Left 4 Dead 2

Improved Bots (Advanced)
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NagroM Jul 20 @ 9:44am 
why remove the option to change player?
SaSHa Pony Jul 18 @ 5:23pm 
Crashes Game when playing with others, when alone its fine so to play with friends i have to disable this which upsets me greatly going to try the simple one and see if it does the same thing
SimpleBestOption{TrBgC} Jul 15 @ 12:39pm 
much useful very good games
jeroendekker96 Jul 15 @ 8:32am 
Great Mod!
Illuminati Jul 13 @ 6:05pm 
Great mod, but things can be added for sure. I have been using this awhile and not once has a bot picked up any type of grenade, even in safe rooms and areas where we were standing still where there were several grenades scattered around.
Droostertherooster Jul 11 @ 11:25am 
your a life saver man. literallyXD
SEGA's Vault Boy Jul 11 @ 4:41am 
Thanks for your effort.
T-Mac MVP Jul 10 @ 1:27am 
AI will take the melee, the player dies AI will automatically go to the safe house, but the speed is too slow, the AI fell to the ground up, he would pack or medicine, not like before spending package and medicine, special infected found speed is improved, the attack strategy more. But they save speed and bad and selfish the, melee weapons are always the guy to steal, sometimes with a bitch as jockeys in my head to my thigh shot, even worse is that I am away from their less than 1 meter, they also do not know how to push? I I laughed my head off, no effort is angry
Mr.Nacho Man Jul 8 @ 11:10am 
I have a major problem with the included main menu... It kind of restricts your choices. Well and it covers up my other main menu mod... But AMAZING mod
What is it with Valve making great games but with horrible bots.
Ziggy Jul 7 @ 7:36am 
hi Ziggy, nice mod!
The Schwarzenegger Jul 6 @ 11:42am 
can you make it so you can chose your character when the pack is installed?
-_Augusto_- Jul 1 @ 3:19pm 
reaper Jul 1 @ 2:26am 
Any chance for a server plugin ?
Kedama! Jun 30 @ 1:12pm 
Seriously, thank you for this. Only *minor* issue I have is that the bots always get in the way when the player is shooting. It doesn't break the game or the experience but can get annoying at times. Other than that, bravo.
King5268 Jun 29 @ 8:05pm 
Oh god ! Thank you !!!!!!
H4X Jun 29 @ 7:16am 
playing on versus render the bots not to shoot with their guns if you're on the survivor team.
they just holding it and not shooting anything.
Trollmo [GER] Jun 29 @ 3:54am 
What's the difference between the bots in the Simple and Advanced version now?
Miikk Jun 28 @ 8:34am 
That's true, is there any possibility to make bots collect molotovs, pipe bombs or vomits?
Reşad Jun 28 @ 7:39am 
@Sasazaki, Please read the description.
Djthebest1337 Jun 27 @ 3:43pm 
Is there one where AI throw throwable items like pipe-bombs etc.
Crescent Rose Jun 27 @ 5:20am 
i found a bug on this where you can't select a character. Also you can't change either the difficulty itself. Clicking the singleplayer won't let me customize my campaign..
♫ChAoTiC♫ Jun 23 @ 5:25am 
i dont see any improvements other than versus in single player and the bots have SUCH a hard time trying to kill a jockey riding me (without this they kill a jockey in 2 or 3 secs for me and about 7-10 with this on)
DrunkGunS Jun 22 @ 2:32pm 
I think I found a problem. In versus if you are the survivor team you will fight more special infected, like two smokers or hunters.
(Z3R0) Qwerky Jun 19 @ 4:07pm 
This is probably the biggest improvement to the already hideously uncooperative Bots.

But there's one thing the bot's are still missing.
And that's their lack of ability to use Throwable's. (E.g Pipebomb's, Bile, Etc.)
reper367 Jun 17 @ 12:42pm 
can't play custom maps
Ruolas Jun 13 @ 1:56pm 
how could i change bind radialmenu the one is set for ALT right now?
Ruolas Jun 13 @ 11:50am 
dont work
Your Right
✪Arcturus✪ Jun 10 @ 2:06pm 
you can't get vac banned for turning sv_cheat to 1 if you are in singleplayer it will just disable achievements @BeigeMidnight
BeigeMidnight Jun 10 @ 11:30am 
this addon performs "Server cvar 'sv_cheat' changed to 1". can i get vac-ban with it?
GOT IT Jun 5 @ 3:01pm 
• Bots will react much faster to a player being attacked by a special zombie. - Absouletley not. Was killed by a hunter while the whole group of bots was just staring at me.
• Bots are much more likely to save their first aid kits for a player. - When I was on 5 hp, Ellis was on 35 and he used it on himself.
• Bots will try to stay in a tighter group with the player. - They follow you just like in the original. After going far distance, only then they follow you.

