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Portal 2

Wheatley's Detour - V2
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Просто стрим 7. joulu 21.26 
os.environ["USER"]  [tekijä] 7. joulu 19.21 
В сериале не будет третьей части. Я не заинтересован в разработке для Portal 2.
Просто стрим 7. joulu 9.29 
извините за назойливость а если бы вышла 3 часть что бы там было?
Просто стрим 7. joulu 9.26 
то есть....челл жива? по скрипту извините за назойливость
os.environ["USER"]  [tekijä] 6. joulu 19.30 
Это верно. Хотя она и не такая.
Просто стрим 5. joulu 21.41 
стоп вы сказали что хотели чтоб мы считали что челл мертва ???
Просто стрим 6. marras 22.21 
Просто стрим 6. marras 22.20 
я вос понимаю
os.environ["USER"]  [tekijä] 6. marras 22.16 
RUS: В этой серии новых дополнений не будет. Я больше не создаю и не поддерживаю уровни для Portal 2, потому что я сосредоточен на частных проектах и моей карьере. К сожалению, я не принимаю запросы друзей в это время. Вы, кажется, хороший человек, но я стараюсь сделать свой список друзей минималистским. Сожалею.

ENG: There will be no further parts in this series, as I am no longer making or supporting maps for Portal 2, to focus on my private endeavours and my career. Unfortunately, this means I am no longer accepting friend requests either. You seem to be a rather nice person, but I am trying to keep my friends-list small. Really sorry about that
Просто стрим 6. marras 22.07 
Ticking Away but there will be 3 part
Просто стрим 6. marras 22.02 
если есть пожалуйста дайте ссылку я обязон подписатся
Просто стрим 6. marras 22.00 
в любом случее спасибо за ответ....и ещё...а будет 3 часть?
os.environ["USER"]  [tekijä] 6. marras 21.48 
мертвый. умерший. Челл больше нет. или, по крайней мере, это то, что я хотел, чтобы вы поверили в то время, когда это было выпущено. Извините за любые проблемы с грамматикой в этом комментарии - я использую Google Translate, чтобы поговорить с вами, так как русский не мой язык
Просто стрим 6. marras 21.43 
то есть...... по кускам?
D YellowMadness 6. marras 6.41 
A very clever puzzle & I love the ending.
os.environ["USER"]  [tekijä] 5. marras 9.56 
Chell была разобрана.
Просто стрим 5. marras 6.59 
ааааа что стало с челл?
Äärik 28. loka 6.38 
what a brutal ending... O_O
Petutski 3. loka 20.08 
Great looking interesting map. Thanks!
os.environ["USER"]  [tekijä] 12. syys 19.57 
Website > Introduction > Getting Started. Then go on to "Creating your first level", just keep going at it and then maybe after a year or so you can get started on a Wheatley-themed chamber. Then you'll find maps take years to perfect.

Getting a Wheatley-themed map isn't just a matter of the point-and-click, snap-together built-in level-editor. It takes commitment, passion, and patience.
TallyhoJrIV 12. syys 7.38 
How will that website help me to know how to do it?
os.environ["USER"]  [tekijä] 11. syys 19.58 
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Your guess is as good as mine, mate.

(In all seriousness, just check this shit out: Portal 2 Advanced Level Design Wiki )
TallyhoJrIV 11. syys 9.58 
How did you make the chambers look like the wheatley's chambers in the story?
Kit 26. helmi 14.44 
And it's time to get him his own Steam account. Thanks @Gangway! Good work on the map. =)
os.environ["USER"]  [tekijä] 26. helmi 10.26 
@Kit: That's great to hear. Because you posted this on my comments section, your mum will get a notification indicating to her that I replied to the comment. As I am not yer mum, I cannot say if she will be pleased or displeased that you used her Steam account whilst her back is turned.

Some might call it a bad move for me to expose you in this way, and that I would be better off leaving it alone. However, in a little-known quadrant of the galaxy on a planet named Dominus Malum, its several billion small squid-like inhabitants who, curiously, invented space-travel before beer, generally consider it to be, "aight."

Please forward any complaints you may have about this matter to Old Pink, c/o The Funny Farm, Chalfont.
Kit 26. helmi 9.50 
best map ever.my mom is asleep. she's kit I am not.my name is xander.I love her.this much...10000000000000000000000000000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PhilFromFrance 11. helmi 16.23 
Nice map
Me Stupidcidal2006 9. helmi 16.00 
Me Stupidcidal2006 9. helmi 16.00 
how is rocketleague an esport xd 9. syys, 2016 12.28 
rip Chell #DixoutforChell
Minato 9. elo, 2016 17.50 
the next part will be co-op mode ?
g906 31. heinä, 2016 13.50 
i like it
ahmadsyar 19. heinä, 2016 8.06 
dark humor is kind of my thing. like the youtube series Dont hug me im scared
os.environ["USER"]  [tekijä] 19. heinä, 2016 0.10 
What the hell is that supposed to mean?
ahmadsyar 18. heinä, 2016 22.46 
NOOOO the last part is too dark. but i secretly like it.
os.environ["USER"]  [tekijä] 30. kesä, 2016 21.16 
Not really . . . it's a bit shit.
_MC_Squared_ 30. kesä, 2016 20.50 
omg funniest ending ever.
os.environ["USER"]  [tekijä] 22. touko, 2016 20.30 
yeah i are now fart
fantasychica37 22. touko, 2016 17.46 
...are they now the robots?????????
♠Mr. Spoo(Festive)♠ SKYNET 8. touko, 2016 9.43 
quatrus 6. touko, 2016 12.49 
Yea it's a good one......22 pages of comments - seriously? thanks for creating
Gezzabeast 17. huhti, 2016 0.07 
and this is when i relized that chell possibaly just got all her limbs torn off
i give this a G rating....
Officer Waffles 8. joulu, 2015 0.00 
Pls tell me HOW YOU MADE THIS i wanna use the mode!
Comedy man 15. marras, 2015 5.03 
wow! this was awsome! wheres the next one?
wildgoosespeeder 23. syys, 2015 22.44 
I didn't need the fling panel at the exit of the "coop" room because I can cube climb (unless that was if the fizzler worked disabled instead of the button malfunctioning). Antlines for the orange gel activator would be nice. Same goes for the cube dropper.
virginiareason 15. heinä, 2015 6.26 
your test is gory
Dadaw 15. kesä, 2015 17.02 
lul, i killed the turret!
Thanks for the test!
Mystical λce 3. kesä, 2015 17.43 
What mod did you use the get the wheatley style.(or did you use hammer?)
Smuggypuss 2. huhti, 2015 16.19 
how i get to find rick?