Drink Eat Sleep Bathe
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hayleyism Jul 20 @ 5:54pm 
It would be nice to see the effects of eating, drinking, and bathing on the active affects panel. Otherwise, if you're not playing continuously, you'll come back to your game and have no way to gauge your status unless you're already in battle, or you've already failed a social interaction. There are some really great aspects to this mod, though. Thanks for contributing.
Sartakpai Jul 16 @ 12:22pm 
So I reinstalled this mode and now all is okay. Just in case someone would get the same problem as myself.
Super Jimbob Jul 14 @ 11:14am 
I am sure you are busy as hell but i have recently come into a problem and would like your input, i can't refill water bottles anymore, i figured since i just bought dragonborn dlc it was that so i got your other mods, but that didnt fix it. i would really like some advice on dealing with this
JoeyHeinz Jul 11 @ 9:42am 
Can you buy soap? Damn trolls are too elusive and my newly created wood elf doesn't like hunting them...
Sartakpai Jul 11 @ 3:47am 
Some of the food and Drinks stopped working. For exaple Potate Soup no longer decrease hunger, but cabbage soup do. Among alcohol drinks only black-briar mead still decrease thirst but others not (Nord Mead, Honninbrew etc.) Is it normal?
Indiaamy Jul 6 @ 11:34pm 
ok i followed your exact instructions on this thing and it still caused bad effects *bawls eyes out* i am never getting mods again
DeltaRecon Jul 2 @ 8:52pm 
hey could someone help me with this i downloaded this and i go to the bathing room and theres no soap or washcloth and i dont have any hunger sleep or thirst thanks
jwadland Jul 2 @ 8:55am 
All we need now is the ability to drink our own urine just incase the water doesnt suffice, temba wide arms doesnt like bear grylls though...
Strigon Jun 30 @ 1:47pm 
fabio are you stupid? lol Thats a water mod this isnt. Of course you can use it dumbass.
fabio.op Jun 22 @ 3:27am 
Is there a chance I can use this mod with Pure Waters?
Race0pone Jun 20 @ 11:31am 
Can anyone message me how to get the Mod Modifacation? I been needing it to work my Ineed mod.
MontelloBuer Jun 11 @ 2:01pm 
There is some mod where you can set up to sit anywhere. Maybe you can have part with it, to make a drinking spot?
Shonner Jun 5 @ 2:26pm 
Can't drink water when using the Pure Waters mod. And when I drink water just west of the Crabber's Shanty, I fast travel into the last door I came out of.
peewee troll Jun 1 @ 11:34am 
i managed to remove the "adjust needs" from my spell list. How do i get it back?
john94 May 30 @ 4:03am 
you should make it where you can die of hunger and thirst pass out from lack of sleep and get diseased from lack of hygine
Zikanxx99 May 27 @ 11:24am 
Great mod but i have some problems, firstable i cannot fill my bottle of water anymore. Other problem is that a lot of different kind of food (specially Dragonborn's food) do not give any bonus. How can i solve it?
OnishiSyndrome May 18 @ 3:20pm 
This is a very good, immersive mod. However, the water bottle filling mechanism doesn't work at all. I don't have any mods that affects the water, could you either fix it or describe how the coding works so that I can be sure I'm doing it right?
hiltihall May 15 @ 8:36am 
First off, Im a great fan of this mod, made my time in Skyrim more immersive.
Ive just began playing again, and I noticed that I cannot replenish my hunger. All the other parts of the mod work well as far as I can tell minus that one thing. If anyone knows of a fix, Id greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
ThatOneGuy May 11 @ 1:42am 
i unistalled the mod without knowing that i have to disable all the effects and now my stamina is not regenerating! how can i fix this?
VintageCreeper Apr 27 @ 7:29am 
Im haveing some problems feeding as a vampire, its getting really annoying
Lolcatzzz Apr 24 @ 2:37pm 
I had the same problem. .-.
Solar Legacy Apr 22 @ 7:41pm 
when downloaded this mod coaused the game to crash after the bethesda logo and drums
Scar Edas Hell Apr 11 @ 12:49am 
Great mod. But since the restriction on the number of mods by Steam, I can no longer fill my waterbottles and hardly any bottled drinks can satisfy thirst. Does anybody know how to solve this? Is anyone having a same problem? And were you able to resolve it?
Karlkarl93 Apr 5 @ 4:26am 
I can't cast the power on my self, I can only select it which does nothing at all?
