jumpt back into the puzzle. I fell into the water and could not get out. Had to restart the level. Other than that, easy first level.
Roland Feb 22 @ 4:14am 
Wow...just wow! Thank you very much!
Red X Feb 17 @ 2:05pm 
I think it's good. . .

k1ca Feb 16 @ 2:48pm 
Great pack, at least as much fun as the original single player campaign. Thank You!
=EGC= _Nite_ Feb 16 @ 1:06am 
Amazing Map Pack! just completed all 12 of them and they were great, loved the battle at the end