Emperor Mollune Veilis Emouran
Mollune Velis Emouran   Massillon, Ohio, United States
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Basic info about me
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Sexuality: a very flaming Omni-Pansexual
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Im some what of a Tsundere
I do roleplay
Im usualy quiet but feel free to strike up a conversation anytime
i suffer from severe anxiety and emotional distress issues and so many medical. (arent we all medication and therapy are great)
Dont always be so expecting of me, i can tend to be busy and stressed alot so dont spam me please
also dont spam me invites

Im quite fond of my loyal servants and subjects, perhaps since you made it this far you may just become one~
. . . . \’,|;\-,.¸ .¸¸ . . . ¸,.,¸.
. . . . ¸,’ ¸,. . ¸ `-,”~-~’,¸,.¹-~-._¸,.
. . . . ) . ‘”¨ . .):. .`-,;:.`,’;;‘¸,.¹¯¸¸,.-
. . .,-’ , , , , ,-‘;:.. . .`-¸;:.`,’--~’`,¯-.,¸_,
. . (. ,•¸,-~’¨|;;;::.. .. . “-,; ,`,-~-~¬¯. . . . . . .¸,..,¸ . . . . .¸,.-~--.¸_
. . . ¨`” . . . .|;;;:::.. . .. . ¯¯`*¬~---~~¬¬”``~-,;:;;`”~--~”:;;::,-“’’``¯¨`
. . . . . . . . . \;;;::… . … GHEY HORSE INCUMMING ¨`-,;;:;;::;;::
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My Name is Mollune Veilis Emouran, or Molly Emoris for short. I am the Emperor of the multi-Galaxy spanning Imperium known as the Lancturna Imperialis. I am an old ancient being with much experience with lanterns and lantern rings, psionics and biology. My skills have exceeded that of what would be considered a master and thus I spread my knowledge to others. I am a very proud and mostly lewd stallion like thing. I work to keep order and peace within this galaxy and to make my empire flourish. My passion is strong and my willpower be made of steel, long live the Lancturna, Imperium Eternal.

Further knowledge of the emotional spectrum has allowed me to access other rings and master parts of the emotional spectrum. I now wield 4 other rings, Red for Rage, Pink for Love, Yellow for Fear, and blue for hope. I am a master of the green and red rings. I cannot survive without the red ring for it has become a life support for me. it has tainted my blood and corrupt my heart. Long exposure to the lack of my red ring will kill me. Some day I will achieve the power of the white light of life until then I must master the full emotional spectrum. I am too emotionally unstable to handle so much power just yet.

The ring powers i have [greenlantern.wikia.com]

Many wonder of where my origins started. Well suffice to say TLDR I am as old as the universe itself relatively speaking, a primordial being. I chose to retain the equine form out of preference and habit as well as the appeal so that I look less intimidating.

The longer version? I am an unnamed species, likely the only one and true one of kind. I was born from the will of a sentient star. Biologically I am unique as per all the years, millennia, eons of evolution forged me into what I am today. Prolonged exposure to the hostile environment of space has allowed me to evolve into an extremophile and the endless years of evolution has given me control over the cells in my own body to adapt to unfavorable environments.A multi Super celled organism if you will. Prolonged evolution has also granted me psionic powers that grow with time.
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