Kryptonian Race with Laser Vision & Much More
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Zach Treaty 18 hours ago
This also has the same effect as the flying mod on Nexus, without having to download the other two.
yonas.campbell Jun 30 @ 1:35pm 
Just use God mode
The Punishing Devil Jun 27 @ 7:48pm 
I can't even do the "Bleak Falls Barrow" mission without being insta-killed by magic using draugur! Still an incredible mod though!
The Punishing Devil Jun 27 @ 7:46pm 
When are you going to fix the "Weakness to Magic" effect where magic is a one hit kill on all kryptonians?
silverhuskywolf Jun 27 @ 6:01pm 
IMFG thi looks soooo cool!!
Kryptonian  [author] Jun 27 @ 10:57am 
My last day of school is next monday.

I am going to do the update adding all the NPC's back in and have some of the new enemies thru out. Jor-El, Nam-Ek, General Zod, Faora-Ui, Kal-El, Kara-El, Lois, Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Possibly a new building called the daily tamriel.
There will also be new armors brought in the new update including pieced Kryptonian Battle armor.Thanks to MurdermeisteR. FOr examples of this check out our Star Wars armors such as the trooper sets, Darth Vader and Iron Man.
For those of you that can get the HDT cape working there will be a few versions of Kryptonian capes with HDT features.
HitlersDong420 Jun 25 @ 6:12pm 
i cant find anyone but loius lane
helen.bumblebee Jun 23 @ 6:15am 
Hey, can't find Superman at the Frozen Hearth, are you meant to do a quest or something first?
Kryptonian  [author] Jun 20 @ 8:05am 
Jor-El is being revamped with the new Armor from the Man of Steel film.
edwardkenway478 Jun 19 @ 3:02pm 
jor el is not at frozen hearth
Facank Jun 19 @ 1:00pm 
how can ı fly ?
GRAYSON Jun 18 @ 3:04pm 
where is the armor?
jmcdonnell992 Jun 18 @ 12:48pm 
i cant get the flying to work properly i have FNIS but it still looks like he is running in the air
Kryptonian  [author] Jun 17 @ 2:52pm 
As soon as I have a chance to do the massive update on this I have already fixed the magic issue.
To everyone that has responded to my request about the powers and abilities thannk you for your feedback and those issues will be fixed with the new update.
Captain Twinkie Jun 17 @ 2:05pm 
everyone hates the insta-kill thing including me. It's so over powered that it's boring. Could you please change the damage? Thank you.
Megatron Jun 16 @ 2:48am 
Yeah this mod sucks, so unbalanced not fun at all, only thing that can take you down is the kyrpto creatures you cant get away from them you cant face them head on which I get in a way but the way they were designed is stupid.

unsubbing this mod takes away the fun than adds to it.
Megatron Jun 15 @ 8:21pm 
I dont like how all the powers insta kill kinda makes the game boring, as for heat vision it needs to be a much longer duration to look cool.

Now if I could just get the fly thing to work I know I need skys and fnris I think it's called I think I got skyse but other one wont download.
✪<BrA7AnX>bunyun Jun 15 @ 12:03pm 
how can i get armor?
Dark-Light Jun 11 @ 3:55pm 
ok so i have used this mod a ton ive had well over 100 plus hours of game play with it and i want to tell you that it is awesome. However there has always been slight bugs with some powers.
The lazer vison has never honesty work it has but its always been funny i can seem to go past the delay time of most of the powers by rising my arms down and up and it lets me reuse the power. I'll normally play on legendary with the kryptonian and alot of the time i was having fun but here are some thing I found the punch dosnt insta kill but they are still some good weapons the lazer vison like i said kinda work but more resntly its only lasting a second at best in the charater creation sometimes i cant change the way the male kryptonian looks and the all magic and some of the traps have started to insta kill the pc. I am going to try using enchanted items of magic resistance and see if that will help.
FearHigh5Ghost Jun 10 @ 3:02pm 
magic should do more dmg than normal but way less than an insta-kill
buzmeister92 Jun 9 @ 3:42pm 
Heat vision appears to only work for a split second before turning off, and I can't seem to have the lobotomy work either.
Kryptonian  [author] Jun 9 @ 1:26pm 
I am updating the mod and that will be fixed in the next update. Also I plan on re adding the NPC's around the world. Namek, Faora, Jor-El, Kal-El, Kara Zor-El and some random encouters of the Kryptonian Ice Giants.

