Sheogorath Shout - Call of Madness!
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Kingston3K  [author] Jul 21 @ 9:35pm 
How much do you have in your inventory? When the mission starts it temporarily removes all your items, and the game doesn't like having to transfer too many things at once
motogod115 Jul 21 @ 8:09pm 
im having the same proplem as commissar wallace, anyone know how to fix?
I found a way to change shout duration by using player.setav shoutrecoverymult command
Thanks though
Is it possible to give some cooldown to the shout so i wont become too overpowered?
A Space Butterfly Jul 15 @ 8:29pm 
Blast Lord Jul 15 @ 10:50am 
@Kingston3K you should make a NPC with the madness spells and the Madness Shout for yea to fight against as a boss if possible?
Commissar Wallace Jul 11 @ 4:20am 
I don't know why, but when I walk into the Pelagius wing to start the mission, it freezes as I get upstairs and then the game crashes.
apocalypseMafia Jul 2 @ 12:59am 
The ultimate cheese based armaghedon!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Everitt Jun 30 @ 6:39pm 
skyrim is not safe
thank you for this crazy cheesy mod. Is it possible to give some cooldown to the shout so i wont become too overpowered?
Bash 'em Jun 29 @ 2:24pm 
type in help sheogorath in the cc box and go to sheogorath madness shout and type the command player.unlockword ##0012c9 first word
##0012ca second word
##0012cb third word
Gordon Freeman Jun 20 @ 11:44am 
did it with it instaled and not installed
Kingston3K  [author] Jun 19 @ 8:39pm 
Wait, what? If the mod isn't installed and activated, then of course that console command isn't going to work. And if it isn't, how would you find the code to put in anyway? It simply isn't impossible.
Look up how to use console commands properly. Then reactivate the mod and try again.
Gordon Freeman Jun 19 @ 7:30pm 
yes and i dont even have the mod istalled
Kingston3K  [author] Jun 19 @ 7:09pm 
Did you find the mod's place in your load order and substitute the correct code in place of the ## ?
Tha Luke Jun 19 @ 6:12am 
Same with me
(like Gordon Freeman)
Gordon Freeman Jun 17 @ 2:41pm 
i did what the water walking thing said to do andand the consol says "compiled script not saved"
fredrikwieneke Jun 12 @ 11:37am 
The breadlord weapons dont cause enemies to explode into liquor which kinda sucks for me, i would like to know if it works for otyher people, please respond
zekrom42 Jun 6 @ 8:09am 
i found ancient daedric cheese in the soul cairn.. i was like dafuq?
What is the name of the song in 1st video pleeasee?
Dark May 29 @ 7:13am 
Pedroso May 29 @ 4:37am 
When i equip the mad god armor the time counter of my shouts is turn into negative, is that normal?
Kingston3K  [author] May 16 @ 4:59pm 
Something's wrong with your save file. If you're not careful while modding it's liable to get corrupted.
t.perronnet May 13 @ 9:57am 
Sorry but I did what it is said in the last section about the water walking problem, I even uninstall all my skyrim game instal it again. remove 2 data called sheogorat_shout and sheogorath_shout.bsa. And the problem still there
Kingston3K  [author] May 11 @ 3:54pm 
The last entry in the Known Bugs section will tell you how to remove the Water-Walking effect.
t.perronnet May 11 @ 1:54am 
Sorry but i still have the permanent waterwalking problem i use "help walk" remove the spell indicated on it and it still doesn't work even with boots equiped or not. Please annyone could say to me where is the spell installed on the mod in the data file? I don't have TESC for skyrim and no mod mannager
Atrices [YFHG] May 3 @ 2:35pm 
Alright thanks man
Kingston3K  [author] May 3 @ 4:45am 
The Breadlord weapons seem to be glitched, and even the steps that fixed the Wabbajack haven't helped. I may just have to let that one go
Atrices [YFHG] May 1 @ 5:25pm 
Great mod but I can't seem to figure out how to get the breadlord weapons to turn people into booze. Any ideas?
