Sjel Blad Castle
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Shagga son of Dolf 23 hours ago 
Red Keep and Maegor's Holdfast anyone?
lenek 23 hours ago 
I recomended, and approwed ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
sbrownx  [author] May 4 @ 8:16am 
@Nexos - You can choose the guards' armor and weapons in the Customization Chamber.
Nexos May 3 @ 9:54pm 
By far the best mod I have ever seen. After a while I just gave up being suprised with the rediculous amounts of detail that was put into just about everything. The only annoyance with it is the knights don't have clothes, but that is easily overlooked by everything else. 10/10
Myrage Ann May 2 @ 4:01pm 
Do you think you'd be able to add a childrens room? That way you could move your family into the castle, I just think it would be nice. :)
mmt-185 May 2 @ 3:29pm 
Hello there! I got a question about the stables. How can I get the spell to summon the mounts? Thank you! :D
Crossie Junior May 2 @ 3:52am 
Hey, amazing mod! I have one issue though, all of the knights are armourless, any idea on how to fix this? Thanks
Hellrisen May 1 @ 12:23am 
I Favorited this mod so f***ing hard rite now I JUST BLEW MY SKRIM LOAD!!! this is a quest on its own between the vault and trophaeum its a perfectionists dream. THE FLAGS for faction armour in the main hall. THE ARENA STUFF! and the detail. THE BATHS in the living quarters god dammit.....I good sir would apprentice under you for the rest of my life to learn how to make a fraction of a mod like this. Thank you!
Merrick Apr 30 @ 3:16pm 
never mind I found it. I just wasnt expecting it to just be a anvil, kinda tricked me...
Merrick Apr 30 @ 3:03pm 
is there no forge in the... well "forge"?
i cant find that one thing you use to make weapons, or one just not there...
T:R:H Bonanza Games Apr 30 @ 2:02pm 
I love it when my pets fight. They never stop, it's always the rieklings vs the dwarven stuff.
Merrick Apr 30 @ 1:48am 
Just clicked subsribe, going to check it out tomarrow in the morning.
It looks... big.

I think I'll like it... :)
Jaxx Apr 29 @ 10:34pm 
oh okay cool i'll check it out. and kudos to you for responding so quickly. i'm impressed :)
Temujin Apr 29 @ 10:00am 
I really love house modes and yours is with out any doubt the best, I'm just a player but can i sutjes something...
In the garden can you add more plant and something for the water life creatures...
And a better kichen i miss the meads, eggs and the hearthfire items...
Look at the stonewall garden...
I wish i could do it myself but... Anyway i hope to can give some inspiration to a master like you.
sbrownx  [author] Apr 29 @ 6:54am 
@Jaxx - You can choose their weapons and armor in the Customization Chamber.
Jaxx Apr 29 @ 1:55am 
just subscribed, and so far, this is easily the coolest, most beautiful mod i've ever seen. haven't had a chance to explore it yet, but i've noticed one wee issue: none of the npc's are wearing clothes. like they're ALL in undergarments. what's up with that?
snuffleupagus Apr 28 @ 7:46pm 
Ok thanks alot i'll try it, and if it doesn't still thanks for suggesting!
Heinrich Targaryen Septim Apr 28 @ 7:30pm 
@snuffleupagus sometimes if you have dublicate items and are storing 1 of those items on a display case in a user generated environment, it doesnt work. It has happened with me before, not with this castle but with castle grey. If you travel to a different location and drop those items, and than add them again with console code. After, travel back to this castle and try adding them to the display case. This should work.
Heinrich Targaryen Septim Apr 28 @ 7:25pm 
Greatest castle mod ever! I hadnt played skyrim in a while and than I remembered this mod! and I was like: "I got to play again just to check out that massive castle again!"
snuffleupagus Apr 28 @ 4:52pm 
Can someone pleas help? I dont know if this is a problem in other homes, because i dont have any, but when i put items on the weapon racks, they dont display but they are still put up. i've tried different racks in the castle but same problem. Anyone might recognize this problem?
Reaver Apr 27 @ 8:45pm 
@sbrownx I am so happy it is all over. Keep up the great work! I cant wait to see your future work!
sbrownx  [author] Apr 27 @ 8:27pm 
@Reaver - Yes, my mods will always be free, but I believe the whole debacle is over and all mods here on Steam are free again.
Reaver Apr 27 @ 4:12pm 
Please keep this mod free friend. You are one of the best skyrim modders out there and I hope you will continue to share your art with the community without contributeing to Valve's greedy money grab.
veodi Apr 26 @ 3:28pm 
@eandic this mod is only op if you want it to be, other than that it is a great safe house ;)
theSwedeatron87 Apr 26 @ 12:52pm 
"Castle in Norwegian"? its CASTLE IN NORWAY.
eandic Apr 26 @ 10:08am 
this mod seems nice (haven't subed yet) but it also seems a bit op don't know if i should use it but still great mod
Orc of War Apr 26 @ 9:51am 
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YOU CAN'T BEAT AIR MAN Apr 26 @ 5:04am 
Is there a way to reverse any upgrades you make to yourself in the Hall of Asencion? I upgraded my attack speed too much and I'm not regretting it.
veodi Apr 25 @ 4:28pm 
This mod just saved my life!
New to the modding scene, decided to subscibe to this awesome castle, on mission to reach high hrogath, moutain frost troll jumps infront of me, my pet snow bear fails miserably to defend me... I ran faster that light back to sjel castle with the troll only ft behind me! Get through the automated gate thinking *&(^*& it's got me... turn around to find out the gate spikes as they fell went straight ontop of the troll trapping him allowing me to archer the ^&%$ out of it, hence this mod saved my life!
Freeking awesome mod keep it up dude!
p.s. my monster lair always turns into mayhem... good thing my pc can handle 100 monsters trying to kill eachother haha
mad-sc Apr 25 @ 1:44pm 
nvm i got tired of trying yo fix it so i unsubscribed
Myrage Ann Apr 25 @ 11:00am 
This mod is amazing. I can't imagine the time and effort you put into making this mod. You're truly gifted and awesome. Thankyou for making this for the comunity. You're seriously awesome. :D
Slainey Apr 24 @ 3:50am 
I LOVE this mod! How I played for so long without it is beyond me. As a compulsive collector and completionist this ticks all my boxes. I love being able to display all my hard won atrifacts and shiny baubles. Thank you for the time, enery and thought you put into this.
Storm_at_Sea Apr 24 @ 2:19am 
+ For keeping your mod as modding has always been.
ChAoTic_MaYhEm Apr 23 @ 9:59pm 
Thank you sbrownx. I love this castle mod. Lol first castle mod i installed when i got Skyrim.

