Wheatley Battle Redux
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ertreich Sep 5 @ 6:56am 
Calamitous Crystal Pony  [author] Aug 22 @ 6:29pm 
*Community. Your misspelling of that word would be very horrendous taken out of context. And don't diss the Steam Workshop. Sure, even I think there's some absolute garbage here, but not all of it. Like the Doctor says, it's like a pile of good things and bad things, and you gotta focus on the good ones.

And then, you clearly did not read the description, where I explained how this was made. So many people fail at the simple task of reading descriptions, so I won't even just give you a shortcut and tell you what it said. Read it yourself. At the bottom of the map description on this page, framed off by the lines of equal signs. The = sign, if you're lost.
ertreich Aug 22 @ 7:52am 
plus how did you make this???????????
ertreich Aug 22 @ 7:51am 
I mean that its in cumunity test chambers I hoped it would be in the game not a cumunity test chamber

Calamitous Crystal Pony  [author] Aug 20 @ 7:23pm 
Test chamber area? What the heck are you talking about?
ertreich Aug 20 @ 8:03am 
I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (exept for the fact that its in the test chamber area and not in the actual game)
Calamitous Crystal Pony  [author] Aug 16 @ 9:30pm 
It's not a test chamber. It's not even a test.

If you were being sarcastic, then I don't appreciate it.
If you weren't, then seriously. This is not a test. It's a boss battle.
Nice test chamber.
the_bluegirl Aug 13 @ 7:59am 
This battle. I liked it.
Calamitous Crystal Pony  [author] Jul 21 @ 8:49am 
Oi, this isn't the place to be bringing up Wikipedia falsities. Comments deleted due to irrelevance to Portal 2. And if you're not taking that definition of thumbnails, take this one from thefreedictionary.com:

"A reduced image of a graphic or document page, used in order to view multiple images on a screen simultaneously or to download such images more rapidly."
Calamitous Crystal Pony  [author] Jul 20 @ 10:00pm 
"Thumbnails" isn't even a Hammer-specific term.

Wikipedia definition: "Thumbnails are reduced-size versions of pictures, used to help in recognizing and organizing them, serving the same role for images as a normal text index does for words."
Seattlebronygamer Jul 20 @ 8:55am 
Ooooh, so those are thumbnails.
(but i'm terrible at hammer.)
Calamitous Crystal Pony  [author] Jul 19 @ 10:53pm 
Seattlebronygamer Jul 19 @ 9:32pm 
Calamitous Crystal Pony  [author] Jul 19 @ 7:18pm 
@Seattlegamer: The pictures you see that display the map, placed above the description, below the title of the map and the Portal 2 banner. The very obvious screenshots of the map on display on this page, making up a percentage of this webpage's main structure.

I don't mean to sound mean, but it's rather obvious.
jbaynon Jul 19 @ 8:31am 
I Like it Bro
Its Fun
Seattlebronygamer Jul 19 @ 8:09am 
Alright... but where are the thumbnails?
Calamitous Crystal Pony  [author] Jul 18 @ 3:49pm 
It's not a required item, and getting it is a secret. Take a close look at the map thumbnails, and you may find an answer.
Seattlebronygamer Jul 18 @ 8:25am 
But in this map, how do u get this rocket gun!?
Seattlebronygamer Jul 18 @ 8:24am 
Alright... :C
Calamitous Crystal Pony  [author] Jul 17 @ 8:37pm 
Does it matter?

The answer is:
No, no it doesn't.

Also, OI! Again, this is the kind of thing you would ask ON MY PROFILE!
Accessible by clicking on my icon or my name!
And use proper english, for GLaD's sake!
Seattlebronygamer Jul 17 @ 5:39pm 
Y. U. No switching to allos!?!?
Seattlebronygamer Jun 30 @ 12:35pm 
Sorrie :c
Calamitous Crystal Pony  [author] Jun 29 @ 2:10pm 
This is the type of question you would ask on my profile, not on a workshop map.