May be I was having having a bad luck, but I don't see any improovments in bots still(Except after you die, they keep completing the campaign and use melee weapons) I was testing it on Parish, if it matters.
TheFantasyUmbreon Jun 4 @ 8:35pm 
This and the doktor's vocalizer seems to conflict with each other. If the autoexec doesn't already execute (launch options), this mod seems to take reign. But to make the vocalizer work, you type in "exec vocalizer.cfg", and from there the two mods conflict and neither can be used.

They both use the F# buttons, but I was just curious if there was a fix available.
Finally. The bots suck in vanilla L4D and made me never play a match unless I had at least 3 players on a team.
NitroShard Jun 1 @ 6:40pm 
Isn't it that the bots only heal you when you are holding a medkit?

Besides the one time I was near death and bot Coach used his medkit on his self. :l
Nod Lucario May 29 @ 10:06am 
Is there a way for the Bots to get defibs. It's still annoying when you die in singleplayer, and the game can't move forward because of the bots being stuck in a certain segment.
Frankie May 26 @ 12:54pm 
Guys can you get the achievement "Still Something to Prove" with this mod enabled?
[S.I.C.] The Plovchick-Man May 26 @ 3:15am 
The mod works fine but when I get traped by smoker or charger ex bots come pretty slowly compared non modded l4d
FlynnFixxer May 22 @ 7:13am 
Mod worked great but went haywire for me. Just outta nowhere one day it stopped working. menus pop up and stuff but the commands no longer work anymore. i tried unsubscribing and reinstalling and still nothing. Then it tells me the server will not allow my mods like skins and stuff.......the problem is im playing offline single player.....wtf. So i turn the mod off and it all works fine but when i turn it on i cant play......whats up?
Neku Sakuraba May 10 @ 6:09am 
@kadar you gotta set the server to be a local server, not an offical dedicated or best avaliable dedicated. this causes lag for other people if they don't live very close to you, but it isn't the worst. i'd just find a server with this mod installed instead.
Saddam Hutrain May 9 @ 7:01am 
Bots don't save me while being attacked by special infected (like being ridden by a jockey or strangled by a smoker). Its really annoying.
KuntaoDaChump May 7 @ 1:53pm 
Worked well for a while, but then they just started to just crouch there. And teleport when i got far enough... I've died alot from it. ALSO, they won't help you when your downed, or being mauled by a special
Kersion May 3 @ 5:03pm 
I wish for this mod that you can enable if you want the bots to follow you or you follow the bots. So the follow the bots would basically act as if you died.
Kadar Apr 30 @ 10:28am 
If I host the match and one of my friends join, will this mod still work, or does my friend need the mod too for it to work?
Meeker Apr 28 @ 11:32am 
I can finally play versus without getting kicked :D
ILLUMINATI Apr 25 @ 8:00am 
Melon *HIATUS* Apr 20 @ 10:50pm 
I really see the difference in these advanced mods. They are a bit faster reacting to the special infected. I played multiplayer with a friend before so I didn't really notice any changes but now I have, the only problem is the game still ends even after I die. But I can bare with it. I've been around the non-advanced ones, only problem is they take a lot longer to revive you when another bot is down and one of them died by the time I got to them. :/

On occasions, the game does glitch but it's not too bad. They're actually really hilarious glitches. Caught glimpse of a witch inside the trashcan crying her eyes out and startled her; got incapacitated. Totally worth it. xD 20/10 -IGN
Medkit Apr 15 @ 4:52pm 
no hands
20%skillHERE Mar 31 @ 9:33pm 
will the bots lead the way or do i still have to do it?
Alises Mar 31 @ 12:52am 
Do not try to play this on expert, is really stupid. Them bots dont care bout objectives they just keep healing with the chopper or car ready to go and you lose the game