Total War: SHOGUN 2

Total War: SHOGUN 2

DarthMod: Shogun II SW v5.0
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Fi'We Aug 23 @ 9:28am 
this compatible with Radious mod pack?
Dozhmat Aug 23 @ 8:21am 
Can I return back Horo in this mod version?
SySTEM Aug 21 @ 10:20am 
reaper, its extremely common to restart your PC after you install something. How old are you dude?
reaper19830 Aug 6 @ 2:21pm 
what is Naval Action?
Is it on steam?
[ST] Marku Aug 6 @ 8:38am 
he doesnt work on his mods anymore guys. He's working on Naval Action etc
Zenker Aliento-rojo Jul 25 @ 1:39am 
Dartis, please, could you expand de units from the Otomo empire? the Portugeses thirds, there only 120, is the standart if i dont use the mod, and is the same numer with the mod, thanks.
reaper19830 Jul 24 @ 11:15pm 
If anyone can, please send the below post form me to DARTIS, creator of DarthMod.
reaper19830 Jul 24 @ 11:07pm 
I downloaded the v5 from and installed it, works; However DarthMod installation asked
me to RE-START my pc to finish installation?

I'm worried about this, is this normal?

If not what went wrong; How can I fix it?

I'm going to keep playing the game as normal untill I recieve a answere of
concern here on this thread in response to these questions.

And to all out there concidering this mod be informed of this and that the v5 of
DarthMod has way more options and I personally like the veriety one gets from the full v5 from as compared to this verson of v5 DarthMod here on steamworkshop, that has far less options available to you.

I just want to know if it is a maleware, rootkit, ect. or if it was intended by the mods creator to "Ask you to restart you pc after mod installation."

All informative help on the matter would be appriciated!!! :)

[FTG] Gattsu Jul 19 @ 12:17pm 
Mod is okay, Dificulty is too high, AI spawns retarded sized armies. Makes the game too focued on Sieges.
MoshedZ Jul 4 @ 8:24am 
I am literally playing this when I play ExtJapan....

I wouldn't otherwise....
10/10 amazing mod.
⊕ Mr.Lek ⊕ Jul 4 @ 7:11am 
I can not playing it anymore. when game launching it crash and it told me i priated there game.
JollyJupiter Jul 3 @ 1:52pm 
Excellent mod
Grue Jun 29 @ 1:26pm 
The standard mod for this game.
El Grito Jun 26 @ 6:13pm 
Can anyone say whether this mod permits extra generals in an army to gain xp? Or whether we still have to split them as support to gain XP? And if that's the case, can anyone point us to a mod that permits extra generals to gain XP?
GERxHood_Ben Jun 25 @ 10:39am 
fuck off Megatron with your little sneaky webside
Megatron Jun 22 @ 8:34am 
no income boost? This must be an older version better to get the one off of it comes with everything
WellMad Jun 15 @ 5:11am 
McAfee Is buged and will stop SG2 from working Uninstall OR disable it to play then turn it back on, I just removed it and installed AVG.
Condor Jun 10 @ 1:08pm 
Got S2 to work after manually deleting files and then reinstalling, and deleting a part of the McAfee suite, will try to install DM again.
Condor Jun 9 @ 3:52pm 
Just reinstalled game, still crashing on launch, even without being subscribed to DarthMod anymore. I'm going to try manually deleting all files.
Condor Jun 8 @ 7:40pm 
Crash on launch, and continues to do so after unsubscribing. Rather disapointing as I am a huge fan of DarthMod for the other TW games.
Jaginun Jun 7 @ 3:22pm 
I'm not sure it is just this mod. I tried various mods with my friend when playing shogun 2 and they all had incompatible version error and endless battle loading. Has a recent update bugged the game?
Owl Day Jun 7 @ 2:34pm 
Heads up, this no longer works with Multiplayer. Co-op battles will fail to load properly.
KFC RULES Jun 7 @ 4:41am 
the audio fix no work :s
Riddick Jun 5 @ 4:10pm 
does this support multiplayer?
Jazz Jun 5 @ 12:03pm 
Im having some trouble with the daimyo models. They often appear with messed up textures. Im quite sure I dont have doublets of mods that are chaninging their apperance. I am also wondering if DarthMod includes the "Saya" mod? Because the Daimyos are equipped with katans sheathed in their sayas which is kind of annoying.
Ripararien Jun 3 @ 1:11am 
Why I can't play Otomo in custom battles?
Megatron May 29 @ 10:45pm 
This mod is worthless I cant find where I can change unit sizes, the lack of income boost makes this game no funt o play at all, you cant pick and choose different mods. This is pointless as I've said and shoudl be taken down it's WAY out of date.
George Nada May 25 @ 3:50pm 
is this mod any good? is it better to just do it by the launcher?
zanglebert May 22 @ 3:17pm 
Hey. I'm a bit unclear on what exactly the Steam Workshop version of this mod installs, and what *options* there are I can set. I read the description above, and it's the following lines that confuse me:

>This version includes in a pack:
>*The gameplay and AI of DarthMod
>*Full Multiplayer support (All players running this version can see
>each other online and can also play with the increased unit sizes)

>To use all the extra submods you must use the Launcher version
>or apply manually the Pack Version of the mod.