The Super vision should be working so I will need to do some testing to see the problem with it.
Flight and Super Jump will work better if you have FNIS or another 3rd party animation installer.

If any other powers or abilities are not working let me know please.
Dark-Light Jun 9 @ 11:15am 
holy cow ive had this mod for ever and it got ruined when you made magic insta kill you even spiders can insta kill by firing web at you its really ganky now
Legit Jun 8 @ 10:46am 
Don't use super vision. It's completely broken and even reloading saves won't fix. -rep
FearHigh5Ghost Jun 7 @ 6:53pm 
how do you zoom out of super sight
royernster Jun 7 @ 5:29pm 
Superman is weak to magi ... just saying
GriffinTurtle Jun 7 @ 9:40am 
There's no merchant in the inn.
Twentydragon Jun 6 @ 9:04pm 
Is this supposed to come up as an option during character creation? It isn't for me.
dakotaxxiv Jun 4 @ 7:10pm 
where is the merchent?
Epic TE Doge Jun 2 @ 7:34pm 

Epic TE Doge Jun 2 @ 7:34pm 
DCGamerboy123 Jun 1 @ 1:53am 
i dont have skyrim for steam is there an alternate way of getting this mod?
DeathKnightXD May 30 @ 4:19pm 
i looked in frozen hearth and he isnt in there
DeathKnightXD May 30 @ 4:19pm 
one question why wont the heat vision laser beam spell work i hit z and it goes for like one millisecond then it has a cooldown.
i also have 1000 magicka and still.
please help?

Also can't find the jor el vendor
CoLE May 30 @ 9:12am 
also cant find the followers or the merchant jor - el
CoLE May 30 @ 8:49am 
kryptonite monster too op if it hits you, you cant get back up as it keeps on stunning you constantly
yes May 30 @ 6:43am 
Paul May 23 @ 11:12am 
LOL talk about OP XD fhappy:

Unarmed is a one punch kill. I'll have to give this a try some time :D
johnphoenix103 May 22 @ 9:01pm 
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pownagesauce May 22 @ 2:02pm 
i cant seem to get the krytonian when i start a new game what am i doing wrong?
augustus14ad May 20 @ 9:25pm 
I have similar problems to those others have described. Have been unable to find Jor-El or any of the followers, and I also have not been able to use any of my super powers. Also, have a question about the Kryptonite monsters: is there a use for the fragments they leave behind once they are destroyed? I think the magic damage to the Kryptonian is too much; he does not have a chance to defend himself at all once someone starts firing magic at him. AND, even when I'm not playing a Kryptonian, the Kryptonite monsters zonk nearly as much as when I am a Kryptonian, yet NPCs can approach them to fight and not be zonked. Why is that? Thank you.
augustus14ad May 19 @ 6:39pm 
I have a question: is it this mod that produces the Kryptonite monster? I have been trying to track the origin of the monster. It only recently began to appear in my game, and since you updated the mod, I wondered if the monster is a new addition. HOWEVER, the monster still appears if, in testing, I temporarily unsubscribe from the Kryptonian race mod, sooooo that says to me it is not a product of this mod. But then, WHERE does it come from? Anyone know? Thanks.
SMALLSQUACH May 18 @ 9:04pm 
and my weight limit is 325 instead of 3000 somthing
SMALLSQUACH May 18 @ 9:02pm 
thats the name of it now it changed
SMALLSQUACH May 18 @ 9:02pm 
my save no longer lets me play as it my guy is bald and i dont have the powers and effects anymore? help my mod is Kryptonian.esp
Infamous Wolf May 17 @ 5:51am 
where can i find superman? i couldn't find him any where in the frozen hearth inn.
Ubercharged Uptown Boy May 16 @ 7:23pm 
I can't find the vendor.
Pedro10079 May 14 @ 2:55pm 
whats FNIS
dachipinator May 11 @ 8:34pm 
I'm sorry if this sounds like a complaint, but this is too comical not to share. I started up my new Kryptonian, and you know how in the vanilla beginning of the game, Ralof tells you to jump down into the inn? I found out the hard way that environmental fire counts as magic and died immediately upon landing a little too close to some flames. This happened a couple times, actually, while I was trying to find out why every bone in my character's body was shattering after a five foot drop with 1000 base health. Again, this isn't supposed to be a complaint, I know a fix is coming but once I realized what was going on I busted up laughing and had to share this.
fox97531 May 11 @ 6:06pm 
thx man i alreaady have my Superman