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Sjel Blad Castle
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laceangel93 Sep 12 @ 4:57pm 
I cannot access a lot of thing, for example my treasure in the Vault and the displays in the Sanctum of War. This is by far my favorite mod and home, but it takes a lot out of it if I can't access things.
Братец Sep 7 @ 4:10am 
Можно пожалуйста на русском языке
fanglett Sep 2 @ 11:51pm 
My game freezes on the loading screen whenever I try to go into the barracks. It's happened every time i've made a new game. Help?
Kernow Aug 23 @ 3:27am 
I hope this mod is still being worked on, love it. I want to see the rest of the upcoming rooms completed and released.
So far its a great mix of loot space and a great place to dump yourself in self made RP.

PS:I'll try not to drown myself in the dynamic loot area by bugging myself out so much that you die.
Storm_at_Sea Aug 12 @ 2:29am 
Start with tulius ;)
FORGOTTENHOPE Aug 11 @ 6:05pm 
10/10 love the place, now to declare war on all of skyrims foes
miserysignal Aug 8 @ 10:58am 
it sounds bad on russian
Storm_at_Sea Aug 4 @ 5:59pm 
Answer in this thread- asked tons of times..
Patriot56 Aug 4 @ 5:33pm 
all the guards are in there underwear, can someone lend a hand.?
kuroneko129 Jul 27 @ 4:07pm 
my compliments, you truly are good
FireflyKnight85 Jul 22 @ 6:20pm 
anyone that is having problems with frame rate at this castle, or the swamps, or if you just dont have enough ram, USE THIS MOD ----- "Skyrim Performance Particles"
FireflyKnight85 Jul 22 @ 12:11am 
2 hours before i realized that there is no room for customization, until you click on the chain hanging from the dragon.
Storm_at_Sea Jul 9 @ 9:24am 
Naked guards=> You get to equip them how you want. Go to CUSTOMIZATION CHAMBER to equip them, it's in the main hall.

