Long War Alien Pack
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necro55 Jul 15 @ 5:11pm 
Hello guys, this is a mod I have loved for a while, with the enw xpac coming, are there plans to keep it functional and updated for WftC?
mutant Jul 12 @ 4:49pm 
at first you get them one by one, then you hack one, and you go disrupt the others with your hacked drone.
Or you can always savescum the living sh!t out of them until your shots connect.
@Quantumdogma: I know, but that seemed to be one of his main-complaint-part to me. So I just felt like mentioning that. But..."deal with it" until you can use an ability shows that they show up too early, really. Well, I know that I don't like LW since it seems to be tuned towards having to loose units to poor design(might be wrong, or just my subjective view), so I'm a bit biased always.
Quantumdogma Jul 11 @ 2:20pm 
@Yamino Takamaru
He just going to have to deal with it until he can use hack or a shock drone otherwise not much else you can do to get rid of them besides hitting your shots. Also i never said about getting rid of them first mission i just said that he could use these options to get rid of the annoying little drones.
@Quantumdogma: Show me how you do that in the very first mission. XD (in general, since he says they show up there)
Quantumdogma Jul 11 @ 1:40pm 
Use a shock drone or hack to get rid of it.
PrimePhaton Jul 11 @ 1:17pm 
I do like the mod, but think the drones need a tone down. thats my big stink. sorry.
PrimePhaton Jul 11 @ 1:16pm 
cant, flying above the radious, and if i blow them up i blow up alied cover while atempting to shread the armor off 5 of them
Dragon32 Jul 11 @ 11:50am 
PrimePhaton Jul 11 @ 11:26am 
i should say that the drone is complete bullshit, being that it has 2 armor, unhindered movement, flight, stunns your troops for 4 turns, disorients them, does plasma damage, and blocks movement. did i mention theirs one in every single squad. when i can only move 2 out of 8 soldiers a turn because of these things, the game isnt fun or chalanging, just broken. sorry. also did i mention these units come out mission one too
sin099 Jun 26 @ 7:50am 
Just a minor note from a dope: Might want to add the DO NOT LOAD with LW2 part at start (some might skip it like me). Also other mods notify of conflit at start of new game (perks etc.) but this one is not in the list when starting NG for some reason so that might help someone in the future.
H E K A T [ART] Jun 19 @ 12:36pm 
lol I forgot I had this installed and a rocketeer came out of the fog of war and killed my 2 highest ranked snipers in one shot O_o. RIP Liara, RIP Garrus
=[NK]= Col. Jack O'Neil Jun 18 @ 6:35am 
You can easily comment out the new classes in the ini files and keep the old
Pope Jun 18 @ 4:15am 
@semper fitz=VX9= this is the perk pack: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=719109968 unfortunately they added other classes on top of those in the LW2 mod itself which aren't available elsewhere, same with the coilguns.
Dr. Rob Jun 17 @ 4:53am 
do i have to start new campaign?
and does the campaign get harder with this?
acolem23 Jun 16 @ 5:34am 
I guess you forgot to mention to install this AFTER you get plasma weapons.... The difficulty is just ridiculous....
Dragon32 Jun 10 @ 6:14am 
@jinx weaverHD:
Yes, and you shouldn't run it with LW 2.
jinx weaverHD Jun 9 @ 5:52pm 
do this mod work without long war?
Dragon32 Jun 4 @ 4:14pm 
@semper fitz=VX9=:
LW Perk Pack. No Technical though. And not exactly the same perks as the classes in LW 2.
semper fitz=VX9= Jun 4 @ 4:12pm 
OOPS. I thought I was on the LW2 Page. Well, at least I can get the aliens here. Now I just need a standalone for the classes, please. TY
semper fitz=VX9= Jun 4 @ 4:09pm 
I've been playing this for weeks. It's a great mod, but the difficulty is insane, no matter what "difficulty" you play. I wish there was more explanation of the missions. The infiltration system is neat, but it doesn't give me enough information to go on, and, no, I am not going to run a calculator app. I just quit an "extremely light" mission in which the enemy was "vulnerable". Neither of those were the case. Every other turn three more losers dropped in. Don't try explaining to me how to overcome this. I'm not interested. Here's what I really want. I want the unique classes, aliens and AWC. Everything else is outside of my wheel house. Don't get me wrong, PI made a great mod, but it's not my play style. The more I conform, the less I want to play. I'd be willing to buy/donate a reasonable amount to get a LW2 Light, with the aliens, sxcom classes and AWC.
Caelus May 21 @ 3:47am 
being stunned for 4 to 6 turns is a bit much..... 1 turn is ballanced, anything more than that is ridiculous. alot happens in 1 turn.... i dont understand a person who plays so slowly that they think 4 to 6 turn stun is ok and acceptable.... you must play very slow and badly if you have moments of doing nothing for 6 turns... no wonder you guys complained about the timers all the time if you play in a way in which you see no action and nothing happens for 6 turns.... sorry but for me a entire game ending firefight can happen and end in 2 turns lol ..... 6 turn stun is a 1 hit kill in that circumstance.

by the way your how to doesnt work, i cant remove certain aliens despite having changed thousands of lines of code and using a search function to hunt through the very long text brick and changing everything that needs be changed. cant disable them
ACCOLADES- May 9 @ 8:24am 
It would've been better to have these new aliens come out later in the game. Honestly, they seem too OP.
carewolf May 7 @ 9:14am 
Fuck the ardent drone. The rest a cool and give variaty, but 2 armor high dodge in the very first mission against rookies? And not just one or two as a boss, but everywhere as footmen?

