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Update: Mar 7 @ 1:37am

Updated to latest in master branch from github

Update: Oct 1, 2016 @ 9:05pm

Full Changelog on Github[]:

- Thrusters: Added fancy new fire_smoke effect, which varies based on thrust applied.
- CD Ray: Fixed writes immediately flushing when using the read ray
- Wire User: Now respects Prop Protection
- E2: Added holoDeleteAll(N), holoAmount(), holoMaxAmount(), findPlayerBySteamID(S), XWL:egpResolution(), XWL:egpSize(), isfinite(n), isinf(n), isnan(n)
- E2: Fixed a few errors with applyForce
- E2 Constraints: Added a parameter to rope() for 'rigid', added parameter to axis() for 'localaxis', added new hydraulic() signatures for including constant/damping, as well as E:setConstant(i, constant) and E:setDamping(i, damping) for adjusting existing hydraulic strengths.

Github's where the latest version always lives.
Direct all bugs/feature requests to Github's issue tracker; we don't usually look at Steam comments (can you blame us?)
If you'd like to contribute, please send us a Pull Request!

Update: Mar 19, 2016 @ 1:48pm

Update going out! Full Changelog on Github[]:

- Legacy Wire tool removed; 'Advanced Wire' renamed to 'Wire'
- Better performance for Width=0 wires
- Gates: List loads faster, removed Array gates, removed individual limit convars in favour of sbox_maxwire_gates
- E2 Added: lerp(q,q,n,n), E:ops(), R:unset(s), E:propStatic(n), E:propElasticity(n), serverUUID(), hostip()
- E2 Fixed: jsonDecode,
- E2: New GUI for enabling extensions, new beta wire_expression2_ram_emergency_shutdown_enable convar
- SPU: Fixed silence from some angles
- ZCPU: Syntax highlighting fixes, fixed validator breaking after 1st error
- Various other bugfixes (208 commits)

Github's where the latest version always lives.
Direct all bugs/feature requests to Github's issue tracker; we don't usually look at Steam comments (can you blame us?)
If you'd like to contribute, please send us a Pull Request!

Update: Mar 19, 2016 @ 12:53pm

None Provided

Update: Jun 15, 2015 @ 5:11pm

Update going out! Full Changelog on Github[]:

- Camera: Fixed PVS issues (not seeing entities when far away from camera)
- Keyboard: Rewritten
- Screen: Improved format when displaying large numbers or times
- DHDD: AllowWrite input now makes a bit more sense
- Fixed duping of Keypads, address busses
- E2: Added jsonEncode and jsonDecode
- E2: Fixed for latest Gmod update timer issues
- Various other bugfixes

Update: Mar 18, 2015 @ 11:11pm

Update going out! Full Changelog[]

- Wire Triggers: New entity, 'like 3d rangers'
- Text Receiver: Improved; added array output
- Dynamic Button: Fixed, improved cpanel
- Radios: Fixed duping issues, fixed secure setting
- HDD: Fixed data corruption
- CPU Hi-speed support: Added to constant value, oscilloscope, sound emitter
- gmod_tool_auto: Switches cpanels again

- E2: Works with the latest Garry's Mod update
- E2 Editor: Overhauled visuals to better match native derma
- E2 Uploading: Faster!
- E2 Effects: Added new creation extension
- E2 Propcore: Added many more functions (search 'prop' in e2helper)

- E2: Added e:setSubMaterial(n,s), quite neat
- E2: Fixed being unable to disable extensions, Server Owners may need to enable things!
- E2: Rewrote perf()
- E2: Made tool/editor more Prop Protection friendly (remote updater, reading permissions, etc)
- E2: Tables/Array Outputs can now trigger Inputs
- E2 Holograms: Added wire_holograms_modelany 2 (allows models not present on server)
- E2: Fixed Hologram Scaling (we just can't win with this one)

... And many more little improvements.

Update: Mar 18, 2015 @ 10:16pm

None Provided

Update: Nov 4, 2014 @ 11:27am

Update out today, Full changelog on Github[].

- Improvements to Wire custom menu, including better favouriting and settings
- Cam Controller: Improved movement smoothing, improved operating through PVS walls
- Sound Emitter: Fixed initial volume being 5%, I think thats the bug you guys keep reporting?
- Hoverball: Completely rewrote code to reduce edge case bugs, should be fully backwards compatible
- Constant Value: Rewritten, now auto guesses types, shows visible validation, saves values between sessions
- Added better overlays to Eyepods, Cam Controllers, Wheels, and a few other parts using generic models to better differentiate
- Damage Detector: Cleaned up codebase to fix several bugs
- Light: Rewritten, new inputs added
- Levers: Improved tracking, work with Pod Controllers
- Improved Advdupe2 compatibility with renamed entities (Pod Controller, etc) and holograms
- Fixed some Garry Duplicator bugs
- E2: Added search box for E2 browser
- E2: Sped up E2 upload speed
- E2: Added new preprocessor command @autoupdate, which makes the E2 automatically update itself with the file from your local E2 folder on dupe.
- E2: Added holoPlayerColor
- E2: Added E:constraintBreak(e) and E:constraintBreak(s, e)
- E2: Added E:propDrag(n)
- E2 Holograms: Fixed bad renderbounds with scaled holos (them disappearing if you look away from their center)
- Various other bug fixes

As usual, please report bugs on our Github issue tracker[].

Update: Jun 19, 2014 @ 4:35pm

- Fixed low initial sound emitter volume
- Fixed several issues with the Cam Controller
- Fixed all Wire entities causing Garry's Duplicator to crash the game
- E2: Added @autoupdate directive

Update: Jun 15, 2014 @ 12:31pm

Update going out! Full Github Changelog[]
- Added custom Wire Worldtips (the entity overlays)
- Added custom Wire Toolmenu, with better categories and a search bar!
- Renamed Wire Hoverdrive Controller -> Wire Teleporter, dupes still work
- Wire Cam Controller is now clientside, should reduce jerkiness (not perfect yet)
- Digital Screen now uses util.Compress to speedup large changes
- Added Wire Text Entry sent, effectively a Wire Keyboard with line buffering
- Wire Balloon Deployer modernized
- E2: Added Constraint creation functions (only enabled if Propcore is)
- E2: Improved the Sound browser considerably
- E2: ply:keyPressed(s) now accepts mouse keys. Added keyClkPressed()
- E2: Fixed pasting a chip with compile errors creating an ownerless failed chip
- E2: Remote Uploader display improvements

Please report bugs to the Github issue tracker, not in Workshop comments.