RyanTehChronoTraveler™ Apr 25 @ 2:43pm 
The shout sould be your charector yelling "CHEESE" or "WABAJACK"
choketrooper2™ლ(ಠ益ಠ Apr 17 @ 12:34pm 
i was using the sheogorath minions spell i conjured a random thing turned around quickly to kill a bandit turned around a saw A MANIQUIN WITH AN AXE...needless to say i nearly pissed myself after he charged at me because he was my follower and i was like 30ft away
Gaben the Savior Apr 9 @ 7:38pm 
mamahen111050 Apr 3 @ 9:53pm 
plees can you add in beniney hill thime song
kaylorjr123 Mar 31 @ 2:48pm 
im so going to make it rain cheese in the rift x3
Kingston3K  [author] Mar 26 @ 1:02am 
The Mad Argonian of Tel Vos, devourer of cheese and stealer of souls
SpyroCoolLP Mar 24 @ 10:38am 
Hehe, Eddie Lizzard. An Argonian, I assume?
Matryoshka Mar 22 @ 10:10am 
With this mod on, I got Anceint Daedric Cheese????
Dovahkiin99 Mar 9 @ 12:10am 
what is that music
Thegamerfreak Feb 24 @ 3:11am 
thanks to this i was forced to restart the whole game from beginning i was a little to quik to uninstall the mod when i used the boots and after uninstalling i got permanent water walking :/
Gorillabot3000 Feb 23 @ 8:54pm 
What if I already completed the quest "The Mind of Madness" before installing this mod?
Kingston3K  [author] Feb 22 @ 10:17pm 
loringwhite18 Feb 21 @ 9:39pm 
make a mod with a flight shout. The words are SU ZII DOV, the first word from Elemental Fury, the second word from Become Ethereal, and the third word from Bend Will. The texture will be that of fire cloak, mixed with Dragon Aspect. The speed should be in this order: SU= standard running speed, SU ZII= sprinting speed, SU ZII DOV= Whirlwind Sprint speed. It should be easy enough. Keep the mod small, don't add it to quests, but feel free to add it to the Dwemer museum, to make things interesting, in a Dwemer/Dragon Cult collision.
President_Sheogorath Feb 16 @ 10:00am 
Ok after a bit of testing the Wabbajack is able to do something which is remove the heads of NPCs and turn them into a ghostly puddle but this takes alot of tries to actually get it right and I have no idea what is wrong or what to do I have the latest update but I have no idea what to do and I have no other mods that affect the Wabbajack and I could use some help.
BeforeThePrologue Feb 15 @ 5:08pm 
Cheesy death killed my follower D:
10/10 fabulous mod!
StausCat323 Feb 15 @ 9:20am 
Blast Lord Feb 12 @ 7:24pm 
I'm not trying to piggyback on your mod just trying to give yea some ideas and suggestions that's all also got my personal mods of my own but I'd keep them private.
Kingston3K  [author] Feb 12 @ 7:04pm 
If you have this many ideas, you should make your own mod. Download the CK and try creating these things for yourself. Don't just try to piggyback off of my work.

Also, like I said, this one is nearly complete. One or two more minor updates will put it at its final version. I'm not risking any more random, nonsensical errors like the recent problems with the inactive wabbajack.
Blast Lord Feb 8 @ 2:39pm 
@Kingston3K you should add onto your mod
President_Sheogorath Feb 7 @ 2:14pm 
The Wabbajack has now become weaker since the update because it can only do a little bit of damage if you anyone knows if I am doing something wrong of something else please tell me since I like the Wabbajack and the new effects and no I do not have other mods that affect the Wabbajack.
awesomeceo Feb 4 @ 3:47pm 
wabbajack isnt working, looked this up and i cant find the source. any ideas?