Please delay them a couple of mission.
Dragon32 May 4 @ 9:41am 
Read "AlienPack DIY Modding HowTo" for how to disable a particular baddie.
frizzeldian12 May 3 @ 6:29pm 
Can you please take out the drones? I hate their death animation and the rediculous stun
Dragon32 Apr 10 @ 11:25am 
It's still available on Nexus, v1.0. If that's any help.
@Vanzgars: Because this mod WAS that and then was changed without previous announcement...biggest dickmove possible.
Vanzgars Apr 10 @ 7:41am 
Why is the Muton Centurion only version's not available on the Workshop ?
XxDefuntoxX Mar 28 @ 8:57am 
ADVENT drone are very op at the beginning of the campaign, especially on the legendary difficulty.
Xpyder Feb 18 @ 10:29am 
Actually the thin men were genetically modified versions of the viper, not an evolutionary precursor. They came after and were an intentionally modified subbranch designed specifically for purpose
The Kittenmonger Feb 8 @ 12:38pm 
@Zachula5 The vipers are supposed to be the evolution of the thin men though, so that doesn't really make sense.
Zachula5 Feb 1 @ 7:32am 
have you thought about adding aliens from the first one, like the thin man?
THEAETIK Jan 31 @ 7:21pm 
@AlienPack DIY: Perfect, I wanted to get this variety pack but the ADVENT Drones ruined it. They really could get out of this pack and LW2, but that's just my opinion I guess. Time to do it locally!
@MikeHB: Just look at the "AlienPack DIY Modding HowTo"(sounds like something's redundant there :x)-thread in the discussions-tab. PI(or still LWS at that time) wrote an instruction on your questions themselves.
MikeHB Jan 29 @ 6:46pm 
Is there any way to select which aliens are included from the mod? I was directed here from the Muton Centurion mod and was excited to discover the extra Muton, Sectoid Commander and ADVENT Drone, but am not too fussed about the rest.

If you can't select which are included, how's best to edit certain aliens out without causing bugs?
PizzaSHARK! Jan 24 @ 11:16am 
All of the Long War mods by PI are incorporated into LW2; if you're using LW2, you should not be using any of the standalone LW mods.
Dragon32 Jan 24 @ 4:14am 
It's incorporated into LW 2
Caliell Jan 24 @ 3:38am 
If you have LW2, do you have to have this mod activated or is this incorporated into LW2?
PizzaSHARK! Jan 19 @ 5:59pm 
Really? LW aliens, like most LW mods, are presumably balanced around larger squad sizes and the LW perk pack. If you're using different classes or smaller squads, they probably need tweaking. I found Drones to be overpowered with the 20 Defense on top of 2 armor when I was running squad size 6 with Shadow Ops' more defense-focused classes, but they're pretty much okay with squad size 8 and default LWPP classes.

I'm assuming the config files for aliens in LW2 will be the same. Nerf them if you feel like they're too strong. I'll wait to see what they do to SPARKs, but I might have to nerf Gunner damage if SPARKs don't get a lot of help - mk2 Gunners could kill my newbie SPARKs in a single attack and had the high Aim necessary to reliably hit them.
shadow79 Jan 18 @ 3:44pm 
Just not with... I meant
shadow79 Jan 18 @ 1:54pm 
I hope there will be options to still turn off each mod we don't want to play with once the Long War 2 mod is added. I still think the Alien pack is very unbalanced and want to play the long war 2 mod, just long with the long war aliens. If that makes sense?
PizzaSHARK! Jan 16 @ 7:28pm 
You can just look at the config files if you're curious Zevvion, but the descriptions above are already pretty accurate. Sentries get abilities like Ready for Anything and Covering Fire to make them more effective at overwatching. Gunners can use Suppression and use a much stronger cannon. Grenadiers can launch flashbangs, Rocketeers can fire off rockets. MEC Archers tend to run away and use their grenade launcher from long range, Naja tend to stick to cover and snipe at people, Sidewinders tend to use their mobility to run forward to flank or grab.

If you've already played with the aliens, there shouldn't be anything you don't already know. If you're curious, just look at the config files.
Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus Jan 16 @ 2:14pm 
Silly question, because I cannot seem to find it if it exists: Is there a long war "game mode" for Xcom 2?
Zevvion Jan 16 @ 2:02pm 
So... can we get like an actual description on the enemies it adds and what they can do? I appreciate you being intentionally vague so I can discover myself, but after many campaigns I still have no idea what some enemy types can actually do.
Derp King 1991 -_- Jan 15 @ 10:47am 
Idk why but every time i start a new game i get half way or semi through the first few my game crashes like crazy. Some mods work, some dont. Like I want more enemies to fight against along with the dlc/weapons/ rulers but i never have any luck with any of the mods working together or with out the game crashing. Also I love to play with LW mods they're amazing but I wanna know what im doing wrong and what double enemies i should use to make sure the dlc work.
Vortex ♀ Pixalation Jan 14 @ 2:47pm 
It works with the Dlcs
st030 Jan 14 @ 9:07am 
Is it working or not with DLC's ?
Dragon32 Jan 11 @ 10:27am 
@Derp King ._.
Worked fine for me last campaign with all of the Firaxis DLC (and about 280 other mods).
Derp King 1991 -_- Jan 11 @ 6:54am 
Too bad this doesnt work with the alien ruller dlc or the other one, id like to play an updated on of this before long war 2 comes out.