Insanity's Steel Bow
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Tye ☣ 17 dec 2014 om 12:13vm 
That memories about Oblivion :3
Blue Shield 28 okt 2014 om 11:40vm 
looks like the blackwood bow. i love it
bonecrusher 30 aug 2014 om 12:26nm 
please do more
DAT ONE GUY 26 jun 2014 om 7:29nm 
wmrosensrater i believe u man please insanity do it.
Vergies 24 jun 2014 om 5:21nm 
You know, I just noticed that all of your bow mods are modeled from the oblivion bows. I want to ask you, I was a big fan of the madness bow from the shivering isles. Could you make a bow like that? Thanks :D
No I think Not 24 jun 2014 om 5:52vm 
omg I know where this is from..... its the fine steel bow from oblivion. thanks for porting it to skyrim!
Ahehahem 7 jun 2014 om 6:36vm 
i tried to craft it, it didnt show up :C
Rainbowdash 25 mei 2014 om 1:29nm 
how do you get the bow
.Sensei:?M 20 mei 2014 om 2:03vm 
Gol Zin Viing 15 mrt 2014 om 10:12nm 
@ have to make it you MIGHT get lucky and get one from a bandit.
@ Insanity....I have all of your weapons mods they are the Greatest!....Hopefully someday you could group all these great weapons into ONE mod.
BEAM Corp 1 mrt 2014 om 10:55nm 
Citizen's of the Imperial City, welcome, to the Arena.
BrickermanPalooza 8 feb 2014 om 5:15nm 
Cool perfect for my new Bosmer nice work!
keithsulsh 2 feb 2014 om 4:29vm 
I can't find it, where is it?
Synch_Jynxx 29 jan 2014 om 4:02nm 
Great bow mod! I love it buy for some reason whenever I shoot it my game freezes. Any idea why this happens?
viva la juci 17 nov 2013 om 7:07vm 
i found this mod by watching gamespot review
Jethro 2 okt 2013 om 5:18nm 
@creative_writing_girl could it be the Unique Bows Collection? They have a lot of wooden bows that looks like that
creative_writing_girl 5 sep 2013 om 12:57nm 
I'm looking for a bow that's very similar to this, but is wood and not steel. Anyone know what bow I'm talking about by chance? I had it before I reinstalled.
SanguineSpirit 19 aug 2013 om 9:47nm 
I subscribed but it isnt showing up in steel smithing...
Dust Devil 11 aug 2013 om 7:14vm 
yeah thats awesome i always wanted oblivion weapons back in skyrm :D
Legolas 9 jun 2013 om 11:13vm 
cool make obivon deadric armor
Cage 30 mei 2013 om 4:48nm 
Sadiebubs 22 mei 2013 om 8:14nm 
Its like the cool like of oblivion bows but not the terrable damage.
reasontolive 15 mei 2013 om 9:55vm 
Thank you! I love simple bows and the Steel Bow from Oblivion was one of my favourites. <3
Narvarth 26 apr 2013 om 6:43vm 
this is the steel bow of oblivion no? x)
BlackRaven666 24 apr 2013 om 12:37vm 
this mod is gnarly especially for the people like me that are looking for oblivion related stuff keep em coming
InsanitySorrow  [auteur] 12 apr 2013 om 4:43nm 
Read the description, it tells you.
stormcrow 12 apr 2013 om 1:43nm 
where is the bow located
Quotion 16 mrt 2013 om 8:01nm 
What are the stats for the bow?
ibarnett_home 13 mrt 2013 om 12:28nm 
all ur mods are oblivion based i luv u!
Devourer 9 mrt 2013 om 12:59nm 
Cool mods keep em coming, for those complaining its "weak" if your playing on pc just change your stats and upgrade the weapon yourself -.-" not that hard, and beats complaining about some one else's hard work.
V0iD6 7 mrt 2013 om 11:47nm 
Cooooooooooooooooooolllll love it I upgraded it to cause 75 DMG and have enchanted it to Burn targets dealing 250 DMG of fire DMG. Thnx for mod and nice work! :D
Slickit 6 mrt 2013 om 11:35nm 
MarkellO 6 mrt 2013 om 10:41nm 
Obi-Patates 6 mrt 2013 om 8:38nm 
Meh, i rarther like my Daedric Bow, thank you.
Dragonbreath0 6 mrt 2013 om 5:22nm 
you should write the stats but i download any way
»TFL« SexyFurry (D) 6 mrt 2013 om 4:54nm 
Toothcutter 6 mrt 2013 om 2:57nm 
What are the stats?
sebrf 6 mrt 2013 om 12:17nm 
Sorry, way too week. Not worth the effort.
...And May His Enemy's Fall 6 mrt 2013 om 11:51vm 
where is it? or do you craft it? 6 mrt 2013 om 8:06vm 
Very good mod,nicely textured,no bugs.I like it!!!
tw0sh3ds 6 mrt 2013 om 7:56vm 
very nice job thx, keep on rockin!
[FR] MagicCurdent 6 mrt 2013 om 7:32vm 
Travail remarquable !
millenno 6 mrt 2013 om 5:54vm 
[EUFRU] Greum 6 mrt 2013 om 3:42vm 
Love this. Been wanting a steel bow since I first started Skyrim. Now I can replace my hunting bow and such. Love the texture too. Keep it up! =P
SPAM223 5 mrt 2013 om 6:27nm 
Finally, now theres a steel bow I can use this instead of a hunting bow
Headsprouter 5 mrt 2013 om 4:01nm 
It's a lot to ask, but I'd love to see you remake all of the weapons from Oblivion. I've been waiting for this kind of thing for a while, because I'm very sentimental when it comes to oblivion.
imatrain 5 mrt 2013 om 2:44nm 
nvm i mom did this
imatrain 5 mrt 2013 om 2:43nm 
wtf it happened here too
veel60 5 mrt 2013 om 8:55vm 
@Commando cop. Im not even sure there is a steel bow in skyrim! and it doesn't look like any of the current bows that I know of.
mkcole 4 mrt 2013 om 1:21nm 
Are you still continuing all the unique looking artifacts.