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Alternate Start - Live Another Life
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Actualización: 6 sep. 2016 a las 15:05

Version 3.1.5a

Oops! Accidentally broke the vanilla start due to a missing safeguard in the script for another quest.

Actualización: 5 sep. 2016 a las 14:35

Version 3.1.5

Leftover NPCs in Helgen Keep were not disposed of properly if you had skipped going into the keep or the cave after seeing Alduin fly away and the LAL quest had stopped. This fix will not run retroactively.
Hadvar and Ralof should no longer be standing around in the cave if you never rescued one of them. One or both will be disabled if Jagged Crown has not yet progressed to being directed to Korvanjund when you complete the LAL quest.
The guard at the Whiterun gate was not returning to his post after confronting you due to a USLEEP fix which had not been forwarded. (Bug #21058)
Dawnguard gargoyles placed in vampire lairs should no longer attack you if you choose a vampire start and end up in a dungeon that has some. (Bug #21133)

Actualización: 6 mayo 2016 a las 14:33

Version 3.1.4

Plugged another loophole that caused entering Dragonsreach to advance the Main Quest before visiting Helgen and before completing Korvanjund. The failsafe there should now only trigger if the player enters Dragonsreach during Message to Whiterun if they have not yet been to Helgen. This will not be tweaked further as this failsafe is in place to prevent breaking the MQ.
Starting the game in Whiterun should no longer cause the confrontation outside the city gate to fail. Bethesda installed a number of failsafes to stop the guard from intercepting the player and these failsafes were clashing with what LAL intends to do. The vanilla confrontation quest will now be shut down and a cloned version of it run in its place to handle this for any non-vanilla starts.

Actualización: 24 abr. 2016 a las 1:34

Version 3.1.3

One of the child beds was mismarked with a chest keyword instead of a bed keyword so it would not get set properly in aliases for multiple adoptions.
Added a railing around the stairway to the basement of the farmhouse. Can't have the kids falling in!
Forwarded fixes from USLEEP 3.0.1 for tavern acoustic spaces and music.
Plugged another loophole in the Dragonsreach failsafe that should cover getting the Helgen objective but talking to the gate guard to get in without going there.
Being sent to Solstheim as the result of one of the randomized picks (bandit, vampire, left for dead) was not correctly setting the Solstheim start flag on all possible destinations due to using the wrong function for checking locations.
Trimmed several properties off and rewrote the parts that used them to run through formlists instead. This should help reduce Papyrus string usage, even if it's just a small amount.
Retro scripts are now blocked from running on a brand new save as some of the logic in them might cause some problems if they're allowed to do so.
Hadvar and Ralof should no longer appear inside the Helgen Cave if The Jagged Crown has started, causing a plot continuity error.

Actualización: 2 feb. 2016 a las 21:34

Version 3.1.2

Picking up the rumor about Helgen from the Bannered Mare caused the MQ to get shorted if the player then passed a guard on the way out of the city.
Confronting the guard at the Whiterun gate, but then going to Helgen without entering the city results in the gate becoming locked again and the map markers disabled. A failsafe check is now in place to prevent this from happening.
A further failsafe has been added to the trigger in Dragonsreach to enable the map markers on the off chance the player finds a way into the city without confronting the gate guard.

Actualización: 23 ene. 2016 a las 21:41

Version 3.1.1

Imperials can now start the game as a member of the Penitus Oculatus at the outpost in Dragon Bridge.
Fixed a bug that would cause vanilla starts to be blocked from entering Whiterun because the guard would not confront you and open the gate.
Fixed a bug in the friendly faction assault system that wasn't recognizing attacks against Thalmor faction members.

Actualización: 14 ene. 2016 a las 22:58

Version 3.1.0

Made it possible to join the Civil War without having to go to Helgen first. Advancement beyond "Message to Whiterun" requires starting the Main Quest.
The journal found on the burned corpse no longer has specific dates listed. A slightly different version will be provided if the player has been to Korvunjund for Jagged Crown.
If the player advances Jagged Crown up to the gathering at Korvunjund before going to Helgen, Hadvar and Ralof will no longer appear in the Helgen Keep cave.
The inn rumor has been modified to simply provide a generic response that directs the player to travel to Helgen. Shady Sam will remain in the game as an Easter Egg, but no longer has any relevant function in the mod. Your quest stage will automatically be adjusted to account for this if you were partway through it.
Starting as a soldier in the war no longer triggers background events in Helgen.
Bandit and Vampire starts could fail to move you to a location due to incomplete keyword checks in the conditions for starting the controller quests.

Actualización: 24 nov. 2015 a las 18:27

Version 3.0.7

Updated Frostfall detection for Frostfall 3.0.
It was possible to approach the Helgen area and enter the cave in the back side of the keep without triggering the Alduin flyover under very specific conditions. This would then result in some quest stages being skipped, which then caused the trigger detection to shut down. Once the trigger detection shut down, Tullius and Ulfric would not be enabled, which then blocked access to the Civil War. I if playing a Thalmor start, the Thalmor Embassy would not reset properly for Diplomatic Immunity either, which could then seriously break the main quest.

Actualización: 15 nov. 2015 a las 23:17

Version 3.0.6

Bandit start bounty location properties were never filled which resulted in no bounty ever being applied to the player for the hold the start location was in.
Starting in the Winking Skeever in Solitude did not properly trigger Roggvir's execution scene upon exiting the inn.
Starting with a Hearthfire house would cause certain upgrades to become unavailable or trigger dialogue claiming the player had no funds to purchase them. An unused script variable in the Hearthfire DLC was to blame for this.
Skeletons and Draugr were hostile toward vampires in their start locations and has been corrected.

Actualización: 10 oct. 2015 a las 19:15

Version 3.0.5

Bandit starts can now choose from as many valid bandit camps as there are in the game within Tamriel and Solstheim, with the following exceptions: Mistwatch, Nilheim, Trevas Watch, Ustengrav, Bloodskaal Barrow, Haknir's Shoal, and Hrodulf's House. Locations added by mods will be potential choices as well as long as they are properly configured.
Vampire starts can now choose from as many valid vampire lairs as there are in the game within Tamriel and Solstheim, with the following exceptions: Potema's Catacombs, and Redwater Den. Locations added by mods will be potential choices as well as long as they are properly configured.
Left for Dead starts can now choose any location in Tamriel or Solstheim at random as long as the destination marker is tagged with the MQ101HelgenArcher5 location reference type, and the destination marker is in a valid location record. Other mods will thus be able to set up locations for this without the need for any patches.
Sven and Hilde will no longer be outside their house eternally waiting for the Dragonborn to go to Helgen so their scene will run. They should arrive there as needed when the time comes now.