Arma 3
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BadWolf May 25 @ 2:06pm 
If i set up a custom server for me and my friend will this mod auto spawn loot?
GamerHQ May 22 @ 3:40pm 
Can you make your own private epoch server?
PilotScottGold May 15 @ 1:53pm 
Yes the female ghillies were what I was talkin about, all I would need would be a mod with them just as uniforms and I could use a script to keep the wrong people from picking them up.
[VB]AWOL  [author] May 15 @ 9:41am 
Please note our discussion forum is here: also you can search for answers to your questions here:
[VB]AWOL  [author] May 15 @ 9:40am 
Female gullies? That may be possible but might want to rework how we do it as right now our implementation is not ideal as we require the side that the females are on to not be used otherwise females can wear male clothing from the same side. Best bet would be if BI added females so we didn't have to have these workarounds but I am open to suggestions on how to better handle this.
[VB]AWOL  [author] May 15 @ 9:40am 
Yes, rates of thirst and hunger are exaggerated and even more when fatigued.

Loot spawn: Vehicles do spawn damaged and with varying levels of fuel.

AI enemies: The sapper is coded to get behind you and blow up.

Glitches: Other than logging out in a vehicle you should remain exactly where you logged out. You can also choose to respawn in your base now.

That said these rates and anything you don't like can be changed as the game mode is open source and exists primarily in the mission file.
[VB]AWOL  [author] May 15 @ 9:40am 
@FluffiPuffi, you can hunt animals and fish also if you are unable to find food. Hold Space > examine a trash pile they generally have cans of food as well as stoves and refrigerators and coolers.

This game mode and supporting mod (@epoch) do get updated often it's just that I am doing most of this alone these days and cannot convey that to everyone. You can see our activity on the game mode here:
[VB]AWOL  [author] May 15 @ 9:40am 
@Pingu Master, make sure you have the mod enabled via the Arma 3 stock launcher, otherwise, try to do a repair on the mod.

@Pyrogamer_02, Thanks!

@rawr, It is dedicated server only right now but the assets can be used from this mod to make campaigns and other game mods so they may exist someday soon if not already.

@PsykoMini, this maybe from just trying to run the mission file from your PC instead of on the server. Epoch game mode currently requires a dedicated server.

@W.P.O.D, We have a few different antagonists and zombies are supported if you enable Ryan Zombies. However, I must note these are still a WIP and may change.
[VB]AWOL  [author] May 15 @ 9:40am 
As I have a little time today I will try to respond to a few recent comments. Please note our discussion forum is here: also you can search for answers to your questions here:
PilotScottGold May 13 @ 6:33am 
Could you make a standalone mod for the ghillie suits?
POBREZINHO May 11 @ 8:52pm 
Server name: Dedicated-Epoch|Zombies|AI Missions|BlackMarket

Try to survive this


*mod Epoch
*ryan's Zombies & Demons
redilS May 1 @ 6:57am 
Food: At the rate one needs to eat and drink, you'd be a fatfuck in a matter of days - if you were able to find enough in time before starvation.

Loot spawn: The things you'll find plenty of are vehicles... other gear? Not so much. The vehicles all come in pristine condition - no need to repair with plenty of fuel left. Should you need fuel anyway, just drive up to one of the many gas stations, park near the fuel pump and be amazed by magical auto-refuelling

AI enemies: An unfinished pile af crap. The sapper - the most common AI enemy - is inaudible until the very moment he blows up right behind you. Theres also the drone which, if you get spotted, spawns four military dudes that aim better than a fucking nuke.