Keep up the good work.
Battle Poo_a_Noids Apr 23 @ 4:52pm 
Thank you SBrownX!
sbrownx  [author] Apr 23 @ 3:53pm 
Just to let everyone know I will NOT be setting a fee for the use of this mod (or any other mod) and it will remain FREE of charge. I did not design and create this mod to make a profit, but rather to enhance your Skyrim gameplay. If someone feels inclined to make a financial contribution because they think my work has improved their gaming experience, then a donation is extremely welcomed and appreciated. Ultimately, I make my mods because I thoroughly enjoy doing it and love being creatively involved in the gaming community.
janga1313 Apr 23 @ 12:46pm 
That was a great idea to put a weapon rack in the display case, now i can actually use them!
Battle Poo_a_Noids Apr 23 @ 10:55am 
Hopefully, this mod will stay free and continue to be awesome. I use this mod for everything and I go back to the castle every time I play Skyrim. I hope this won't change.
TheChakrus Apr 23 @ 7:05am 
Lazy Smoking Hunter Apr 22 @ 10:09pm 
it no work
jhonflash Apr 21 @ 5:58pm 
I'll give it a shot.
sbrownx  [author] Apr 21 @ 8:00am 
@jhonflash - Try unsubscribing and re-subscribing to the mod. It may help.
jhonflash Apr 20 @ 6:28pm 
This is epic. A great MOD

I am having trouble using the active loot thing in the vault, I can't make deposits. Also I found I could not back out of convos with the mount selling guy.

Still I love this place.
Data1B42 Apr 20 @ 2:21pm 
Thanks for the amazing player castle mod.
MasterOfTheRings Apr 20 @ 11:20am 
Ah, thank's for the information. I will do that rigth away.
sbrownx  [author] Apr 19 @ 3:53pm 
@Octavian and MasterOfTheRings - The guards are customizable now and you can choose their weapons and armor in the Customization Chamber.
Octavian Apr 19 @ 1:32pm 
@MasterOfTheRings - That did help, thank you. However, the armor starting disappearing on me. I suited up the 2 guards outside the main doors, then went off to do something inside, came out and they were back with no clothes. I think that they should some kind of default armor myself. Suiting up every single one of them in consol is pretty tedious. Took me 10 minutes to do those 2 guards, Im not a fast typer. Is there any way to do it in mass? Right now Im just going to leave them all in the skin
MasterOfTheRings Apr 18 @ 9:56am 
It's the same at my castle, but I equiped them with armor or dressed. should do he same. Open the main game consol, search for the armor you want, note the number, than chose the npc, write additem (number) and after that equipitem (number).

This gives you a free choice of what the npcs should wear.
Think sbrownx made it this way. (but I can only guess)

Hope this helps
Octavian Apr 18 @ 9:02am 
All my guards are naked. No armor or weapons. Most of the named characters have gear, but a couple do not. I've tried reinstalling but it didn't work. Anyone know a fix? Thanks.
sbrownx  [author] Apr 17 @ 8:10pm 
@tktaylor61 - Skyrim has almost been out 4 years now and Steam has had multiple sales on the DLCs per year. Why should I limit the features and design of the castle to the vanilla game assets?