DarthMod: Shogun II SW v5.0
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Post-Nuclear Putin Jul 5 @ 12:00pm 
There are leaves in the ocean in FOTS
xTeChN0xViKiNgX Jul 5 @ 7:53am 
for some reason the unit cards are still the same In ROS ?
Tripfriend Jul 5 @ 6:11am 
Sure is fun fighting Takeda with half a stack of elite cav by turn 10. I guess the previous version of this mod was better, what's with this ai cheating.
Kharn Jul 3 @ 3:11pm 
Meh, mod kinda ruins the game, Archers become unrealistically useless and completely a waste of gold. Movement speeds were fine before they walked like humans now they walk like snails -.-. Stuff seems kinda dull, idk, I'd say Radious is better.
Midterms Jul 2 @ 11:18am 
In my game, after installing the full launcher version, my agents STILL only receive TWO skill points per level up. This was the same when I tried to use the workshop version. I tried searching online for this problem but only found one unreplied post. Does anyone else have this problem??
TheRyderShotgun Jun 28 @ 3:58am 
the whole reason im here is because i saw "darthmod" and thought "ooh, total war star wars mod!"
Smooth Jun 24 @ 8:43pm 
how do i know if the mod is working? cause im running darthmod and the units still looks vanilla. I dont see any difference in the menus and stuff.
Owedevil Jun 21 @ 3:21pm 
Gotta disagree with madkat and lantador. Radious is a mindless unit spam, a children's mod. With this you have to actually rely on garrison and think about what units you make and what you build. after I tried out Radious i ran as fast and far away from it as i could.
TigerOfSweden Ò,,,ó Jun 20 @ 6:10am 
how do i open this stupid audio fix file???
VonAwesome Jun 19 @ 12:43pm 
I do love this mod. Keep it up man.
sjeggy6 Jun 12 @ 1:01pm 
uhm, ikko ikki have increased unit size as a trait, but not here now the ikko ikki is sooo weak :(
Lantador Jun 11 @ 4:21pm 
I agree with Madkat. High unit upkeep, insane build costs, too many negative penatilies to modernisation with tech makes progressing in the game dreaful and boring. Back to radious where it's fighting endless hordes of armies :)
fralb.00 Jun 5 @ 4:42am 
M@dK@t Jun 4 @ 4:51am 
Playing with this mod was like trying to pinch off a telephone pole coming out my ass. Not sure what you tried to do but i had 3 settlements with pumping economies and could hardly support one army . Long hard slog , very dull
Jovah2 May 28 @ 2:08pm 
I wish there was a submod to make the battles longer, reduce the kill rates for units. By the time I have finished all my maneuvers, enemy has already routed before I have time to just enjoy the massacre....
Olly May 27 @ 10:00pm 
Best shogun mod
AsherO'Dowd May 12 @ 1:20pm 
I noticed bowmen were beating one on one battles against calvary???
zqq1111 May 10 @ 7:55am 
hope you come back
Total War need
meku May 10 @ 4:42am 
only suscribe, press de green button
how can i download this?
a0939930696 May 3 @ 10:58pm 
[РККА] Cтрелок Apr 28 @ 8:56am 
почему с этим модом нелзя играть с другом если он есть и у него???
Antipatra Apr 26 @ 10:36pm 
Makes the game too hard, and does nothing to fix the AI and their limitless money/huge armies.
Flip Apr 19 @ 3:55pm 
but downloaded version site has so much more feature so I reccomend that since this won't update
Flip Apr 19 @ 2:02pm 
amazing mod
samir.mikayilzade Apr 11 @ 7:40am 
Sexy Apr 4 @ 4:25am 
very good
TAW | Elkubik Mar 31 @ 3:39am 
For everyone with sound issues, there is a really easy fix, there's a link to it in the description of the mod: http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?p=12073038 . Follow the instructions and all will be good... hopefully
Elk out
xXSironimoXx Mar 30 @ 10:35am 
not sure from which mod this bug comes from (DM does only sound changes in think) but pls fix the cannon sound bow cavalry ( and some others maybe, but i just noticed the bow cavalry) do ?
Maharlika2 Mar 29 @ 2:49am 
Thank you for this Dartis. Enjoying this mod from the Far East. Is this applicable to FOTS?
ras1116 Mar 26 @ 6:50am 
i wanted to download it but seeing so many sound issues. I will refrain for now from downloading it. such a shame i like the mod.
Grobian Mar 26 @ 3:46am 
Where can i download it?
giannhs21fit Mar 19 @ 12:07pm 
helo i downoload the mod and i tick the box but he dont work pls help
DARTIS  [author] Mar 19 @ 1:54am 
Hello all,

I have updated the sound fix file. The attachment got broken in TWCenter so I had to re-upload.

Thanks to Snowhood42 for sharing this file and sorry for the trouble.
mark.indiveri Mar 13 @ 1:12pm 
Where is the Sound Fix? The link given is BROKEN. I finally got the Darthmod working but hate the Cannon sounding Bows... Other sound issues too...
Daniel G Mar 7 @ 7:37am 
hey guys when i subscribe it just loads and loads for ages but it never goes from subscribe to subscribed. any help?
smittyreeves Mar 6 @ 12:51pm 
@Gamer Bhoy It literally states it does in the first paragraph.
Iceira Feb 27 @ 5:06am 
sound fix stilll need it even its included in 4,4 why has it not been included in 5,0 ?
Gamer Bhoy Feb 27 @ 4:41am 
Does this work with RotS and FotS?
Ramsay Bolton Feb 23 @ 7:36am 
Same issue with sound fix download link as @Reece and @Wolfy
Wolfy Feb 22 @ 11:44am 
Same issue as @Reece. Can't download the fix, can't ignore the BOOM of my bow.
Vlad Steel Feb 20 @ 11:15am 
I can´t get this to work. steam or the one from TWC. I just get stuck in the loading screen. Have No other mods. I have re-instaled STW II but still have the same issuies. I have also verified the game but still cant get the game to work with mod. It works fine without. Only mod i have is for Empire totalwar. Plx help.
Reece Feb 19 @ 4:51pm 
Download link at "http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?p=12073038" seems to be broken for the audio fix. Anyone else having this problem?
Tis but a scratch Feb 19 @ 4:35am 
To those annoyed by the fact they have to download the fix from TWcenter: I hate to burst your bubble but TWcenter is THE TW community and darthmod for previous TW games has been released there for ages. Just like you find tons of more up to date and well documented mods for other games on nexus sites. For most modding communities the Steam Workshop is just another mirror and the TWcenter mod community is the main hub and has existed since long before the Workshop. You won't get support and regular updates for most mods here on Steam either. At least not for anything hosted on the Nexus or TWcenter.
Edin Feb 14 @ 2:43pm 
Armstrong Guns sound is broken....
SPARTAN CORP Feb 7 @ 10:26pm 
i have some question it is compatible with "BullGod_Generals_Animation_nohoro_vanilla" and "Saya - The Blade and Its Sheath" mod?
I really want to know... have a nice day
saintraa Feb 5 @ 2:10am 
Have a problem with unit sizes in the beginning of game. At ultra unit size mode I have vanilla unit sizes when rebel units have the correct sizes as what in units for training in castles.
saintraa Feb 5 @ 2:06am 
It works fine with russian language version of game.