So I'm wondering:

(1) Which of the changes mentioned above are enabled *by default* when I subscribe?

(2) Which options can I change *when only using the Steam Workshop version*, i.e. if I *don't* use the full launcher?

Sorry if that's totally obvious, but like I said, I couldn't get it from the description above.
gruenergermane@art.20gg May 16 @ 7:22am 
works fine may 16th 2016 -but only singleplayer for sure
Draq May 13 @ 5:52am 
Hi all. Is that mod still working?
Gotcha Apr 28 @ 5:42am 
This mod is not working online
Quarren™ King of Q Apr 10 @ 6:27pm 
Marcocò Apr 7 @ 11:31am 
are you sure that this mod doesn't work anymore?
Caelistas Apr 5 @ 7:15pm 
選択します Mar 28 @ 10:10am 
isr es normal, das die ki nur militärhäfen baut??????
anemos85 Mar 24 @ 11:56am 
I loved the mod on pc, but Nowadays I can only play on a macbook pro 15'' mid 2012: while the game plays perfectly on ultra while playing vanilla, if I use Darthmod I can barelly play only if I set "Unit details" on Low... is there anything I can do to be able to use the mod without experiencing such an huge drop in the fps?
(The mac plays very good even vanilla rome 2 on high settings so I suppose is there something going with the mod)
Countersnipe Mar 23 @ 1:17pm 
Just a quick questoin. In a campaign I'm playing I've captured a city with a port that allows me to recruit matchlocks. However, instead of only being able to recruit 1 or 2 matchlock units, I can recruit like 4 at one time. Is this a bug? Can the A.I. do this as well?

I've been mixed about recruiting 4 matchlocks in 1 turn. If the A.I. can do it as well, then I would like to know because I don't want to cheat the game.

thanh_is_here Mar 16 @ 10:42pm 
i got the sound file but my chokosabe archer dont shoot over my troop once i have troop in front of them they dont shoot
Opiate666 Mar 7 @ 11:28am 
Superb mod, launcher version (from TWC) is better but this one is nice for its simplicity and definatly covers the most necessary features. Just like Darthmod for previous TW titles it turns CA's steaming pile of rushed shit into something enjoyable.
Zombieater Mar 4 @ 12:10pm 
How do I change the size of units?
Prometheus Mar 2 @ 5:49am 
I just installed this mod and the audio fix. I started a custom game and really liked the visuals and bigger units. But before my army was even in range of the enemy the game already crashed about 5 minutes in game. I actually planned on doing a coop campaign with a friend and this mod, but when I can´t trust it on running smoothly I probably won´t :-( (No other mods installed)
Azizzz Feb 29 @ 3:40pm 
I just dld the mod no other mod instaled just Dart mod.When i lauch the game a darth mod loucher comes out whiht onle vrus_1.0.pack mod to enable it iz darh mod that ?or i did somthing wrong
Geo Feb 29 @ 11:14am 
@ people complaining about sound

***You NEED also this Audio FIX***
(Repairs gun/bow/cannon sounds for some units)

red the description and stop dribbling on your keyboards
[KOR] Why So Serious ? Feb 29 @ 6:19am 
archer cannons sound ...what the....
Zuds2 Feb 27 @ 5:45pm 
This mod sucks if you cancel it when you launch the game it resets your whole conquest map.
*HUNGER* Feb 27 @ 1:08am 
archer shooting cannons?! wtf i mean whenever they shooting arrows that sounds like a cannon lol plz fix this
=AJSA= Giver of Will Feb 20 @ 5:43am 
yes its compatible
EpicKingJames Feb 19 @ 4:51pm 
is it compatible with other mods?
derique69 Feb 16 @ 10:32am 
I am still having issues with bows from certain factions sounding like cannons. When i use the soundfixpack from the link above, i still have some factions that have the cannon sound with their bows. If i dont use it most of the factions dont have the cannon sounds, but Chosokabe faction has the cannon sound. What gives? Is there a fix for all the factions or not?