Glitches: There are many... proper saving is one of them. Don't you dare to log out whenever you want, because the mod might not want you to and punish you with some random spawning far far away from you last position.
FluffiPuffi Apr 30 @ 11:05am 
Warum habe ich nie was zu Essen gefunden ??? zu Trinken gab es immer genug :O
NoGoodGamer Apr 30 @ 7:18am 
Does this game still get updated? I want to play this but a lot of people are saying there are a lot of bugs with this mod. Is it worth downloading?
Pingu Master Apr 30 @ 6:38am 
every time i try to join a server it says that content required has been deleted - A3_epoch_mod
Pyrogamer_02 Apr 25 @ 11:46am 
sehr coole mod :D
rawr Apr 23 @ 8:00am 
does ths have campaign?
PsykoMini Apr 8 @ 9:10am 
i keep spawning into the ground
W.P.O.D Apr 7 @ 1:41pm 
so this is like dayz in arma 3, without zombies? my guess.
18orrc Apr 1 @ 5:43am 
theyre red dotted
18orrc Apr 1 @ 5:43am 
downloaded the new version but it says i need other stuff for it for all servers
flyboy10 Mar 31 @ 7:27pm 
On a server that is still on .4 is there anyway to download .4? Tried the website and it doesnt work
haydenwchaney Mar 31 @ 3:27pm 
is this singleplayer?
Mihan Mar 31 @ 2:05am 
@ Tricky: click download
TRICKY LIL GNOME` Mar 31 @ 1:36am 
how do i set back up my server hasnt updated
Logan Mar 30 @ 9:20pm 
Toddesternnserver has the best servers for this mod
Killeralex ︻デ═一 Mar 30 @ 6:39pm 
what server is it??
J Sko Mar 30 @ 5:30pm 
Great mod!
nAtOeD Mar 30 @ 3:17pm 
Bukin73 Mar 29 @ 5:38am 
Nice mode suka blyat
PsiX Mar 26 @ 10:03am 
Что произошло с модом?ворота не открываются,постройки не апгрейдятся
Birkan Mar 24 @ 9:48am 
A small ,,fix´´ for the Upgrade problem is to change your memory allocation
TK-421 Mar 22 @ 7:30pm 
where do you find the servers for this mod? is there a specfic area/gamemode/server browser?
if anyone knows plz let me know thanks.
CJIAB9IHuH Mar 21 @ 1:01am 
The problem with the upgrade is in vogue, the critical error crashes when you try to improve the walls and the like
Hi,maybe its stupid (Like my English.,sorry,because i from Яussia ) question: How adapt your mod to server with BEKETOV MAP (Its typical russian country territory) Please,contact with me
DarthTimez Mar 16 @ 11:27am 
update plz
Ares Mar 16 @ 11:24am 
need help i cant play because i updated my game how can i fix this
Saber Mar 15 @ 12:12pm 
is all i have to do to play is install this workshop mod?
Vacif Mar 15 @ 9:50am 
Really fun, but be sure to bring a friend. It gets boring/lonely when you're alone.
SiZiGee Mar 14 @ 5:09am 
Krymsin Mar 12 @ 7:32am 
So fun
NISMO Mar 11 @ 12:26pm 
love it
ogrktalmtr Mar 7 @ 9:54am 
@Sgt Goodfap idk man, bitcoin used for drugs/guns/slaves and thats about it.
370zwes Mar 6 @ 8:18pm 
pretty pleased by this
KazooieX1 Feb 24 @ 1:26pm 
can you not play this singleplayer? its impossible to find a server thats freindly
H0resT Feb 6 @ 9:39am 
Released a glimpse of a mission of mine that is still in the works. I would love to hear some feedback on this
can you guys suggest me some alive server that host this mod?
Viktorjanski Jan 21 @ 2:15pm 
yes, very nice
inVINSONable1 Jan 19 @ 11:37pm 
I try to play this but all it does is freeze at startup. No issues with any other mods. Just this one. I tried reinstalling and tried removing the other mods. Nothing. Too hard to research because it had so many issues back in ARma 2 days that nothing comes up recent. Any ideas ?
TruebornJester Jan 19 @ 8:40pm 
hmm. joined a server just seemed to run around aimlessley. couldn't find any loot or where to go. found a trader but couldn't trade as i had no money. Any advice. Does Epoch have zombies? server I was in didn't appear to.