Drink Eat Sleep Bathe
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Pandora Dec 16 @ 4:51pm 
DLC compatibility? When you say "new food", does this mean custom food or new recipes?
Worms Dec 2 @ 8:14am 
any dlc needed?
michael.j.tanzosh Nov 28 @ 8:21am 
is their a mod were you eat and store strength? like you eat just to watch yourself eat and enjoy the campfire but the food you eat serves as a back up health supply, so if you are in combat you dont have to eat, it just activates your stored fats and proteins or whatever. idk, and i definetly wanna see my character get drunk too lol maybe start rambling on about a conquest to his companion
michael.j.tanzosh Nov 28 @ 8:17am 
jantz thats hilarious, it makes your character alot less god like lol love that haha, hey im just looking for a mod to watch myself eat while im at an inn or by my camp fire without complicating life or creating gliches. does this work for that?
B0domAfterMidnight Nov 26 @ 9:49pm 
is it compatible with imps more complex needs?
waffle_stains Nov 18 @ 5:49pm 
im having a rather frustrating issue, no matter how much i eat my hunger never seems to go away. after eating half of my food supply i was still at the "hungry" effect.
jantz_j Nov 11 @ 10:27am 
Wow. Sure makes for a more fun game. Just when I 'm about to do combat I discover that I forgot to eat lunch. Quick break for food and water and I'm ready to fight. Makes my character much more real and less god like.
Mickey Nov 4 @ 3:35pm 
Im interested in subscribing to this mod, however, is it compatible with "Showers in Inns"? I will load this one after it anyway
Also, does anyone know of any bugs in the game with this mod?
Rectäl Ragnarök Oct 26 @ 1:49pm 
Just a quick question, I was wondering if you could tell me where I could find the scripts are in creation kit for this mod? Thanks in advance.
forestfoxx Oct 25 @ 9:47am 
Question: how is your khjaiit so cute and with high-res texture?
Awesome mod. Going to try it now.
ShadowEmergence Oct 14 @ 4:36pm 
Will this mod conflict with iNeed?
Frostfire Oct 13 @ 8:07pm 
where do i find the wash rag?
edward1william2martindale3 Oct 1 @ 3:26pm 
doesnt work with pure waters, mod doesnt register water as water
TuxedoCat914 Sep 27 @ 11:45pm 
Do I have to delete iNeed?
Black_Briar_Weed Sep 26 @ 11:56am 
For some reason any meat items or containing meat items no longer affect hunger...not sure why
DragonAnt Sep 23 @ 12:15am 
since nobody answered your question, theres a quest where you can join a cult of cannibals that give you a ring that allows you to feed off corpses, now where this quest is and how to find it, you can do your own research to figure that out
Stonefight Sep 15 @ 7:45pm 
What does it mean cannibals? How do I eat corspes? Or do I have to be a warewolf?
saunders.bryan Sep 13 @ 9:12am 
This mod is a great idea,but missing a couple things...first the Arthur maybe to busy to get back to answer your questions,and A sign should pop up when you get Hungry,dirty,and thirsty.I'm not saying this mod is bad or putting down the Arthur in any way.Just saying the sooner the Arthur answers your questions...the sooner we know more about this mod,because I want to Subscribe to it,but want to know if he/she added the animation when bathing to this mod...still is a great idea....awesome.....peace
alexie Sep 13 @ 7:25am 

I'm not a werewolf, yet I couldn't get the "Well Rested/ Rested" status when I slept. I discovered it was because I had the Lover's Stone effect (touched the stone after installing this mod). I removed it through the console (though I suppose touching another stone works) and afterward I could get the sleeping bonuses again.


Only the unscented soap gets removed from my inventory after use. And none of the "Scents" active effects appears, I have to add and remove it manually.

