The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Kryptonian Race with Laser Vision & Much More
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can anyone help me?
i cant find the superman too!?!?!
Lord Broken Aug 26 @ 3:49am 
Lord Broken Aug 25 @ 1:59pm 
I cant find superman
i went to the inn?!
Were is he if he isnt there?!?!?!?!?!?!
sliceyomama Aug 20 @ 4:12pm 
Downloaded this today and here is my... well review kinda.
Annoying with instadeaths from magic and even random fires on the ground, the flying ability is broken, 90% of the powers does not work or if they do they break the game and the armor comes with a face, why? I admit they look good but i want my own face on the kryptonian armor and a cape that doesnt clip would be nice.

Probably seems like i am just beating on this mod but i have to say that the charm and potential is there and it could be awesome and breathtaking but it needs some serious rethinking and fixing.
CoolRhymesBusta Aug 16 @ 9:54am 
if you are still working on this you should make it so there is a chance for a red sun to spawn makeing you as weak as other races
ksocial.a Aug 14 @ 10:01am 
The only thing that sucks, a mage uses sparks on me and I am DEAD!? A frostbite spiders ranged attack also one hit KO. Fix the magic resistance to normal cause its a pain in the ass!
GordoFatal Aug 7 @ 11:58pm 
To use the spells, just click ``P``, select and press ´´Z´´. I played very little and it`s really fun, but the Kryptonite monsters is unecessary (my opinion)
im hunting wabbits {WOF} Aug 4 @ 10:27am 
i unsubscribed to this mod and i still get instakilled by magic, please fix this its really annoying!
This Guy Aug 3 @ 4:33am 
T O A S T E R Aug 2 @ 1:52pm 
it wont work im at the race menue it isnt there
BuzzingFireRock3 Aug 2 @ 12:12am 
I UNSUBCRIBED to this mod and it still gets me killed from dragons fire breath in instant what do i do?
scuba1 Aug 1 @ 1:36am 
you constintley need to be flying, when you see a kryptonite monster attack it from the air with your heat vision. works all the time.
shadowlink793 Jul 29 @ 4:58pm 
hey how do you take out kryptonite effects i got attacked by a kryptonite monster too and have no idea how to get rid of it help please?
ajturzak Jul 23 @ 7:47pm 
That magic thing sucks. I could deal with extra damage to magic but not a one hit death.
Cao_Sandine Jul 19 @ 9:12am 
Hey I just beat a Kryptonian monster and it had an after affect of sucking out all my stamina and keeping it drained is there a way to remove that affect?
Lord Mauro Jul 17 @ 6:09pm 
Dying at the mere presence of magic users is not fun. Please fix this.
bylokonnor Jul 17 @ 7:00am 
Heat vision lasts one second and does hardly any damage at all. Super speed doesn't work. The character dies if there is any magic around. What was wrong with the older version of the mod? it was great. This is just rubbish.
scuba1 Jul 16 @ 8:52am 
I love this whole Kryptonian race. I figured out how to kill the green meannies, by flying and useing heat vision. Also. any baddies out there. that use magic, save the game and sneak up on them and use heat vision. works with bleak falls barrow too.
scuba1 Jul 15 @ 8:41am 
Oh will this have a quest line to it?
scuba1 Jul 15 @ 8:40am 
I found the suit in the fourtress of solitude. i has no S on it. and I cant fly, well I can but im running in mid air, whats up with that
Gone til Sep. 1st Jul 11 @ 10:55pm 
Pretty sure they AREN'T resistant to magic. You should be literally invincible to anything except magic and take normal damage from magic.
kentos30 Jul 10 @ 1:53pm 
my suit doesn't work and the powers are buggy.
Sliverwolf Jul 9 @ 3:18pm 
You really need to eather improve or elimate flying and super sight, they just break my game and I have to start from the character creation because whenever I try to go back to earlier saves they still contuine to break the game
Ravenant Jul 5 @ 2:58pm 
whatever happened to 10% magic weakness? being kryptonian isn't fun anymore.
Toaster Jul 4 @ 10:18am 
Still can't find Superman or Jor-El. WHERE ARE THEY?
Dwalin Jul 4 @ 9:56am 
What a abslootly fucking useless Mod. But Laser vison? Hell yeah!
Toaster Jul 3 @ 11:57pm 
I can't find Superman..or his dad, Jor-El.
Toaster Jul 3 @ 11:33pm 
So...I am not Kryptonian (I died at the beginning due to the 100% magic damage) and I ran into that Krypton Monster. I was paralyzed A LOT then whiterun guards had to save me. Anyway I got the magic/stamina diseases and I can't get rid of them via the Talos Shrine.
Zach Treaty Jul 3 @ 1:18am
This also has the same effect as the flying mod on Nexus, without having to download the other two.
yonas.campbell Jun 30 @ 1:35pm 
Just use God mode
Creature Feature Jun 27 @ 7:48pm 
I can't even do the "Bleak Falls Barrow" mission without being insta-killed by magic using draugur! Still an incredible mod though!
Creature Feature Jun 27 @ 7:46pm 
When are you going to fix the "Weakness to Magic" effect where magic is a one hit kill on all kryptonians?
silverhuskywolf Jun 27 @ 6:01pm 
IMFG thi looks soooo cool!!
Kryptonian  [author] Jun 27 @ 10:57am 
My last day of school is next monday.

