The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Insanity's Steel Bow
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Ross The Emerald Fox 22. heinä 15.30 
i should make some armor too.
hughesmichael174 16. heinä 12.41 
insanity could you please add the hunstman id love it
Tye ☣ 17. joulu, 2014 0.13 
That memories about Oblivion :3
Blue Shield 28. loka, 2014 11.40 
looks like the blackwood bow. i love it
bonecrusher 30. elo, 2014 12.26 
please do more
DAT ONE GUY 26. kesä, 2014 19.29 
wmrosensrater i believe u man please insanity do it.
Vergies 24. kesä, 2014 17.21 
You know, I just noticed that all of your bow mods are modeled from the oblivion bows. I want to ask you, I was a big fan of the madness bow from the shivering isles. Could you make a bow like that? Thanks :D
No I think Not 24. kesä, 2014 5.52 
omg I know where this is from..... its the fine steel bow from oblivion. thanks for porting it to skyrim!
Ahehahem 7. kesä, 2014 6.36 
i tried to craft it, it didnt show up :C
Rainbowdash 25. touko, 2014 13.29 
how do you get the bow
.Sensei-sama. 20. touko, 2014 2.03 
Gol Zin Viing 15. maalis, 2014 22.12 
@ have to make it you MIGHT get lucky and get one from a bandit.
@ Insanity....I have all of your weapons mods they are the Greatest!....Hopefully someday you could group all these great weapons into ONE mod.
BEAM Corp 1. maalis, 2014 22.55 
Citizen's of the Imperial City, welcome, to the Arena.
BrickermanPalooza 8. helmi, 2014 17.15 
Cool perfect for my new Bosmer nice work!
keithsulsh 2. helmi, 2014 4.29 
I can't find it, where is it?
Synch_Jynxx 29. tammi, 2014 16.02 
Great bow mod! I love it buy for some reason whenever I shoot it my game freezes. Any idea why this happens?
viva la juci 17. marras, 2013 7.07 
i found this mod by watching gamespot review
Jethro 2. loka, 2013 17.18 
@creative_writing_girl could it be the Unique Bows Collection? They have a lot of wooden bows that looks like that
creative_writing_girl 5. syys, 2013 12.57 
I'm looking for a bow that's very similar to this, but is wood and not steel. Anyone know what bow I'm talking about by chance? I had it before I reinstalled.
SanguineSpirit 19. elo, 2013 21.47 
I subscribed but it isnt showing up in steel smithing...
Dust Devil 11. elo, 2013 7.14 
yeah thats awesome i always wanted oblivion weapons back in skyrm :D
Legolas 9. kesä, 2013 11.13 
cool make obivon deadric armor
Cage 30. touko, 2013 16.48 
Sadiebubs 22. touko, 2013 20.14 
Its like the cool like of oblivion bows but not the terrable damage.
reasontolive 15. touko, 2013 9.55 
Thank you! I love simple bows and the Steel Bow from Oblivion was one of my favourites. <3
Narvarth 26. huhti, 2013 6.43 
this is the steel bow of oblivion no? x)
BlackRaven666 24. huhti, 2013 0.37 
this mod is gnarly especially for the people like me that are looking for oblivion related stuff keep em coming
InsanitySorrow  [tekijä] 12. huhti, 2013 16.43 
Read the description, it tells you.
stormcrow 12. huhti, 2013 13.43 
where is the bow located
Quotion 16. maalis, 2013 20.01 
What are the stats for the bow?
ibarnett_home 13. maalis, 2013 12.28 
all ur mods are oblivion based i luv u!
Devourer 9. maalis, 2013 12.59 
Cool mods keep em coming, for those complaining its "weak" if your playing on pc just change your stats and upgrade the weapon yourself -.-" not that hard, and beats complaining about some one else's hard work.
Mister McFucking Kill Everything 7. maalis, 2013 23.47 
Cooooooooooooooooooolllll love it I upgraded it to cause 75 DMG and have enchanted it to Burn targets dealing 250 DMG of fire DMG. Thnx for mod and nice work! :D
Slickit 6. maalis, 2013 23.35 
MarkellO 6. maalis, 2013 22.41 
Obi-Patates 6. maalis, 2013 20.38 
Meh, i rarther like my Daedric Bow, thank you.
Dragonbreath0 6. maalis, 2013 17.22 
you should write the stats but i download any way
»TFL« SexyFurry (D) 6. maalis, 2013 16.54 
Toothcutter 6. maalis, 2013 14.57 
What are the stats?
sebrf 6. maalis, 2013 12.17 
Sorry, way too week. Not worth the effort.
...And May His Enemy's Fall 6. maalis, 2013 11.51 
where is it? or do you craft it?
Dan9 6. maalis, 2013 8.06 
Very good mod,nicely textured,no bugs.I like it!!!
tw0sh3ds 6. maalis, 2013 7.56 
very nice job thx, keep on rockin!
[FR] MagicCurdent 6. maalis, 2013 7.32 
Travail remarquable !
millenno 6. maalis, 2013 5.54 
MacDonald 6. maalis, 2013 3.42 
Love this. Been wanting a steel bow since I first started Skyrim. Now I can replace my hunting bow and such. Love the texture too. Keep it up! =P
SPAM223 5. maalis, 2013 18.27 
Finally, now theres a steel bow I can use this instead of a hunting bow
Headsprouter 5. maalis, 2013 16.01 
It's a lot to ask, but I'd love to see you remake all of the weapons from Oblivion. I've been waiting for this kind of thing for a while, because I'm very sentimental when it comes to oblivion.
imatrain 5. maalis, 2013 14.44 
nvm i mom did this
imatrain 5. maalis, 2013 14.43 
wtf it happened here too