Also, use full words here, you're not texting your best bud.
Seattlebronygamer Jun 29 @ 8:15am 
R.U.A Brony?
Calamitous Crystal Pony  [author] May 13 @ 8:49pm 
@nicefive2: Not an unknown texture; it's nodraw texture. That's intentionally there. Also, 'wall of mirrors?' Worst description of nodraw effect I've ever heard.
@elenita1939: Yes, that's intentional. You don't need any stinkin' guns to beat a 50-foot robot, right?
elenita1939 May 13 @ 6:35pm 
no portal gun
lukebrumfield873 May 5 @ 4:46am 
ok thx
Calamitous Crystal Pony  [author] May 4 @ 12:38pm 
The Wheatley here is a prop_dynamic. The model is in the model browser, just merely put the search filter 'wheatley' and you'll find him.
lukebrumfield873 May 4 @ 7:05am 
but i want to add iv tryed adding the wheatly boss but i cant if you can can you tell me how?
lukebrumfield873 May 4 @ 7:04am 
thx and i love the reference and my friend is now teaching me how to use it iv made a map and just secretly hid wheatleys head so thx im working on a more complex one now
Calamitous Crystal Pony  [author] May 3 @ 5:06pm 
AUTHORING. Not authorizing.
Though, if you're thinking of using it, I highly advise that you read up on it thoroughly before even THINKING about THINKING about trying to make something and then publishing it.

If you don't, I will find you. And I will throw you in an incinerator.
*Slight Liam Neeson reference, there*
lukebrumfield873 May 3 @ 4:41am 
where do you get portal 2 authorising tools and AKA hammer?
Calamitous Crystal Pony  [author] Mar 30 @ 12:38am 
Did you not read my reply to yogboy, who basically asked the same thing?
To quote, my reply was
"I use the Portal 2 Authoring Tools, AKA Hammer. Not that wimpy PTI editor."

0rsum Seal Mar 29 @ 2:31pm 
how u get npc in maps
pierceddonaldson Feb 18 @ 9:08pm 
Good Well Done
Koltin the fox Feb 17 @ 12:03pm 
Nicely done!
Calamitous Crystal Pony  [author] Feb 15 @ 2:13pm 
Not even close. I used the Portal 2 Authoring Tools. Beemod just provides a aesthetic skin change; with Hammer, you can do EVERYTHING. Beemod, while it was made with good intention, has been used in nothing but terrible tests reskinned to Old Aperture and things of that likeness. Hammer was the tool that the actual developers used to make the main game of Portal 2, both Single-Player and Co-op. I'd sooner delete my Steam account than use Beemod exclusively. My only positive word on it at this point is the revival of the energy pellet.

TL;DR, No. I didn't use Beemod. I used Hammer, the Portal 2 Authoring Tools.
pierceddonaldson Feb 14 @ 7:53pm 
cool im guessing beemod made
Calamitous Crystal Pony  [author] Feb 5 @ 6:41pm 
It's not "get" other maps, it's MAKE MORE maps. I build these maps you see from me myself, sometimes with help via fellow mapmakers. And I'm not doing a battle map again anytime soon; next map you see from me, expect a test chamber.
Leocatz Feb 5 @ 8:53am 
dude if ur able to get other maps try to create one battling glados maby..... just saying
Calamitous Crystal Pony  [author] Jan 30 @ 8:48pm 
I use the Portal 2 Authoring Tools, AKA Hammer. Not that wimpy PTI editor.
yogboy Jan 30 @ 7:25pm 
how did you get the weathley model thing
Calamitous Crystal Pony  [author] Jan 27 @ 5:26pm 
No, this is not meant to be a complete copy of the original battle. This is an alternate version with NO moon shenanigans. Even mentioned in the description, under the spoiler bars.
Leocatz Jan 27 @ 12:14am 
if you are going to add anything it would be the wheatly getting sucked out and glados in her body again...
L0sёk Jan 25 @ 10:21pm 
jacob99200 Jan 24 @ 6:18pm 
great game
jacob99200 Jan 24 @ 6:18pm 
nevermind i fixed it
jacob99200 Jan 24 @ 6:12pm 
somethings wrong i dont see the space core i see the yellow/orrange light but hes not there whats wrong
kailynwest Jan 9 @ 3:13pm 
it was fun i want to play it again and again forever