Osmolskae Mar 28 @ 1:46am 
I have been having a problem where after I refill my bottle, my arms glitch off to the side. Normally I can fix this by sheathing and pulling my hands back out, but sometimes they stay that way. Then I hear the sound of a door opening and my game reloads to the last door I entered thru. However I cannot use anything (i.e. tanning racks or the such) nor can I use my weapons (as in I cannot unsheath my weapons or attack). the only way to fix this is to go back to a previous save and reload. This can cause problems if I have done a bunch of stuff before saving. Is there some other way to fix this on my end or am I going to need to wait for an update and is there going to be another update? For now I have unsubbed. I still have it favorited because it was fun and made the game more realistic (which I liked) when it did not glitch.
Indiaamy Mar 22 @ 7:06pm 
i think i will try this.... it looks.... interesting.....
Blackfairy Mar 19 @ 11:27am 
oh, can i have extra bottles to store water.
Blackfairy Mar 19 @ 11:26am 
I love this mod. For me, it makes the experience more realistic! Thanks for doing and awesome job! If you are accepting request, restroom needs and actually laying in the bed. with all the water intake, there has to be an outtake. :)
Meet The Rare Me-osaurus Mar 15 @ 2:59am 
Are you planning to make any compatibility patches with other mods?
ThatOneGuy Mar 11 @ 10:29am 
how do i craft the soap?
George Mar 9 @ 7:01pm 
how do you keep track of your hunger, thirst and dirt? Does the system tell you that you are hungry or am I supposed to just eat every now and then? Same with tierdness etc?
@P0RTALer no this mod only needs skyrim
@herpderp25 this version doesnt but there are addons for dragonborn and hearthfire
herpderp25 Mar 4 @ 3:48pm 
does it need Hearthfire and Dragonborn?
P0RTALious Mar 2 @ 2:28pm 
mod required to install SkyUI, MCM and SKSE?
TheTurboLlama Mar 1 @ 9:45pm 
Do you know if the pure waters mod might affect this mod, because I have been having trouble bathiing and refilling my water bottles. Other than that, great mod!
Beriadon Feb 25 @ 3:55pm 
Is there a option for just bathing? I have a different mod for hunger and such, but no bathing.
animefrias Feb 22 @ 6:08am 
i love thanks so much!
... Feb 16 @ 8:13am 
Does anyone know how this mod copes with mods which make the time real time? (i.e 1 minute in this world=1 minute in skyrim)
Wolfe Bane Feb 15 @ 8:22pm 
For me I have to actually be swimming to get clean. Standing waist deep in water does nothing. Kind of limits where you can take a bath (I sometimes fast travel where I need to go if I'm on a loot selling spree and I've had to limit myself to places with easy quick access to swimable water)

Is this a bug, I want to be able to stand in (almost) any body of water and take a bath, like a sane person would not go diving in and bathe.
ladysedim Feb 15 @ 6:40am 
A great little mod, nice work :-)
They call me Mister TIBBS! Feb 8 @ 11:41am 
My animations work, but the items for the animation are invisible (IE when I drink something, I cant see the tankard but my guy sips and drinks it fine) :\
Blokfort Feb 7 @ 2:36am 
The animations don't work for Eating.
reeceisawesome56 Feb 4 @ 8:30pm 
I dont know why but it seems that i have to be completey in water to actually bathe, like swimming in it,and when i try to fill up my water it doesnt do anything, it kind of gets me mad because i have plenty of empty water bottles and have tried several times at diffent rivers, ponds etc. Is there a way i can fix this, any helpful suggestions or info would be great.
TheGameWarden Feb 4 @ 8:18pm 
@Kai Merah

Since being a werewolf means sleep is not diffrent than waiting maybe.
Kai Merah Feb 2 @ 7:36pm 
Sleep doesn't seem to be working for me. I've gotten hungry and thirsty a few times, but I never get tired, even though I made sure that was enabled. It is because I'm a werewolf or something?
vanessa090604 Feb 2 @ 7:32pm 
so you have to eat sleep and bathe
meguenther Feb 1 @ 8:45am 
The right name of the other Food mod is Realistic Useful Food & Drink and "be a milk drinker"
meguenther Feb 1 @ 8:42am 
would be perfekt, if it would work with herbal Tea, Milk & better Drink & Food mod.
TheKonahrik Jan 28 @ 5:32pm 
I can't seem to refill any water bottles. It plays the drinking sound, but nothing else happens. This was when i was almost fully submerged in the Riverwood river.
ed Jan 27 @ 8:13pm 
i think it'd be a great idea if i could shower in the rain but otherwise its more fun to play with this mod