I am going to do the update adding all the NPC's back in and have some of the new enemies thru out. Jor-El, Nam-Ek, General Zod, Faora-Ui, Kal-El, Kara-El, Lois, Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Possibly a new building called the daily tamriel.
There will also be new armors brought in the new update including pieced Kryptonian Battle armor.Thanks to MurdermeisteR. FOr examples of this check out our Star Wars armors such as the trooper sets, Darth Vader and Iron Man.
For those of you that can get the HDT cape working there will be a few versions of Kryptonian capes with HDT features.
HitlersDong420 Jun 25 @ 6:12pm 
i cant find anyone but loius lane
helen.bumblebee Jun 23 @ 6:15am 
Hey, can't find Superman at the Frozen Hearth, are you meant to do a quest or something first?
Kryptonian  [author] Jun 20 @ 8:05am 
Jor-El is being revamped with the new Armor from the Man of Steel film.
edwardkenway478 Jun 19 @ 3:02pm 
jor el is not at frozen hearth
TeasyMahluk Jun 19 @ 1:00pm 
how can ı fly ?
GRAYSON Jun 18 @ 3:04pm 
where is the armor?
jmcdonnell992 Jun 18 @ 12:48pm 
i cant get the flying to work properly i have FNIS but it still looks like he is running in the air
Kryptonian  [author] Jun 17 @ 2:52pm 
As soon as I have a chance to do the massive update on this I have already fixed the magic issue.
To everyone that has responded to my request about the powers and abilities thannk you for your feedback and those issues will be fixed with the new update.
Captain Twinkie Jun 17 @ 2:05pm 
everyone hates the insta-kill thing including me. It's so over powered that it's boring. Could you please change the damage? Thank you.
Megatron Jun 16 @ 2:48am 
Yeah this mod sucks, so unbalanced not fun at all, only thing that can take you down is the kyrpto creatures you cant get away from them you cant face them head on which I get in a way but the way they were designed is stupid.

unsubbing this mod takes away the fun than adds to it.
Megatron Jun 15 @ 8:21pm 
I dont like how all the powers insta kill kinda makes the game boring, as for heat vision it needs to be a much longer duration to look cool.

Now if I could just get the fly thing to work I know I need skys and fnris I think it's called I think I got skyse but other one wont download.
Star Wars Jun 15 @ 12:03pm 
how can i get armor?
Dark-Light Jun 11 @ 3:55pm 
ok so i have used this mod a ton ive had well over 100 plus hours of game play with it and i want to tell you that it is awesome. However there has always been slight bugs with some powers.
The lazer vison has never honesty work it has but its always been funny i can seem to go past the delay time of most of the powers by rising my arms down and up and it lets me reuse the power. I'll normally play on legendary with the kryptonian and alot of the time i was having fun but here are some thing I found the punch dosnt insta kill but they are still some good weapons the lazer vison like i said kinda work but more resntly its only lasting a second at best in the charater creation sometimes i cant change the way the male kryptonian looks and the all magic and some of the traps have started to insta kill the pc. I am going to try using enchanted items of magic resistance and see if that will help.
FearHigh5Ghost Jun 10 @ 3:02pm 
magic should do more dmg than normal but way less than an insta-kill
buzmeister92 Jun 9 @ 3:42pm 
Heat vision appears to only work for a split second before turning off, and I can't seem to have the lobotomy work either.