Everyone asks this- please read the thread some (page or 2 at least), skimming even this page would've given the answer.
Meister Francis Jul 9 @ 8:40am 
All of my guards are wearing no armor...
Emperor of Mankind Jun 28 @ 3:32pm 
this is final? or maybe you something add?
elimae221 Jun 26 @ 6:57am 
Hi, I'm Elli Mae I have run this mod for years and never had any problems. Oh yes one opening in the main hall is missing a drape, not really an issue.... My favorite mod. My favorite Arthor. I love it
elimae221 Jun 26 @ 6:47am 
Walk up to the dragon in the main hall.
HappilyTriggerHappy Jun 23 @ 6:01am 
where the hell is the "customization" room I cant find it
unless Im just dumb
dougiedave Jun 19 @ 8:56am 
Its a great mod but I cant use it because it crashes my game a lot. I really love the vault and think thats the best part.
Theobaldus476 Jun 16 @ 12:21pm 
Very good mod, only the FPS loss is a problem. And I have a GTX 970, i7 4770 and 16gb of ram and the lowest i had was 32.
QuantumCat73 Jun 6 @ 7:17pm 
BEST castle mod! So much awesome. I got everything to work no probs at all. I read the decription and the letters in the void storage, super easy. 5/5 STARS. cant wait to see more from the coming soon areas. :)
Leland Jun 5 @ 9:36pm 
You have to find the Customization Chamber in the Main Hall, then you can put clothes on manikins within the chamber to clothe the guards. Alternatively, there are preset guards in there you can turn on, based on which faction you want(Stormcloak, Imperial, Vampire, etc.)
☣Lukeboss116☣ Jun 5 @ 5:44pm 
None of the castle guards have armor....or clothes...please help me. (Really cool castle by the way)
sirrogg Jun 3 @ 5:14pm 
SCP first i would check the smelter sometimes when yu place a lot of weapons and armour in the vat to be smelted into ingots it can create a ton of ingots and sometime prevent you from entering he area again and cause mad lag and alo check your settings room you may have various items turned on that may cause overlapping like the flags or the diferent assortment of guards.
Dr. Jack Bright Jun 3 @ 4:46pm 
I used to use Sjel Blad back a month or two ago and I never had an issue with lag, now I can't be anywhere in the castle without intense stuttering. Anyone able to help?
sirrogg Jun 3 @ 4:40pm 
Nocturnal use the auto sort in the void I just put everything in that and hit auto sort most things will auto sort. Books won't sort and some other things you may have to manually pl;ace but it wil handle most items
☽Nocturnal~Horror☾ Jun 2 @ 5:52am 
Is there a way for the inventory not to open after I store things in their respective places? It's a tad annoying to have to pause every time I put things away.
Dr.Afterman May 31 @ 9:21am 
can someone explain what the shrine of et'ada does? also when will we be seeing the upgrade system implamited or what that will even do?
no May 21 @ 10:16am 
sorry, im new at this ! Thanks
Storm_at_Sea May 21 @ 10:03am 
THis has been asked a million times- read the thread if you won't read the information above on the mod.
no May 21 @ 9:59am 
Hey, quick question. Why are my guards naked ?
Duxio Aven May 19 @ 11:20pm 
Hey is there a reason that the pit for gold isn't working. Is the withdraw/deposit supposed to open another menu? Or am I missing something?
[DR] Chironex May 18 @ 8:00am 
i have some criticism to make about the name of this castle. as a norwegian myself i find the name kind of cringy to say in norwegian. to you who does not speak norwegian, it probably wont be a problem, but i think the name "skjelens blad castle" would fit better. it means the same, but dosent sound like it was some words just rushed through google transelator.
sirrogg May 16 @ 5:49am 
hahahaha this never gets old to see people get the most AWESOME Mod Castle on Skyrim and to lazy to read the instructions that come with it.
Storm_at_Sea May 15 @ 7:33am 
The naked people is an old complaint -go to the customization chamber to equip them how you want. He should've found a way to make this more well known- anyhow- the FAQ above describes how to access the customization chamber if you don't know how.
Storm_Wolf May 15 @ 6:39am 
Hey, for some reason all of the "civillian" npcs (Knights, Mages, Marksman, etc) have no armour, clothing or weapons. Any tips on how to fix this? Getting kinda sick of having naked people running around my castle, thanks. :)
ghostmanof501 May 2 @ 5:48pm 
Is this still being worked on? I've been waiting on the hallow crpyts forever, and I'm curious as to if he's just going to not work on it anymore
Storm_at_Sea Apr 28 @ 5:55am 
*typo - shoot
Storm_at_Sea Apr 28 @ 5:55am 
I want to be able to kill or fire any bard singing about the enemy. I tried to shot them- arrow went thru their head, bounced off the wall- no dialogue option on 'sing that and die'... I shouldn't have to listen to a bard in my own home sing the enemy's praises!
A random sniper Apr 26 @ 11:36pm 
everything is working fine EXCEPT when I try to return to skyrim outside. The game kinda freezes, the loading screen is VERY long, forcing me to load a save outside of the castle =(
Majora Apr 26 @ 5:54pm 
Where do member of the court stays? And when i commence a meeting no1 shows up (are they tired of life?)
Glitch Apr 25 @ 5:58am 
Aximili360 Apr 22 @ 9:55pm 
I cannot express how incredably well made this mod is. Simply legendary.
☽Nocturnal~Horror☾ Apr 15 @ 3:39am 
Also I should find this worth mentioning the first time I entered the lair some of the creatures were fighting and then it turned into an all out brawl with all of them killing each other. Perhaps make the creatures essential next update with different containers so they don't kill each other? Luckily I know how to make NPCs essential but I'm sure others would appreciate that as a next update bit.
☽Nocturnal~Horror☾ Apr 15 @ 3:39am 
Hi, I seem to be experiencing a bug with the castle. I entered the vault once before on my first tour of it and have since then customized it to liking however now I can't enter my vault no matter what. I've tried the door in the throne room, the spell, the little orb transportation (haven't tried entering through an orb in another room yet though I doubt much a difference is to be had.) but nothing's worked, it just endlessly loads and I tried the spell both inside the castle and in Riverwood but in Riverwood it merely loaded endlessly before crashing. I never used the door before to enter it I only used the orb the first time. Anyways I can't get in and it's thankful I didn't stick anything inside like I planned but I'm still bummed I can't use it. I have no idea if any other rooms have taken to this effect.
rubyismycat Mar 28 @ 7:47pm 
Where is my stuard i tried a replay of game today but there is no stard in castle?help please
Foxy the nightmare fox Mar 20 @ 3:36pm 
this is huge
PringleMan Mar 20 @ 5:14am 
May I also make another suggestion? Can you put some labeling on the trophy skull walls? Just something so we can know which wall represents what.

Side question related to this, how does the script for that work? Right now it kinda looks like you run into an alcove and it has walls for x,y,z and then it checks for updates on those three creatures. It seems kind of hit or miss for a specific wall triggering though, so what about adding a button to check for kill updates? Or maybe even an option with one of the NPCs in the trophy room that just runs them all as a batch?
PringleMan Mar 19 @ 9:48am 
Can I make a suggestion for the treasure pit in the vault? I like the idea of the rewards for reaching different tiers, but I would actually like to see a different option that just spawns in the goblets and urns and stuff without the ingots or the rings/necklaces. I think that just leaving the statues and the goblets and stuff actually add a really neat effect and help make the treasure pit really look like a treasure pit and not just a pile of gold.

I guess a side question is are you cutting out the generation of the rings and necklaces after a certain tier so that they dont get lost in the pile? Because if so after a couple of tiers that would amount to dozens of extra entities that are lost in the pile and just causing performance loss.
Chip chip mothafucka Mar 16 @ 7:13am 
sbrownx, I wrote you on Nexus about bugs 1.44c (ther are list), hope you read and correct it