Beside that, I love this mod!! I am now relieved to find food in dungeons.
trentandcecile Sep 12 @ 8:07pm 
co' mon make it so people can get fat this mod isnt fun without it! oh and allow peolple to get the "drunk" effect
NateDogg Sep 10 @ 7:12pm 
Can't refill water, Bathing does nothing, Bathing is impossible when using all correct items.
buildafix Sep 10 @ 2:32pm 
do you need the MCM menu to be activted
Varggorm Sep 10 @ 8:59am 
cool mod! love the idea! but "satiated" means the same thing that "quenched" does. not the opposite
garretphoenix Sep 7 @ 5:02am 
i have and idea, put a bath in the homes of players i currently have "showers in the inns" mod and i am slightly annoyed that in a city i go to an in and outside i go to a river WHAT THE HELL IS IN RIVERS? dirt shit piss and worst of all, there could be rabies in it. oh and make sickness and drunkness.
Elderscrollsgirl Sep 2 @ 9:55pm 
what are the clothes she's wearing?
happy_haunting22 Aug 31 @ 1:04pm 
Has anyone had any issues with this mod interfering with vampire feeding? The last mod I downloaded like this made it so none of my feeding was counted so I couldn't rank up as a vampire. I'd just like to know before I add it on.
MinnieMouseMouse Aug 30 @ 3:33pm 
This is different
Xantiana Aug 26 @ 9:24am 
[Plecio] MCG is not special needed .. I play it wihtout it tip. go to all powers there it is in. and activade it wiht shout use then u can set al to your hand.. its a realy awsome mod wel done .to wash your body need soap and the showel in your stuf.
Plesio_Digger Aug 18 @ 7:55am 
where do i get MCM?
Pedobeer Aug 15 @ 3:03pm 
Is Ryan B from Stepbrother?
Cat Aug 14 @ 11:51am 
Great mod ♥
there is mcm menu for this to enable and disable, yes?
trentandcecile Aug 13 @ 5:06pm 
Srry ima only half awake XD
trentandcecile Aug 13 @ 5:05pm 
*said, *earlier, *should not, *belly, *belly
trentandcecile Aug 13 @ 5:01pm 
like i vsaid ealyier you swhounld be able to get fat if you eat too much so if you ate 20 of any foon you would get a little bel you would get a beer bellyly if you drank 70 of any acoholic bevrages you would get a beer belly
WarGolem2011 Aug 11 @ 12:36pm 
I already have the Ineed mod. Could you cut this one down to just the bathe part?
randalltiff Jul 28 @ 7:47pm 
what happens if you eat a lot will you get fat. Because i think you should get biger as you eat
KraftyKev Jul 28 @ 7:29am 
Also, why are certain cooked foods not restoring my hunger IE Rabit haunch, Seared Salmon, etc? I do not have any other food mods.
KraftyKev Jul 28 @ 7:24am 
Besides making it I mean. Is there any shop that sells it? Is the more specific of my question.
KraftyKev Jul 28 @ 7:22am 
Where can I get soap? I did not get any when I first installed the mod (just a couple days ago)
BlueMage Jul 27 @ 2:28pm 
== BETTER HUNTING AND PRICES/ THE HUNTING GAME IS NOT COMPATIBLE == I do not believe these mods and possibly others.
trentandcecile Jul 27 @ 2:05pm 
You should have theability to get fat if you eat TOO much
KraftyKev Jul 26 @ 2:49pm 
I can't fill the empty water bottles or bath in streams/rivers or creeks in caves (the last one was a stretch, but it said all water). Is this an issue with the Pure Water mod or something I did when enabling?
Thanks for the help
hayleyism Jul 20 @ 5:54pm 
It would be nice to see the effects of eating, drinking, and bathing on the active affects panel. Otherwise, if you're not playing continuously, you'll come back to your game and have no way to gauge your status unless you're already in battle, or you've already failed a social interaction. There are some really great aspects to this mod, though. Thanks for contributing.
Sartakpai Jul 16 @ 12:22pm 
So I reinstalled this mode and now all is okay. Just in case someone would get the same problem as myself.
Super Jimbob Jul 14 @ 11:14am 
I am sure you are busy as hell but i have recently come into a problem and would like your input, i can't refill water bottles anymore, i figured since i just bought dragonborn dlc it was that so i got your other mods, but that didnt fix it. i would really like some advice on dealing with this
JoeyHeinz Jul 11 @ 9:42am 
Can you buy soap? Damn trolls are too elusive and my newly created wood elf doesn't like hunting them...
Sartakpai Jul 11 @ 3:47am 
Some of the food and Drinks stopped working. For exaple Potate Soup no longer decrease hunger, but cabbage soup do. Among alcohol drinks only black-briar mead still decrease thirst but others not (Nord Mead, Honninbrew etc.) Is it normal?
Indiaamy Jul 6 @ 11:34pm 
ok i followed your exact instructions on this thing and it still caused bad effects *bawls eyes out* i am never getting mods again
DeltaRecon Jul 2 @ 8:52pm 
hey could someone help me with this i downloaded this and i go to the bathing room and theres no soap or washcloth and i dont have any hunger sleep or thirst thanks