The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Stranger Danger - Children can be pick-pocketed or killed
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BreadBull 7 hours ago 
Hey, not sure if you're updating this, but there is a quest tied to Nelkir in Dragonsreach (The Whispering Door). It's probably better if that one guy is made essential so you can't kill him and c*block yourself out of a daedric quest.
Rastypasta Feb 1 @ 9:06pm 
it says that is not compatible with skyrim, why?!?! D:
and doesn't work anymore, I can't kill them :(
Max Jan 15 @ 5:02pm 
Its time to save a save....But not just any save. A save While in front of braith...And kill her.....IN MONSTEROUS WAYS! >:D
MrOrangeHorseman Jan 14 @ 5:28pm 
Normally, THE DOVAHKIIN can kill walking skeletons, dragons, THE FREAKING WORLD EATER, but not children.

This mod fixes that. Bye bye Braith.......heheheehehehehe.
*kills braith*
Armag3d0n Jan 8 @ 3:52am 
DEATH TO BRAITH!1!!1!11!11!1
pyro friend Jan 5 @ 8:23pm 
Tonight I will feed on the flesh of little boys and girls! MUAHAHAHA!
Lizard Patio Jan 4 @ 10:35am 
I'll make you lick my wanderer boots you little shit
Warlord Knight Jan 3 @ 11:01pm 
HELL YES, i've wanted this for SO LONG....
IrishAlpha Dec 30, 2015 @ 5:21pm 
Doesnt work
IrishAlpha Dec 30, 2015 @ 3:51pm 
Super soldier Dec 28, 2015 @ 2:42am 
Purrito Dec 27, 2015 @ 5:28am 
betteer than twilight
DURPLORD Dec 19, 2015 @ 5:29pm 
if u want essential adult kills subscribe to heart breaker
DURPLORD Dec 19, 2015 @ 5:28pm 
i made a new char and followed braith behind that house she goes to after mugging tht battle born than i killed her XD
Victoryguard Dec 18, 2015 @ 8:02am 
@ Dr. Haysmiddts, Don't forget Balgruuf's kids - sure the Jarl himself isn't the worst but I can't stand his kids. The way Bethesda wrote the scripts for kids was just begging for a mod like this!
Velcro Dec 13, 2015 @ 2:57am 
The kids are fine. Its the little scumbag Braith disrespecting everyone like a tiny discrace. Saying random ignorant, Most likely stupid and regretfull things like "I hate you, and ill always hate you! for ever and ever and ever!!!" or "I can do anything you can do!" *I turn her invisible* but its just so retarded, They have Essential and im always trying to do PSB into console, Get strongest Power and dual cast them in there face. But i cant do that. So thank you , Thank you thnak you thank you for this mod. I can finally fireball a 10 year olds face in. Life complete.
SnowwAxius Dec 6, 2015 @ 12:44pm 
oh dear
BattleSlut Nov 26, 2015 @ 6:22pm 
Can't kill the Jarl's kids :/ Subscribed, downloaded, checked... He's still invulnerable
Demith Nov 21, 2015 @ 1:24am 
To kill list: nazeem, check. cicero, check. braith, hehe >:) finally.......
zatrack Oct 31, 2015 @ 3:53am 
weheeeee now i can nuke a village completely *evil laughing*
masemauno Oct 27, 2015 @ 7:00pm 
I subscribed to this specifically for that damn kid in Riverwood who will not die to get rid of my bounty for killing the chicken... he's the only person in the village left....
Joe Sadax Oct 27, 2015 @ 8:39am 
carlofberrino Oct 24, 2015 @ 12:41am 
for some reason this isnt working for me
any tips?
Hircine Oct 21, 2015 @ 9:30am 
the mod should be named kill Braith simulator LOL awesome :D
iViiper Oct 20, 2015 @ 8:00pm 
This doesn't work for me any tips?
The Slender Man Oct 18, 2015 @ 3:52am 
I think I would add this Just to Crack braith over the head with a War hammer, the lil jerk.

"I'm not afraid of you.."

YOU SHOULD BE LITTLE GIRL!!!!!! I AM SLENDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Crack!*

Townspeople: "MUUURDER!!!!!!!!! MUUURDER!!!!!!!! "
Obama is a Reptile Oct 15, 2015 @ 3:50am 
best mod ever!!
Paladin Dance Oct 6, 2015 @ 10:30am 
First victim: Braith.
Murder plan:
Use strip spell to unequip any possible weapons.
Use bow to snipe her.
Hircine Oct 2, 2015 @ 10:22pm 
be careful !! if u have daughter in hearthfire they will be unable to play with dolls
Undercover Oct 2, 2015 @ 12:28pm 
can a vampire also leech on them so e.g. u can turn ur kids?
MasterKibblez Sep 28, 2015 @ 2:29pm 
Asylum Rain Sep 19, 2015 @ 6:45pm 
i can finaly kill the spoiled girl in whiterun who no one likes
#Gone Until Next Thursday_squid Sep 8, 2015 @ 3:32pm 

like a minute :P
MrThirsty247 Sep 8, 2015 @ 1:12pm 
@Fragtaster - good question! @NjmTheDowell - wrong that it made me lol a little?
Fragtaster Sep 4, 2015 @ 1:13am 
It says "Quest-related children are NOT marked essential so they can be killed and break a quest." Is there a typo there (and essential npc children as still safe from being killed and breaking a quest), or does that mean that the NPC children that are essential to certain quests can be killed?
bored titan Aug 28, 2015 @ 12:07pm 
frodnar now lies death in a pool of blood thats what he gets if he hires some thugs against me for stealing everything in his home
thezorch Aug 17, 2015 @ 8:27am 
Braith is on my hit list.
TheVerySeriousLewis Aug 10, 2015 @ 10:24am 
Anybody else having issues where you can kill them even with the command and if you try the game crashes?
NjmTheDowell Aug 6, 2015 @ 2:56pm 
[A7X] Johnny Christ Aug 5, 2015 @ 8:29am 
I used this mod in real life now i have a life sentance in prison thanks dude
"INDIE" - NORLANDER Jul 28, 2015 @ 8:41am 
But other kids I can kill, just not mine.
"INDIE" - NORLANDER Jul 28, 2015 @ 8:41am 
So when I lived in Breezehome, one of my daughters Lucia was completely killable however Sofie wasn't and now that I live in Proudspide none of them are killable...
Colt_Morgan Jul 27, 2015 @ 6:11pm 
Braith,you better sleep with an eye open you whore.
AutismGamerHDTV Jul 23, 2015 @ 11:54pm 
THANKYOU! those kids always talking shit and dont expect to be killed.
LtColTristan Jul 22, 2015 @ 8:01am 
i hate children
(DLG)GoldoGamin24 Jul 18, 2015 @ 9:10am 
i agree snowie XD
(DLG)GoldoGamin24 Jul 18, 2015 @ 9:07am 
mother fukin children kill me with this mod?! but i can still kill them :)
Pink Guy Jul 11, 2015 @ 6:26am 
For some odd reason it wont let me kill children anymore.
any suggestions?
Kirro Jul 10, 2015 @ 8:33pm 
Someone get's time...